How to Add Multiple YouTube Videos to Instagram Story

Tricks to add an Instagram story with multiple photos and videos

"Do YouTube links work on Instagram stories?"

Adding videos into the Instagram story, especially when it is more than one video, is one of the best marks of a brand's intelligence. The subject we are talking about here is adding a YouTube link to an Instagram story. It's almost similar whether you want to add a link or share an entire YouTube video in Instagram's story. It also states that you're a lover of both YouTube and Instagram. On the other hand, it's a great idea when you are again running a YouTube channel. Whenever you have any YouTube video uploaded, you can create a related Instagram post and ask the audience to check the link in bio, or you must know how to add a YouTube link in Instagram story for a broad reach.

Let's begin by adding a YouTube link to the Instagram story via multiple videos without further ado.

Part 1. Steps to Add Multiple Videos to Instagram Story

We will discover two methods on how to add a YouTube link to the Instagram story in this section. These two methods include as follows.

  • 1. Add a YouTube link to the Instagram story without the Swipe Up feature.
  • 2. Add a YouTube link to the Instagram story with the Swipe Up feature.

So, let’s start with our first famous way!

How to add a YouTube link to the Instagram story with a Swipe Up feature?

Instagram’s swipe up is one of the best features to explore most of its functions. This feature has taken Instagram to a whole new marketing level as Instagram only allowed clickable links in bio in the past. On the other hand, it is creating an Instagram post with a link that is not clickable at all is meant to leave the Instagram’s platform by users firstly and then browse for the link separately on the website.

All in all, Instagram decided to add swipe up feature when the aspect of the clickable link was obsessed by business users especially.

Benefits to add YouTube link to the Instagram story with Swipe Up feature

  • 1. It is highly beneficial when you have just launched a product and are using Instagram for marketing.
  • 2. It increases the overall potential of product sales.
  • 3. It further helps in increasing the traffic to your website.

Method 1: Steps to add YouTube Link to Instagram Story with Swipe Up feature

Step 1: Update Instagram

It is essential to update any app to access all the features. Thus, you need to head to the Play Store and click the Update button.

Step 2: Click the Camera icon

Open your Instagram account and click the Camera icon to add the best images or videos that best convey your brand's message.

Camera option in Instagram

Step 3: Add YouTube link to Instagram story

You can now add a YouTube link after adding texts, filters, and effects to your Instagram story. Click the Link icon as shown below to type in your link in the next window.

Add YouTube link to Instagram story

You can preview the story before you publish it. There is a white circle at the bottom with the words See More, for which the users can directly click on the Circle or swipe up to direct towards a specific URL. You can add CTAs like Swipe Up for more, Swipe Up to learn more, and Just Swipe Up to check out this product, etc.

So, this is a facilitative Swipe Up feature for businesses with more than 10k followers. You can repeat the same steps mentioned above to add multiple YouTube links.

Method 2: How to add a YouTube link to an Instagram story without the Swipe Up feature?

This method is a bit costly but gets you quite similar results similar to the previous way. Now, we will be discussing the process of promotion on Instagram.

Steps to add YouTube link to the Instagram story without Swipe Up feature.

Step 1: Promote your Instagram story

Once you add your Instagram story, it's time to promote it and get the same previous feel. Just click the three dots given at the end of the story and hit the Promote button as in the image below.

Promote your Instagram story

Then, you need to complete the formalities required for promotion. It’s a bit hassle if you don’t know the Instagram ad marketing.

Step 2: Promote from the Instagram story through Instagram Ads

Here, open the Instagram Ads Manager, make a campaign objective, select an audience, choose a daily budget, and edit the overall Instagram.

So, these were some effective ways if you know Instagram ads or Facebook ads. However, the best practice, especially when practicing a brand, is to increase your followers organically. That's an excellent way to enable linking on your Instagram account.

Part 2. Combine Multiple Images and Videos into One for Instagram Story

Now, let's study how you can do all the processes, as mentioned earlier, in a more effortless manner. Yes, the need is to consider the best and quick video editor made specifically for these social media platforms. One such professional video editor that we'd like to recommend is Wondershare VidAir. It is one of the essential online video-makers to eliminate the task of software downloads. You can easily access VidAir online and let your video be ready in less than 5 minutes to create an Instagram story.

Key Features

  • 1. It consists of lots of creative templates that are ready to use to make those incredible videos.
  • 2. It also contains various options of animated stickers.
  • 3. The easy-to-use customizations in terms of text, audio, video, photo, and stickers are available on the main editing panel.

Steps to combine multiple images and videos into an Instagram story via Wondershare VidAir

Step 1 Login with the Wondershare ID or Sign Up

Visit the official website of and click the CHOOSE A TEMPLATE tab given on the main window. Then, you need to the SIGN UP to create an account.

Vidair login or signup

If you already have a Wondershare ID, you can directly tab the LOG IN button.

Step 2 Choose Video Template

Click the Template tab to select among the list of templates. Choose templates from the left-hand panel.

Template selection

Click the TRY NOW > USE THIS TEMPLATE after selection.

Use this template in VidAir

Step 3 Create Video in VidAir

You can click more than one Video and Photo or hit the Upload button to add these in multiples.

Edit videos

So, this was how you add multiple videos and images into one for the Instagram story. And, these can be a combination of different YouTube videos edited professionally to create an Instagram story. Text effects, animated stickers, and creative templates are quite attractive than any other unprofessional Instagram story.

Export or save the video

You can now save your video creation by tapping the Save button followed by the Export to be downloaded to share on Instagram story.


So, these were different ways on how to add YouTube links in an Instagram story. We have discussed both the direct as well as indirect ways of doing so. It is super easy to add YouTube links to an Instagram story when you're a business on Instagram with 10k+ followers. On the other hand, our recommendation of Wondershare VidAir online video maker works best when creating a catchy Instagram story that corresponds to your YouTube content promotion.