How Do I Add Music to My Facebook Profile

how to put music on my Facebook profile

“Is it or how do I add music to my Facebook profile or page story?” – Anonymous.

While just pictures and words are usual to express yourself, have you ever come across this new way in the trend to express your personality? Have you ever seen music or songs featured on your friend’s profile? Although the song or music listed doesn’t support autoplay when the profile is visited, you can play them manually from the music section. You can also pin a piece when multiple songs get added to the Facebook profile.

This feature isn’t visible on your desktop Facebook version or web browser and is limited to the iPhone or Android smartphone Facebook apps. So, with no delay, let’s check how to add music to your profile on Facebook whereby the end, you will get to know add music to your Facebook profile.

Part 1. Steps to Add Music to Facebook Page

"I am new to this feature and hence excited about how to add music to my Facebook profile." No worry, as here is a step-by-step guide to add music to your Facebook profile.

Step 1: On your iOS or Android device, open the Facebook app and go to your profile page and choose + Add to Story from the top of the News Feed or tap the Music icon.

Music card in Facebook

Step 2: If you are using this feature for the first time, you will have no music entries. So, click the + symbol on the right top corner to search for the song you wish to add to your profile.

Upload video to Facebook cover

Step 3: Click on the Add button next to the song once you have decided. The music or song will add whereby refreshing the page; you can see it on your profile under the Music card. The song or music from the album will now add to your Facebook story as well.

Pin or delete song from profile

You can also pin the song or music to your profile using the three-dot option that you can find on the added music track. Doing so will make it appear on the profile under the cover photo, and you can delete the music from the album anytime by tapping the Delete song from the profile option. See, you are almost over, and this is how to add a song to the Facebook page. Put them into practice and upgrade your profile like never before.

Part 2. How to Create Facebook Story Videos with Background Music

Why add the usual changes when you can create your music or song video and add it to your Facebook page or story? Use VidAir created with unique templates. Introduced for the inspired, VidAir is an online video creator tool from Wondershare that helps you handy with no software installation required. VidAir is a one-stop solution for all your video creating and editing tasks that could help create videos for your business or personal use, such as YouTube streaming or Instagram stories. With an easy-to-use interface providing all the attractive video editing tools to make your creation magical, VidAir can be a tool to expand your business, brand, or influence.

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Key Features

  • 1. Easily make videos for Facebook ads, TikTok, and YouTube.
  • 2. Creative templates design with inspired ideas.
  • 3. Suited for newbies and professionals as well.
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Steps to Make Facebook Story Videos with VidAir

Creating a video for your Facebook story or ad isn’t a great deal when you have VidAir by your side as the process isn’t too complex. Follow the steps given below:

Step 1 Login with the Wondershare ID or Sign Up

Once you enter the official VidAir website, tap the LOG IN button if you already have a Wondershare ID. Else you can choose the SIGN UP option to create one.

Vidair login or signup

If you proceed with the LOG IN option, you will get an interface like the one below.

VidAir log in

When you attempt to create a new account by tapping the SIGN UP button, all you need is a valid email address to complete the process.

VidAir sign up

Step 2 Template Selection

After logging in from the primary interface, tap the Templates button from the top toolbar. And from below, you can find the template to start creating your video for your Facebook profile.

Template selection

You can instead try the search box to find the relevant image, and once done, preview the template, and use the TRY NOW > USE THIS TEMPLATE option.

Use this template in VidAir

Step 3 Create Video in VidAir

You will now result in the video editor section, whereby you can start creating a video with access to the local files upload, texts, images, stickers, and so on.

VidAir video editor overview

There is also a preview section above the editing area where all your changes on the video get reflected, whereby you can see it by the Preview option. To save the video creation, tap the Save option that will save it to My Projects, from where you can export it by the Export button.

Save and export the video


Finally, with a quick guide on how to add music to your Facebook page, I hope you have learned how to use this feature to add music to your Facebook profile, which is your favorite on the album. Along with VidAir, put foreword to make your music video, twist your Facebook profile so that you can impress your new friends when they view your Facebook profile. Apart from all your video creation and editing, Vidair can be of great support!