How to Use Adobe Spark Video Maker Easily Online

A full guide on how to make videos with Adobe Spark and its alternative.

Social media and the entire web world have given people fame, popularity and also have become a way of earning. All it takes to draw the attention of the targeted audience and engage them in your content. To draw the attention of these targeted audiences, only written context is not enough. Attractive promotional videos play an important role in drawing the interest of the audiences. But to create an eyecatching video, one needs to spend a hell lot of time. On the other hand, more videos mean more engagement.

That is why there is a need for a video maker that will help create stunning videos in less time yet engage the audience the way they want. The main reason to look for such video editors is to save time while creating business marketing videos. Next, we'll talk about Adobe Spark video maker and its alternative video editors that let you create awesome videos within minutes.

Part 1. Best Alternative to Adobe Spark: Make Videos with Creative Templates

One of the best online video editors that you can use as an alternative to Adobe Spark is Wondershare VidAir. It is an online video editor that helps you to create videos and edit them for the following purposes. It is very easy to use, where you can create awesome promotional videos using creative templates. It also includes audio recording, music, text, images, motion graphics and other functions, which makes it the best choice for millions of freelancers and online marketers.

Steps to make videos with templates using Wondershare VidAir

Step 1 Login and Choose A Template

Log into Wondershare VidAir and choose a template from the Templates page. Select an aspect ratio to start and click on the USE THIS TEMPLATE button to move on.

choose VidAir template

Step 2 Customize Videos Online

Edit this selected video template with your local files or free resources VidAir provided. You can search and change text effects, stickers, music, video, and images.

edit video online

Step 3 Export Video with Spark Alternative

Preview the video before your export, and then click on the Export button to download the video.

export video online

Part 2. Steps to Make Videos with Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark video maker is one of the most promising editing software to create wonderful graphics and videos which you can use either individually for online promotions or for complete website creation. Here we'll discuss the steps on how you can create videos online with it. Have a look at the step-by-step guide below.

Step 1: Visit the Adobe Spark website and log in

Visit the official website, and create a free account and log in to your account. You can use this software for free for a lifetime with very limited features where you can use only the images, templates, and icons given by them. However, there's a free trial option available for two weeks. Go with that, there will be watermarks in your creation.

adobe spark online

Step 2: Search and select a template

There are a number of predefined templates available at the online Adobe Spark video editor, from which you can choose the suits your purpose. Either search for the theme with keywords or directly select any of them. There are options to select the purpose like you want a theme for Facebook/ Instagram or YouTube or any other.

Step 3: Upload media files for your creation

When the template is selected, you can either add images, videos or text into each screen that is defined in the template or upload the media file from your PC. While adding music, you can either add any inbuilt music from Adobe Spark or upload it from your PC. Or you can directly record it by pressing the record button on the screen. Here you can add your own voice as well.

edit video online with spark

Step 4: Download Edited file

When you think the video is final, then after previewing the video, you can download it by pressing the "Download" option. The video will be downloaded on your PC in a specific location. You can directly share the final video to social media sites like YouTube to save time.

Both Adobe Spark online and Wondershare VidAir are excellent video editors that let you create amazing videos in less than minutes. If you're marketers or need to create plenty of marketing videos, VidAir will be a better choice. And the best part is, one need not have any video-making skills to create professional promotional videos, only creativity is more than enough.