Adobe Video Editor: How to Use Adobe Premiere Easily

Step-by-step guide on how to edit videos using Adobe Premiere

If you are looking out for how to use Adobe Premiere video editoreffortlessly, you're on the right page. And also get introduced to Premiere Pro alternatives that are equally good and even better than Adobe Movie Editor in several ways! If it sounds interesting, then don't skip reading the entire step-by-step guide and jump on to somewhere else. Stay tuned.

Part 1. Steps to Edit Videos with Adobe Premiere

With Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017, if we say that you can change the world- then we mean it, indeed. The latest version of Adobe Video Editor not only allows you to edit and create awesome professional videos but makes the videos look realistic, full of life, and attractive.

However, the video quality not only depends upon the software but, the attractiveness varies with how the video got edited. Let's move on to the main part about how to edit awesome videos using Adobe Premiere. The process is simple for basic video editing, but turns out to be difficult if you want to create an exceptional video. As Adobe video editor interface is packed with plenty of features, options and more which is enough to confuse a newbie editor.

adobe video editor

Step 1: Download Adobe Premiere Pro Video Editor for Free

To download Adobe program for video editor, you need to visit the official website of Adobe and download the latest version of Premiere Pro for a free trial of seven days. It gives you access to test the original software before you could decide on purchasing it.

Step 2: Install and Login to Adobe CC

Once you download the software, the next thing is to install the software on your PC and then login to Adobe Creative Cloud. Log in to the Adobe Cloud is an online process, and you need to have an internet connection for that.

Step 3: Open the Video Editing Panel of Premiere Pro

Assuming that you have logged in to the Creative Cloud successfully, now you need to click on "Adobe Premiere Pro CC" and the video editing panel will open. Go to the "File" option and select the "New Project" option. Then give a project name to your first video editing project.

Step 4: Import Video, Audio, and Image Files

Assuming that you have the video and audio files already on your PC, you need to select the "import" option or press "CTRL+i" in order to import all the files onto the Premiere Pro editing panel. You can import single or multiple files simultaneously.

Step 5: Working with Timeline

Drag the audio/ video files to the "Timeline" section that you want to edit. The Audio and Video files will be added to the Timeline in separate rows. By default the Audio rows will be named as A1, A2, A3, etc. while the Video rows are named as V1, V2, V3, etc. You can Rename the rows according to your needs.

Step 6: Cut, Mix, Add Effects and More.

Select the "Razor" tool to "Cut" a particular portion from the Audio/ Video files that you have added to the Timeline. In case you want to add or mix any Audio, Video or even image file together, you'll need to just place the selected portions one above the other. In case of adding effects or transitions to a specific portion of the video, click on "effects" and select the effect of your choice and then drag it to the Timeline and place it right above the selected portion where you want to add the effect.

Step 7: Export the Video to your PC

When you are satisfied with the editing process, now it's time to save the final video. Go to the "File" option once again and select "Save" option. Then select the output format as MP4 and the frame rate as 24 fps and click "Save". The file will be saved on your PC in the path you have selected. You can choose the file format, frame rate, and path according to your requirements.

This was just the basics of the editing guide or the introduction to Adobe Premiere Pro video editing. There are plenty of features and options are available that you can do with Premiere Pro.

Part 2. Adobe Premiere Alternative to Edit Videos Easily Online

One of the best Adobe Premiere Pro alternatives is Wondershare VidAir. It's an online video editor where you can directly edit any video, audio similar to Premiere Pro, in an absolutely easy process. For beginners, VidAir is a better choice as it provides creative templates, so that you just need to change the contents with free resources if video, audio, image, stickers, and text effects. You can also upload local files to customize your video editing. Just try it free online and make a video within 5 minutes.

Steps to make videos with Adobe Premiere online alternative

Step 1 Choose A Video Template

First, visit the official website of VidAir and create a free account by signing up to the website. Go to the templates page and select a video template with the aspect ratio. Hit on the USE THIS TEMPLATE button to continue.

choose video template

Step 2 Edit Videos Online with Adobe Alternative

From the video editing page, you can edit the video online with text effects, stickers, background music, and free images or videos. You can also upload files as you need.

edit videos with premiere online alternative

Step 3 Export Videos Online

After all changes have been saved, you can preview the video. Finally, click on the Export button to download what you created.

export videos

To conclude this topic, I would say that if you are a professional video editor or at least looking out to create professional videos, then the best choice would be Adobe Premiere Pro CC as it is the best video editing software out there in the market. But it is costly.

However, if you are just starting with video editing work and looking out to find a reliable, cheap video editor using which you can create awesome youtube or social media videos for marketing and promotional activities, then Wondershare VidAir should be considered. As it makes promotional video creation much simpler than most of the renowned video editors.