Easy Methods to Add Videos to Twitter

Step-by-step guide on how to add videos to your Twitter posts.

How do you embed a video in a Tweet? Say from YouTube or a camera roll.

When it comes to posts on social media, say Facebook or Instagram, rather than still images, a short video or ad reveals the message in just seconds, keeping the audience engaged. Due to this factor, marketers adopt video for the brand, services, or business, leading to a different creative way. However, do you know videos can work similarly on Twitter too? Yes, so we are here with today’s article to explore the methods of embedding a video on Twitter. Stick till the end to find how to put YouTube videos on Twitter and a reliable way to create beautiful videos.

Part 1. How to Embed YouTube Videos on Twitter

As we all know, YouTube videos are popular worldwide, and the Twitteratis love them. Hence to embed YouTube videos in a tweet is a better idea to go. If you are wondering how to embed YouTube videos on Twitter, then there isn’t only a single solution, but you have a two-way method to accomplish the task.

How to embed a YouTube video on Twitter from YouTube’s share option?

Step 1: On your desktop or laptop, open a web browser, and log in to your YouTube & Twitter accounts. Open the YouTube video to embed in your Twitter post.

Step 2: Underneath the video, from the available options, hit the “Share” option.

share youtube video

Step 3: You will reach a screen with sharing option to various platforms like Facebook, Tumbler, etc. Here you need to click the “Twitter” icon.

twitter youtube video share

Now, add the text to the tweet related to the YouTube video, and tap the “Tweet” button.

youtube video tweet

So, this is how to embed a YouTube video in a tweet with YouTube’s sharing option.

How to embed YouTube videos in Twitter posts using Link?

Another way to embed a YouTube video on Twitter is by the use of the video Link. It is the way to embed YouTube videos in a tweet on mobile. You can copy the link to the YouTube video (right-click the video and select “Copy video URL”), log in to your Twitter account, and when you write the tweet, enter the Link or paste the copied Link, and tap the “Tweet.”

embed youtube link

Part 2. Steps to Post a Video on Twitter

If you are new to the Twitter community, maybe you might come through this query, and hence here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to embed a video in a tweet.

How to add videos to a Tweet on desktop?

Step 1: Open your Twitter application, and log in to your account. Next to the profile photo, tap the “What’s happening” tab that will take you to the window to compose a recent tweet.

Step 2: From the pop-up tweet window, hit the “Mountain” icon at the bottom that will allow you to add videos to Twitter. You can choose the video file from the computer.

add video to twitter

Step 3: Once chosen, enter the description or text on the spacebar provided, followed by the “Tweet” button.

video upload to twitter

How to embed a video on Twitter Android?

Step 1: If you are wondering how to post multiple videos on Twitter with your smartphone, login to your Twitter account and press the Quill icon on the bottom left corner.

Step 2: On the following window, tap the mountain icon to upload an image or video. To capture the video instantly, tap the camera icon.

upload video on mobile

You can now select the video or choose multiple videos to be uploaded on Twitter, add text and tap the “Tweet” button to finish the post.

Part 3. Twitter Video Uploading Specs

Are you satisfied with the above sessions regarding how to embed a video on Twitter? Well, you need to follow certain video specs before making or editing a video so that it can fit perfectly for your Twitter post.

  • Video format: MP4, MOV
  • Video file size: 512MB
  • Video duration: 2 minutes and 20 seconds, 0.5 seconds (minimum)
  • Video resolution: 32*32 (minimum), 1920*1200 (maximum)
  • Video aspect ratio: 1:2.39 – 2.39:1
  • Video frame rate: 40fps
  • Maximum bitrate: 25 Mbps

There is a limitation regarding video support in Twitter as the slow-motion video isn’t compatible as they have a faster frame rate of 40fps. You can try creating slo-mo videos outside the app and upload them. However, a smooth display isn’t a guarantee.

Part 4. Easy Tool to Make Twitter Videos Online

Adding videos to Twitter isn’t any big deal as per the above discussion but making video content that draws the audience immediately is the critical point. Wondershare VidAir is such a video creator that helps make videos with preset templates. It requires only Internet connectivity with access to royalty-free abundant media resources like videos, music, and images. Have no idea how to pick a background or template for your Twitter video? No worries, VidAir will help you out.

twitter video maker online

The knowledge to post videos to Twitter is necessary for triumphant media or you are about to miss a high audience. To make it easy for you to catch up with the Twitter social media, we have explored some hassle-free ways to add a video to Twitter and embed YouTube videos in Twitter posts, etc. I hope your confusions have ended.