Top 3 Methods to Add Emoji to Video

Step-by-step guide on how to add emoji to video with iPhone, iMovie, and online solution.

It is entrancing to highlight how fundamental videos have become crucial in various aspects of our lives. From autonomous content creation for YouTube to the delivery of visual promoting material for organizations, videos have become both a colossal part of what we make and at the same time devour day by day.

In any case, video editing, regardless of the universal accessibility of helpful video editing tools, can be challenging and overpowering for a layman. Luckily, Wondershare VidAir Video Maker helps to add emoji to video and appears to be capable up of the undertaking. VidAir assists users with setting up a video they want instantly with readymade format-based editing and video upgrade.

Part 1. How to Add Moving emoji to Video Online

Wondershare VidAir gets rid of the relatively multitude of complexities that accompany ordinary video editing programming software and offers an interestingly instinctive tool that assists clients with depending on over 1,000,000 readymade formats to make any video.

Specifically, the templates oblige a wide assortment of prerequisites, which incorporate the making of promotional, tutorials, training, wedding, birthday, and different sorts of individual and expert videos. When you join with your user id, VidAir urges you to bounce directly into the activity. We like this proactive nature of the software without question. You are in a split second welcomed with an improvised message mentioning you to choose your format, and this is the place where you start.

Steps to Add Emoji to Videos Online Using VidAir

Step 1 Choose A Template to Add Emoji

Open the templates page by visiting VidAir website. Choose a template with your desired aspect ratio, and hit on the USE THIS TEMPLATE button to open the editing page.

choose a template to add emoji

Step 2 Add Emoji to Video Online

You can see the Stickers option on the left panel, click on it and you can see all stickers sort by categories. Choose a sticker from the Emoji category, and click on it to paste it into your video. You can also make other changes here, such as adding text effects, background music, footage, etc.

add emoji to video online

Step 3 Share Your Video with Friends

Click on the Export button to generate your video and download it to your local device. You can share your video on social media platforms too.

export video with emoji

Part 2. Steps to Add emojis in iMovie

iMovie is an easy and free video editor for Mac users. If you're looking for how to add emojis in iMovie to your videos, read the following steps.

add emoji to video imovie

Step 1: Click on the text button to add any text you like.

Step 2: Click on the emoticon icon and select your preferable emoticons available. It will get added to the middle of the clip.

Step 3: Drag and adjust the emoticon and move wherever you want in the video.

Step 4: To add an emoji to an already recorded video clip, drag the video in the timeline at the bottom of the screen and then add the emoji.

Step 5: To delete the emoji, select and drag the clip in the timeline and then delete it.

Part 3. How to Add emoji to Video on iPhone

You can also add emoji to video on your iPhone as you record them, or drop them onto existing clips in your video. Follow the steps list below.

add emoji to video iphone

Step 1: Open a video or make another clip. If you've utilized Clips previously, the recent video you dealt with opens consequently.

Step 2: Click on the folder menu from the left corner. To make another video, tap the "+" icon. To open a saved video, swipe to see your saved videos, tap the video, at that point tap Open.

Step 3: Tap on the Star icon and tap on the Emoji. Tap an emoticon to add it to the center of the clip in the viewer. Or on the other hand, drag the emoticon from the program to the clip.

Step 4: Drag to move the emoticon where you need it. Adjust to resize or turn the emoticon. Tap on the "X" button to close the emoticon browser. To record your video, contact, and hold the red button.

Step 5: To snap a picture, tap on the main snap button in the middle, then contact, and hold to add the photograph to your video. To add an emoticon to a clip you've just recorded, select the clip in the timetable at the lower part of the screen. At that point, add an emoticon.

Step 6: If you want to delete an emoticon, just select the clip in the timeline that has the emoticon you need to change. Finally, tap the emoticon, and tap Delete.

Wondershare VidAir, with its immense exhibition of templates and media contributions, is a tool customized for easygoing clients who need to create a brisk video to serve their transitory objectives. It is easy to utilize to use it to add emoji to videos, yet we likewise found the process completely captivating from beginning to end. The tool is incredibly huge for creating convincing showcasing content for the social media platform. You gain admittance to customized formats to transfer videos on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and other monster content platforms.