Top 6 Apps to Add Text to Video on iPhone/Android

In this article, you can learn the top apps and online video maker to add text effects to videos easily.

The need to add a text or a caption to a video arises several times and an array of tools are available to get the task done effortlessly. With high end-smartphones capable of capturing excellent videos, apps are available that let you edit these videos and add the text quickly on the device itself. Learn about the popular add text to video app for your iPhone and Android devices.

Part 1. Online Video Maker - Add Text Effects to Video Easily

If you're looking for an online method to add text effects to your video, Wondershare VidAir is what you should consider. This browser-based tool is free to use and only requires you to free sign up. Several templates in different categories are available that helps you create professional videos in no-time. To the selected template, you can add the video, audio, and images, and multiple editing options are also supported like adding text, cutting, and more. The files processed using the software have a watermark that can be removed by upgrading it to a paid version.

Steps to add text to a video using Wondershare VidAir

Step 1 Choose A Video Template

Click on the Templates button on the navigation bar to enter the templates page. Choose your desire aspect ratio and hit on the USE THIS TEMPLATE button to continue.

choose video template

Step 2 Add Text Effects to Video Online

On the new interface, you'll come to the Text section by default. Choose your desired text effect and click on the Add button to apply. Double-click on the text can change your copy. You can also change other elements such as stickers, video/image footage, and background music. Custom uploading is also supported.

add text to video online

Step 3 Export Video with Text Effects

Preview the video you created, and click on the Export button to generate and download the video you created.

generate video with text

Part 2. 6 Best Apps to Add Text to Videos

If you're looking for apps for Android and iOS devices that allow you to add text to videos, the solutions list below will help you.

01 VideoShow

This is a free to use app for Android devices that supports multiple video editing features including adding text to the videos. Easy to use, the app allows adding the needed text to your video in different fonts and text styles to make it look interesting. You can even add sound effects or your own voice to the desired video. Additional editing features include splicing, merging, splitting, reversing, zoom-in, reversing video, sharing videos to social network sites, and more.

app to add text to video - VideoShow

02 AndroVid

This is another popularly used Android-based app that facilitates editing your videos quickly and in a hassle-free manner. The app allows adding text to the videos along with stickers and emojis to make it look interesting. You can choose a different font, color, and styles for adding the text and there is also n option to add your customized image or a watermark if needed. Additional editing features include trimming, cutting, splitting, drawing on video, using effects, filters, and much more.

app to add text to video - AndroVid

03 Video Editor Trim Cut Add Text

Add text to your videos to make them look interesting using this versatile editing app for Android devices. You can either use different fonts, styles, and colors to add the text or can also write freehand to make it look interesting. The position and the duration of the text to be added can also be selected. Other editing features offered by the app include trimming, cutting, merging, snipping, organizing, and more.

app to add text to video - Video Editor Trim Cut Add Text

04 Vont

is free to use iOS-based app that lets you add text to your videos quickly. Over 400 fonts are available at the app and if needed, you can even install the other ones. The size, color, gradient, stroke, shadow, background, kerning, and spacing can be edited and changed as needed. You can even rotate the text using the app.

app to add text to video - Vont

05 Overvideo+

This is a paid app for iPhone and iPad that allows adding text as well as music to the videos. The process of adding the text is simple and the app supports over 100 interesting fonts. You can even add the effects like reflection and opacity if needed. The size and the color of the caption can be edited too. The processed videos can be previewed to check the changes and once done they can be saved to your device for easy sharing with social media sites.

app to add text to video - Overvideo+

06 Title Master

For creating interesting videos by adding animated texts, music, and graphics, this is a great iOS based to use. The app allows to add text to video iPhone as needed, changing the titles, and also adding and editing the sticker colors. The app has a collection of fonts and animations to choose from. You can even duplicate the text to apply similar effects at different places. Real-time preview lets you check all the changes done and the processed files can be saved and shared to social media sites.

app to add text to video - Title Master

This article lists the best apps to add text to videos, any one of them can be selected matching your requirements. For creating and editing videos from your system, Wondershare VidAir works as an excellent tool.