How to Add Videos to Facebook Cover

A complete guide to adding videos to Facebook cover

How do you add a video to Facebook cover to roll out the brand and encourage followers?”- Anonymous.

The Facebook cover photo has become an old fantasy as now the Facebook cover video is widely preferred both for a personal account or a business page. Such short videos of 90 seconds impel great attention driving your brand to the peak. Rather than photos, video grabs notice as it speaks about your brand and portrays it to the new visitors than still images. Does this idea to add a video to the Facebook cover seem interesting? Even if you have come across this feature just now, it is not too late as it is becoming the latest trend in Facebook business users. Let’s make it easier for you by showing you how to add a video to the Facebook cover today.

Part 1. Steps to Add Video to Facebook Cover

It is just a 3-step process when you have the video ready to be added to the Facebook cover. Here is the 3-step manual on how to add cover video on the Facebook page.

Step 1: Log in to your FB ID and tap the Pages icon from the left menu under News Feed to see your Facebook page or profile.

Step 2: You will now find the Change Cover option with a camera icon on the bottom right. Here from the drop-down, choose the Upload Photo/Video option to proceed to select the video from your local folder or go on with Choose from videos if the video is already available on the page.

Upload video to Facebook cover

Step 3: On successful video upload, you can position it to fit the center. Tap the Next once done.

Reposition video in Facebook cover

You are just a step away. So, choose a thumbnail image or frame from your video by clicking on the right and left arrows. Upon selection, hit the Publish button.

Thumbnail selection for Facebook cover

There you go! That is how to add a video to Facebook cover in just minutes.

Part 2. 6 Tips and Tricks for Facebook Cover Video

The above guide on how to add video on the Facebook cover is good but are there any tips or tactics to follow before getting into the process so that my video can stand out from the crowd? Yes, there are. Here are the top 6 tips picked for you to add a video to your Facebook cover.

01 Meet the Facebook cover video specifications

Although Facebook defines no specific video size as a guideline, a total video size of less than 1.75GB is appreciable. Ensure the video file limit is small as probable so that it can stream without freezing or lagging on the user's device with slow internet connectivity. When it comes to resolution, your video can meet any pixels range like 480p, 720p to a maximum of 1080p as high-quality videos are better reachable. Finally, MP4 and MOV file formats are the widely preferred ones.

02 Importance to text and graphic addition

Adding your business or brand logo on your Facebook cover video is a good idea where such text addition is optional but to be crafted carefully. When the video is of the larger resolution, Facebook automatically replaces the video parts when played on mobile devices or desktops. Hence, keep the text or logo centralized for readability, and as the video duration limits from 20 to 90 seconds, never load the video with too many texts making it sophisticated. Don't forget to sprinkle tiny graphics also!

Tips for Facebook Cover Video - Importance to text and graphic addition

03 Make the cover video visually interesting

If you want your cover video to be visually exciting and look great when paused, the below video example from Chipotle Mexican Grill is the best one. Craft or shoot your video professionally with clean lines, bright colors, and lots of white space. It will be more effective with superb sound and visual elements making your video look beautiful as well.

Tips for Facebook Cover Video - Make the cover video visually interesting

04 Tailor video for a natural loop

Facebook plays the video endlessly in a loop but certain users like watching the video from the middle too. Hence, to make them sense, you need to blend the entire video smoother so that the beginning and ending go on correctly with the frame count wherever the video gets played.

05 Bring your business to life

Is it possible to virtual tour your business or band bringing them to live? Yes, it is potential where you can create a video by virtual touring that works top-notch for a restaurant, venue, or a shop-related video on your Facebook cover. It is an excellent way of introducing yourself to the audience in a friendly manner, along with a sense of familiarity.

Tips for Facebook Cover Video - Bring your business to life

06 Showcase your brand qualities

Facebook cover video is the one that reflects your brand's voice, aesthetics, and personality. So, you can try a different lifestyle than to be traditional but to be simple. Be true to your brand that will make your brand trustworthy. You can also make your past customers your promoters or influencers and demonstrate how your product works, unlike the one from Orgain.

Tips for Facebook Cover Video - Showcase your brand qualities

Part 3. Make a Creative Facebook Cover Video Online in 3 Steps

Yes, Facebook cover videos drive more engagement drawing user's attention right towards them. As you are aware of how to add video in Facebook cover from the before sessions along with practical tips, here is a session about an online tool, VidAir, with which you can create bind-blowing videos in just minutes. The specialty is that it is an online tool loaded with attractive built-in features like templates, flexible video editor where you add text, stickers, apply video effects, change music, and so on. Importantly, with VidAir, you can create a single video ready to be streamed on multiple platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube.

Official Website:

Key Features

  • 1. Countless in-built templates with no script required.
  • 2. 8+ video editing features like crop shape, default layout, and so on.
  • 3. Royalty-free media resources like videos, music, and images.
  • 4. Access to rich elements like stickers and text effects.
  • 5. Free online tool with friendly interface.

Steps to Make Facebook Cover Video with VidAir

Once you have decided to add a video to your Facebook cover, visit the Vidair website and execute the following steps.

Step 1 Sign Up and Log In

If you have a Wondershare ID already, tap the LOG IN option or create a new account by clicking the SIGN UP button.

Vidair login or signup

Step 2 Choose a Template

Next window tap the Templates option followed by choosing a template as per the requirement of your Facebook cover video.

choose a template

Hover to a template, choose the dimension, and tap the TRY NOW > USE THIS TEMPLATE option.

Use this template in VidAir

Step 3 Video Editor Overview

You will now reach VidAir's video editing overview screen, where you can create a video using various elements like texts, stickers, audio, and so on.

VidAir video editor overview

Under the template preview, you can find the editing area from where you can check the created video sample. To save your creation, tap the Save button from the right top corner. To download them, click the Export button.

Save and export the video


So, guys, it's time to give a twist and add a video to your Facebook cover today! With a discussion over a short guide about how to add video on Facebook page cover along with tips and tricks to create a stunning one, it's now time to put them into practice. At this present age of social media, surplus sites and businesses have started using brand awareness strategies. Thus, for unique ideas and video creation, we recommend VidAir's help.