A Full Guide on How to Add Links to YouTube Videos

Learn different methods to add links to your YouTube video.

Nowadays, people love to stay connected with an informative platform to know more, create awareness among others, and entertain themselves to cover up their boredom. YouTube is such a platform that contains visual content based on topics like education, technology, non-technology, daily affairs, fashions, foods, culture, occasion, games, sports, movies, and so more. There are millions of clicks daily on the search bar of YouTube. That's why YouTubers, marketers, promoters, and professionals carefully add clickable links to YouTube videos to grab their audience's attention to provide a link to their other videos, give the option to comment, subscribe to their page by showing it at the end of various videos. Not knowing how to add links to YouTube ideally won't leave you in a good position, as you won't get viewership. Thus, look at how to add links in YouTube channels, cards, descriptions, and Google ads in this article.

Part 1. How to Add Links to YouTube Cards

In YouTube videos, usually, in the end, you can see YouTube cards. YouTube cards are interactive cards. YouTube cards help share clickable links to relevant content throughout any video. You can add maximum five cards to each video and use them in any video, such as promotional or campaign videos. Cards aren't available on videos for kids. They allow a video, playlist, channel, or YouTube ad link and assist in making your videos more interactive.

Let's take a glance at how to add links to your YouTube video using cards.

Step 1 Sign in

First, sign in to YouTube Studio. Enter your email account and click ‘Next.’ Then enter your password to access.

Step 2 Select the Video button

click on video

From the left menu, select your video button. You can move your mouse to see more videos of your file below the windows.

Step 3 Choose Video

Click the video you want to edit.

choose video

Step 4 Click the Cards box

On the right side, you will see the option ‘Add card.’

click on the card box

Step 5 Choose a link

Select the ‘Link’ button. And enter your link.

choose link’

Step 6 Change the start time

Choose the start time of your link for the card below the video. So far, you can easily add time to the YouTube link too.

Step 7 Add an optional message and teaser text

Message and teaser text is a requirement for channel cards.

enter optional massage and teaser text

Step 8 Click Save

Click the ‘Save’ button to save the video with cards.

Part 2. Steps to Add Links in Your YouTube Description

YouTube videos feature a 'call to action' that requests the viewer to click on a link on the top of the videos description field to make it highly visible. This link may include a website, a social media network. You can even add a subscription link to YouTube videos.

Let’s see the steps on how to add social media links to YouTube video descriptions.

Step 1 Log in

Log in to your YouTube account.

log in to your youtube account

Step 2 Choose and upload video

Go to ‘File Manager’ from the right corner and choose your video by clicking ‘Edit.’

choose and upload video

Step 3 Edit Title, Description, Tags

Write down your titles, necessary descriptions, including your social media address, a short note of video, etc., and tags on the box below the editing video.

edit title and description

Step 4 Copy the full URL that you want to link to

Copy the website URL and paste it into the YouTube video description box, including the "HTTP" or "HTTPS" at the start. Make sure to click the 'Save' button.

insert url

You will it find easy to add a link in the YouTube description by following the above steps.

Part 3. How to Link YouTube Channel to Google Ads

Linking YouTube to Google Ads allows you to link Google ads to YouTube to operate ads from the viewpoint of interactions with your channel’s videos.

Permission or access is required with the linked Google Ads account to show ads to people who visit your channel. It allows the entry of organic view metrics of the video ads. Those who interact with your channel get insights about interacting with your channel after watching the ads.

Now let’s know about the steps of how to link YouTube channels and Google Ads accounts.

Step 1Sign in

Sign in to your Google Ads account.

Step 2Click the tools button

On the right side of the corner, you will see the ‘Tools’ button. Click it.

click on the tool button

Step 3Click Linked accounts

Under ‘Setup,’ click linked account.

click linked accounts

Step 4Click the ‘YouTube’ button

Scroll and go below to ‘YouTube’ and click on ‘Details.’

click youtube button

Step 5Click ‘Add Channel’

You will see "Link a YouTube channel" dialog. Click on ‘Add Channel’ to search for a channel or enter URL.

add channel

Select 'I own the channel' and click Go to YouTube if the channel belongs to you. If not, select 'Someone else owns this channel,' enter the channel owner's email address. Click the down arrow besides the 'View request message' to click 'Send Request.'

Once the owner approves the request, the YouTube channel will get linked to the Google Ads account.

link a youtube channel

Part 4. How to Make YouTube Intro/Outro/Ads Easily Online

Now that you have come to know how to add a link to a YouTube video, you may have a general query about how you can make a perfect YouTube video, ads, intro, or outro easily online. Let's get to know about an online platform that can give you a satisfactory result.

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