How to Add Ads to Your YouTube Videos

Reading tips on adding ads to your YouTube videos to earn money.

Does YouTube automatically put ads on videos? It depends on how far you have played with the YouTube game. Yes, YouTube is a kind of game to be played very carefully for survival. Not every time will you know how to add ads to your YouTube videos unless you have achieved specific targets set by YouTube, especially the monetization feature. Congrats if you have enabled monetization on your YouTube channel. It's a great time to know how to add ads by applying default settings beforehand.

The entire article is all about to help you do the same with the respective steps and images below. We’ve also discussed the ideal time to add ads to YouTube videos, along with the introduction to a quick online YouTube ad maker.

Part 1.Steps to Add or Disable Ads on Your YouTube Videos

So, we'd like to divide this section into two parts, where first part talks about how to add ads to your YouTube videos, and the second part discusses their disabling.

How to Add Ads to YouTube Videos?

Step 1: Go to YouTube Studio

As you are eligible to add ads to YouTube videos, go to the YouTube Studio and click the Monetization tab as shown below.

youtube studio

Step 2: Check the Monetization

Click Videos in the side menu and check monetization for videos under the respective tab, as shown in the image below.

check monetization

Step 3: Turn on Monetization

Besides each video except drafts, you will see an activation link to turn on or turn off the YouTube ads

check monetization

Step 4: Choose from various YouTube ad categories

You aren't done after Step 3 as you need to choose from various categories of YouTube ads. For this purpose, click the $ icon that directs you to select different YouTube ad formats. Go through this page and choose your favorite ad format.

choose ad categories

How to disable YouTube videos on a page?

If you want to disable YouTube video ads on the whole channel, follow the step-by-step guide here.

Step 1: Click the Monetization tab

Select Monetization > See More (Video Advertising)> Monetization Settings for future videos, as shown below.

monetization tab

Step 2: Disable ads on the entire channel

Uncheck the box Monetize with Ads to confirm. Then, click the Save button.

disable ads on entire channel

How to disable YouTube videos on a page?

Step 1: Go to Action

Check the Actions tab. Click the Actions drop-down menu and select More Actions.

go to action

Step 2: Disable YouTube Ads

Click Monetization> Do not Monetize> Submit tab as shown in the image below.

disable ads on page

Now, all the selected videos on-page will be disabled from YouTube ads.

How to Disable YouTube Ads on YouTube Studio App

Step 1: Install the YouTube Studio app

Install YouTube Studio App and open it.

install youtube studio app

Step 2: Tap Videos

Click the icon on the top-left of Dashboard and tap Videos.

go to videos

Step 3: Disable YouTube ads

Select the video you want to disable the ad on. Then, click the Pencil icon> Dollar ($) icon and deactivate Monetize with ads. At last, click Save to confirm.

disable ads on youtube studio app

So, these were different ways opposite to add ads to YouTube videos.

Part 2. When Can I Add Ads on My YouTube Videos

You can add ads to YouTube videos or know how to add ads on your YouTube videos after reading the YouTube monetization requirements 2021. Here are those eligibility requirements!

On the other hand, you can decide to disable ads on YouTube videos due to the following reasons.

  • You don’t want to distract your subscribers with recurring ads.
  • You want to disable ads on important business videos, including affiliate links.

So, make sure you have valuable content and an engaging audience to add ads to YouTube videos.

Part 3. YouTube Ads Online Maker with Editable Templates

How are you going to make these YouTube video ads? We have a quick and effective solution for you. Wondershare VidAir is the best YouTube video ads online maker, which offers you ready-made templates for different themes. It's easy to use and you don't need to download or install anything. With VidAir, you can add text effects, stickers, background music, and free videos. You can also upload local files to have customization.

vidair online youtube ads maker

This is how to add ads to your YouTube videos and an informative section on the respective step-by-step guide. Well, what is the purpose of ads on YouTube? In simple phrases, it is the popularity of this social media platform. Moreover, it comes with various ad formats. Other reasons that prove YouTube advertising effective are extreme targeting, cost-effectiveness, high ROI, easy to analyze metrics, and quick results.

Thus, you must check out these stats before looking at how to add ads to your YouTube videos.