3 Easy Ways to Add YouTube Video to Powerpoint

How to insert YouTube videos to your powerpoint easily.

YouTube has massive daily user coverage, with 79% of daily internet users and 2.3 billion users worldwide. Therefore, it will be a brilliant choice to take favor of this platform to add YouTube Video to PowerPoint. You can use several other media to add a video to PowerPoint. However, YouTube offers a vast majority, and on the other hand, using YouTube videos for PowerPoint is free. Through it, you can easily share information and knowledge. Hence, discussed are some tips to insert YouTube videos into PowerPoint.

Part 1. How to Insert YouTube Videos into Powerpoint

Using video from YouTube and adding to PowerPoint can be difficult, especially if you want to enhance your presentation skills. However, there are various methods to add YouTube videos to PowerPoint but, these are easy methods that you can use.

01 Embed it as an online video

Step 1: Open YouTube and search for the perfect video for your PowerPoint and copy the link from the address bar.

copy the link from address bar

Step 2: Open the presentation and pick the slide in which you want to add the video. Then, go to the Insert option and choose the option video, online video.

select online video

Step 3: Paste the link in the address bar of the window.

paste the link

Step 4: Select the appropriate thumbnail of the video and click Insert. Finally, adjust the video size.

02 Use an embed code

Step 1: Go to YouTube and select the appropriate video. Select the share button and then choose the option embed. It will generate HTML code. Copy the entire string.

copy the string

Step 2: Open your presentation and choose the slide in which you want to add a video. Go to Insert and select an online video.

Step 3: Insert video column appears select option from a video code embed.

select option from a video embeds code

Step 4: Insert the code and press enter.

03 Screen capture a YouTube video

Step 1: Open the PowerPoint and select the slide in that you want to add your tube video. Go to the Insert button and click on the Screen Recording tab.

select screen recording

Step 2: Open the YouTube video and go to the control menu and choose Select Area. A cross-haired cursor would appear. Choose the part of the screen you want to record by clicking and dragging it.

cross hair cursor point

Step 3: Click on select and pause when you want to stop recording.

click on record pointer

Step 4: Save your file, and now the recording is embedded in the presentation.

Thus, these are the 3 methods to add YouTube to PowerPoint, which you need to practice for hassle-free video streaming!

Part 2. Make Videos Easily Online for Your Presentation

In PowerPoint, adding YouTube videos in the form of links or embed codes is easy if you have an incredible online tool for your video. Wondershare VidAir is such an online tool to make short videos with easy steps.

It provides you attractive and editable video templates in different themes so that you only need to change some elements. You can use free stock footage or upload local files for your video. Basic editing features can be done easily, such as adding text, stickers, background music, etc.

make videos for powerpoint

Hence, if you wish to add a YouTube video to PowerPoint, you can easily do it with the three methods discussed in this article. Linking a PowerPoint presentation to a YouTube video or YouTube video to PowerPoint is just a few clicks. However, the question is how well or fantastic the video is crafted to spark audience engagement. You can try to make a video with VidAir templates.