How to Add Music to Instagram Story – 2 Methods

[Easy] add music to an Instagram story with just one click

“Why should I put music on my Instagram story?”- Anonymous.

According to Instagram's official blog, the Instagram music stickers feature used by 400 million people every day. And, that's a massive number worth considering. You are adding mood, closeness, passion, and mindfulness, etc. if you know how to add sound to an Instagram story. Music stimulates the mind of the listener and lets them nurture their feelings. These are ingredients in music, including theme, melodies, harmony, relaxing rhythm, and other sounds that make an Instagram story more than a story. However, this specific feature in Instagram lets you add a soundtrack to your stories and help express the feeling.

Without further ado, let's get started with adding sound to the Instagram story via two methods as given below.

Part 1. Steps to Add Music to Instagram Story with Music Stickers

Given below is a step by step guide on how to add sound to an Instagram story with music stickers.

Step 1: Update your Instagram app

First of all, you have to update the Instagram app with the latest version to access the music stickers feature.

Update the Instagram app

Step 2: Create Instagram Story

Open your profile in the updated Instagram app. Click the + sign located on the profile photo. Or, you can swipe right to select the image directly.

create Instagram story

Then, tap the Stickers button located at the screen’s top.

Instagram stickers

You will then see a list of Instagram stickers from which you need to select the Music tab.

Step 3: Select music or sound to add to the story

Now, you can choose your favorite music from Instagram's music library. You can browse the music here to find your desired one. Or, you can type your music in the Search Music tab.

Select music or sound to the story

Step 4: Preview the music

Instagram gives you an option to preview the music before you fit in. You can click the Play button shown next to each song for preview. It will also help you select the theme according to moods and genres. Thus, the preview option is an ideal option worth considering.

Then, you can choose the part to feature in Instagram stories. Long press the music and drag the slider in the selection box as given below.

Preview the music

Step 5: Decide the music length

You can then decide on the length of sound to add to the Instagram story. The maximum size is 15 seconds in the case of the static image. On the other hand, the length of sound will automatically adjust to the video post. So, this is how to add sound to the Instagram story.

Decide the music length

Step 6: Publish

You can publish the Instagram story after you are over with all the steps given above. Similarly, you can add other stickers to the Instagram story. You can also take inspiration from other stories on Feed. Then, click the Done to confirm.

Publish the Instagram story

Part 2. Steps to Add Music to Instagram Story without Stickers

Now, you need to consider various steps to add sound to the Instagram story without music stickers.

Step 1: Download Spotify

You are required to download the latest version of Spotify primarily, as shown below.

Download Spotify

Step 2: Search for your favorite music

Now, you can browse favorite music to add to your Instagram feed.

Search for favorite music

Click the three dots given in front of the music and select the Share from the new window.

Step 3: Share on Instagram

So, select the Instagram option to add sound to the Instagram story without music stickers and any static image or videos.

Share post on Instagram

Given below is a preview of how your Instagram story will look after adding the sound.

Preview of the post

So, these were some steps on how to add sound to the Instagram story without music stickers. However, there are certain limitations in this method for which we have discussed an effective solution below.

Part 3. Create Instagram Story Videos with Background Music Online

It's quite fascinating to have influential video editors as video marketing is flourishing. One such product is Wondershare VidAir to connect visual marketing aspects with effective business strategies online. Yes, you heard it right! It's an online video maker by one of the renowned companies. It comes with a user-friendly interface with a list of easy-to-use templates. It has all you need for food, gaming, fashion, or beauty, etc. This online video editor is also suited to each kind of creator, whether he/she is a beginner or an advanced user. And, the best feature is that it is entirely free for trial.


Steps to add music to an Instagram story via background music creation in VidAir

Step 1 Login with the Wondershare ID or Sign Up

Visit the official website and click the CHOOSE A TEMPLATE tab to log. Hit the SIGN UP tab to create a new account or proceed with the LOG IN if you already have a Wondershare ID.

Vidair login or signup

Step 2 Template Selection

Hit the Templates button given on the top and select among the list of templates. Access each template from the left-corner panel and choose your favorite one to proceed.

Choose a template

Once desired, click the TRY NOW > USE THIS TEMPLATE tab as shown below.

Use this template in VidAir

Step 3 Create Video in VidAir

Now, you can create the video by adding text, music, and video via local uploads.

Video creator panel

Find the editing area below the template preview to perform deletion/addition of media files. Click the Preview tab as shown below.

Preview screen in vidair

Step 4 Export

Click the Export tab after you over with preview or allowing modifications.

Export the video

Thus, the video with your selected music will now save in the gallery. You can open an Instagram account, click + icon in the profile photo, and add this saved video to the Instagram story. These were highly effective steps on how to add sound to an Instagram story with an attractive video base.


Hopefully, the steps were clear on how to add sound to an Instagram story in different ways. Our first mentioned way with music stickers is quite familiar with a user who wants a simple story with music addition. On the other hand, our best recommendation of Wondershare VidAir is for those who want a bit professional Instagram story base without using any music stickers.