Top 6 Tools to Add Text to Video Online Free

6 easy online methods to help you add text effects to videos.

Text to your videos can be added in the form of captions, titles, subtitles, credits, and more. The text content helps in better understanding, translation and has other uses. So, if you too have videos to add text, consider using online tools. An array of browser-based tools to add text to video online are available to help you get the task done. We have shortlisted the popular ones as below.

Part 1. Best Online Tool to Add Text to Video [Multiple Effects]

If you want a tool that simple yet effective to use and supports multiple effects, Wondershare VidAir is just the right choice. This is free to use online program that facilitates creating and editing professional-looking videos. You can choose from the wide range of available templates and then customize your videos by editing the audio, image, and text. The tool also supports adding several text effects to your videos. The free version of the tool has a watermark and if you want to add text to video online no watermark, you can remove it by upgrading to a paid version that also offers 2GB of cloud storage and higher resolution.

Steps to add text to video online free using Wondershare VidAir

Step 1 Choose A Template

Tap on the Templates button on VidAir navigation bar, and you can see all available templates. Select the one that matches your video theme, also the aspect ratio of Wide, Square, and Vertical. Hit on the USE THIS TEMPLATE button to continue to the next step.

start adding text to video

Step 2 Edit Text in Videos

The Text section will open by default. Click on the Add or Replace button to apply it to your video. You can drag and drop to change the position and double-click to edit the words. Other changes can be made from the right panel.

edit text in video online

Step 3 Generate Your Video with Text

You can also customize videos, images, background music, stickers, and other elements. After that, click on the Preview button to check your video. Finally, hit on the Export button to download your video with text.

download video with text effects

Part 2. Other 5 Online Free Tools to Add Text to Video


This is an online tool that allows adding text to your video files in the form of subtitles. The interface is simple, where you need to add and upload the video and then choose the SRT file or manually add the subtitles text content. The font size of the text can be selected and you can also choose the start and the end time of the text. Both the video file and the text file can be then merged and processed to get the final video with the text. A maximum of up to 100MB files can be added at a time and the tool supports all key formats like MP4, MOV, FLV, 3GP, and more.

add text to video online - ezgif

02 Kapwing

This is a free online tool that supports a wide range of video editing functions including adding text to the videos. The program, Videos in all popular formats like MP4, MOV, and others can be added to the program for processing. You can either add your own text or select from the several text templates available. The attributes of the text like the size, font, color, outline, height, and more can be edited as needed. Additionally, you can also trim, cut, add filters, and perform a host of other functions. The processed file comes with a watermark that can be removed if you sign-in to the program using your Facebook or Google Account. Alternatively, you can also go for the paid plan to remove the watermark.

add text to video online - kapwing


To add text to your videos quickly, VEED works as a decent online tool for Windows and Mac. Using the program, the text can be added to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other videos. The interface is intuitive that makes the tool apt even for people with no experience in editing. The program allows you to upload your own fonts, brand colors, and also the logo. You can add the video from the local device or Dropbox and can also record them. The font, size, placement, and other text attributes can also be changed using the program.

add text to video online - veed

04 Typito

This is another widely used online tool that requires you to create a free account. You need to upload the video and then add the desired text to the program interface. The simple drag and drop editor of the program facilitates creating wonderful videos in no time. You can use your brand colors, fonts, style, and other attributes to match your video content. If needed, properly synced captions can be added to the videos instantly. Additionally, the program supports over 20 video formats with the option to choose the aspect ratio and has a huge collection of images and templates to choose from.

add text to video online - typito

05 Pixiko

Adding text to your videos is simple and quick using this online tool that comes with a user-friendly interface. After uploading the video to the interface, you can add the desired text and also edit it by changing several parameters like font and highlight. The tool also gives you an option to add the motion and the text effects. Additionally, Pixiko supports cropping, merging, and other editing functions.

add text to video online - pixiko

Wondershare VidAir works as a complete video creating and editing tool that is free to use and comes with a user-friendly interface. You can easily add the text and customize your video in several other ways using the program. To explore more options to online add text to video, a list of other popularly used online tools is also given.