How to Add Tags to YouTube Video and Get Higher Rank

This article tells the tips about adding tags to YouTube videos to get a higher rank.

Do tags on YouTube get more views?

Yes, you are making your video more discoverable when you add tags to YouTube videos. These hashtags are even responsible for improving YouTube SEO, according to YouTube Creator Academy. Moreover, people use hashtags as keywords to enter in the YouTube search bar. Overall, you benefit from using these YouTube specific tags. There is a proper way to YouTube video tagging to get a higher rank among others. First of all, you should add a title that goes well with the video content. Secondly, they should complement the Genre of different YouTube-defined categories.

The different tools you can use for the purpose are Brand-Specific tags, YouTube Auto-Suggest, and YouTube Tag Generator. Now, let’s dive into the process of how to add tags to your YouTube video in the following sections.

Part 1. Steps to Add Hashtags to Your YouTube Video

Here's a step-by-step tutorial on adding a tag to YouTube videos, which are almost similar to the descriptive keywords required to find the content. You can add these tags to the previously uploaded video or the video you are currently uploading.

Steps to add a tag to YouTube video previously uploaded

Step 1: Go to YouTube Studio and Sign In.

Step 2: Choose your video by clicking the Content tab on the left-hand side.

Step 3: Add related tags to these videos.

Steps to add a tag to YouTube video currently uploading

Step 1: Go to YouTube Studio and Sign In.

Step 2: Select Create> Upload Video tab

Step 3: Upload the desired video and select the More Options tab to add related tags.

Part 2. How to Put Tags on YouTube Channel

Now, we’d like to re-state the above steps with respective images on how to add tags to your YouTube video.

Step 1: Go to YouTube Studio

Sign In and click on the Upload button, after which you will see the below-mentioned interface. Scroll the page down below in the Details tab and find the More Options.

go to youtube studio

Step 2: Add Tags

You will see Add Tags tab in the More Options. Now, you can start adding the relevant tags that best match your video content.

add tags

Step 3: Publish Video

After adding the relevant tags, you can step ahead to publishing the video as follows.

publish video

Steps to add a tag to YouTube video previously uploaded

Step 1: Go to YouTube Studio

Sign In and click the Videos tab in the left-hand menu.

go to videos

Step 2: Select your video

Now, choose the video you'd like to add tags to and click the Details icon. As you scroll down below in the Video Details, you will see the Tags option to delete or add a tag to YouTube videos as shown below.

select the video

Step 3: Save

Don’t forget to confirm with the Save button after adding the tags to YouTube videos.

save the progress

Part 3. Why Tags are Important and Tips to Improve Your Ranks

We discussed the significance of relevant YouTube hashtags already in the beginning. Still, let's review those essential points on why to add a tag to YouTube video.

  • 1. Overall improvement in YouTube SEO
  • 2. Better discoverability
  • 3. Ideal for trending content
  • 4. Better content classification

Best Tips to Improve Ranks with YouTube SEO

  • 1. Add relevant tags in the description and see them above the YouTube title. Yet, YouTube only shows three hashtags, but you can add more to the story.
  • 2. Make sure you are adding a hashtag as one word every time. Do not add a space.
  • 3. Add only up to 15 hashtags in the YouTube description above, which YouTube will disregard.
  • 4. Use hashtags that YouTube is already predicting.
  • 5. Always try to use brand-specific tags that won't take viewers off your channel.
  • 6. Include target keywords as hashtags.
  • 7. Get inspiration from the YouTube Auto-Suggest feature.
  • 8. You can also use different YouTube Tag Generator tools.

Part 4. Create YouTube Videos Easily Online

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So, that is how you can add a tag to a YouTube video super quickly while following other marketing strategies. As already mentioned above, these tags are highly significant to improve overall YouTube SEO and other necessary factors. We'd also like to recall the process on how to add tags to your YouTube video using the respective step-by-step guide. Also, don't forget to check up on the best online YouTube video maker to create attractive video ads, intros, or outros.