How to Add Multiple Videos to Instagram Story

Useful methods to add multiple videos to Instagram story

“Why are Instagram stories important?”

Whether you add a single Instagram story or add multiple videos to Instagram, the point is to get more reach and views. You’re at the right place if you want to know how to add multiple videos to Instagram stories. Before jumping into this main arena, let's discuss the importance of Instagram stories first hand. The Instagram stories are an ideal option, especially when you are a brand over this platform. At the same time, there isn’t another best option for increased interaction. It raises curiosity as well when you add multiple videos to your Instagram story. Most of the businesses and well-established brands on Instagram are getting an impressive amount of lead generation via this way. Thus, all of these facts point to the significance of Instagram stories.

Let’s begin and know how to add multiple videos to one Instagram story as follows!

Part 1. Steps to Add Multiple Videos to Instagram Story

Check the steps below to know how to add multiple videos on the Instagram story via the simple procedure. For reference, we are going to add some cute animals’ videos into an Instagram story.

Step 1: Update your Instagram

Make sure to update before you look for any feature in the app. Thus, visit the Play Store and hit the Update button given in front of the installed Instagram app.

Step 2: Make the Instagram story

Now, you need to proceed with the essential steps to create your Instagram story. Click the + icon given in the profile photo. Or, you can also right swipe to select multiple videos.

Create Instagram story

Hit the Select Multiple tabs to select multiple videos from your phone's gallery.

Step 3:Choose multiple videos

Now, you can choose multiple videos according to the sequence.

Select multiple videos

Then, hit the Next button to proceed. You can groom your video before sharing them with the story by adding stickers and text. Once done, tap the Next button.

Share multiple videos to story

By tapping the Share button next to the Your Story section, multiple videos will now get added.

So, this is all you are required to do to add multiple videos to your Instagram story. Now, you should move ahead to combining numerous images as well as videos into an Instagram story.

Part 2. Combine Multiple Images and Videos into One for Instagram Story

Let’s discuss a bit professional method of creating a stunning Instagram story via Wondershare VidAir. It is an online video editor with a list of quick and impressive tools. You have lots of ready-to-use video editing templates, which are further available in the free trial version. Not only beginners but professionals also consider such video editors for quick-fix solutions. With VidAir, it would be super easy to combine multiple images and videos into one Instagram story.

Key Features

  • 1. Tons of ready-to-use video templates for various social media platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, etc.
  • 2. Customize and highlight each video by adding stickers or text effects.
  • 3. Inbuilt royalty-free media resources.
  • 4. Simple user interface with all the information on the main editing panel.

Steps on how to add multiple videos in one Instagram Story via Wondershare VidAir

Step 1 Login with the Wondershare ID or Sign Up

The first step is to click the SIGN UP and create a VidAir Account by visiting the official website If you have the ID already, tap the LOG IN button.

Vidair login or signup

Step 2 Choose Video Template

Click the CHOOSE A TEMPLATE tab and select your favorite video template among the provided list. You can also find templates in the Search bar or choose from various categories available at the top.

Template selection

Hit the TRY NOW > USE THIS TEMPLATE tab as you click the Preview button in front of the selected template. Here, you can choose the aspect ratio from three categories of Wide, Vertical, and Square.

Use this template in VidAir

It will then take you to the video editing window, where you can make modifications to the video and let it be ready for Instagram.

Step 3 Create Video in VidAir

The options for both Video and Photo are available in the left-hand corner of the panel. Click the video tab and select multiple videos from its inbuilt library. There is an option to Upload and Browse media files from your computer as well.

Edit videos

Delete the previously selected templates by clicking three dots and then choose the Delete tab.

Deleting frames or images

For combination, click the Photo tab and add multiple photos to proceed. Here, Island Player is playing in terms of background music. You can change by clicking the three dots and select Replace.

Step 4 Export Video in VidAir

Save your project and hit the Export button given above. Overall, you completed the video creation project in Wondershare VidAir. Now, it's high time to share this ready-made project in your Instagram story.

Export or save the video

Follow the same procedure to add media into your Instagram story and go for the best creation ever. It will look professional and highly creative than the mere addition of multiple videos into the Instagram story.


It's time to state our concluding words after discussing how to add multiple videos to the Instagram story. Our first way is a familiar one where everything is on the Instagram platform itself. No doubt, it is highly used by regular users. But the main question arises if you're a professional brand on Instagram as you can't put any random videos simply into the Instagram story. You have to be a bit creative about adding in the Instagram story that compels the viewers, as we mentioned in the second part of how to add multiple videos to Instagram stories. This section is relatively selective for pro users on Insta.

Simultaneously, the Wondershare VidAir allows full customization over the project to combine multiple videos and images and add to the Instagram story. Let us tell you that Wondershare VidAir can help implement creativity in terms of different text effects, stickers, audios, etc., which is not present when you add multiple videos over Instagram directly. So, choose creative to be creative!