10 Useful Tips to Promote Your YouTube Channel

Learning the tips and tricks to advertise and promote your YouTube channel easily.

Nowadays, almost every idea, thought, creativity, professionalism, or any other information is more compelling visually than reading about it. YouTube is an excellent visualizing platform, and with more than 1.9 billion active monthly users, it is the second most-visited site on the web. To make your video well-known, you can advertise your YouTube channel. You may ask, how to promote my YouTube channel? or what are the tips and tricks? Well, it's no rocket science, but some practical ways to promote your YouTube channel to enhance your views. Advertising offers lots of free and paid ways to promote your channel. Let's present some simple but effective tips so that you can incredibly attract audiences to your YouTube channel.

Part 1. 10 Ideas to Advertise Your YouTube Channel

01 Promote using Google ads

Google is the priority when you search for a video. To increase and retain more viewers, views, and subscribers to your channel, you can pay for running an ad for your videos on YouTube through Google Ads. Promoting YouTube channel with Google ads are very effective. You can make an online ad video that appears before a video starts on its watch page on YouTube or alongside a video. You can easily promote YouTube videos on Google ads simply by setting your budget and targeting the desired audiences. You can end your campaign whenever you want besides changing the style of your Google ads to promote YouTube videos.

Isn't it great to promote YouTube videos with Google ads?

Now, you may wonder how to get advertisers on YouTube? You need to upload your video advertisement to YouTube, create a New Campaign in Google Ads, configure it, select targeted people to reach, select where the ads to show, such as AdWords. AdSense displays ads next to your online content. It delivers ads served by Google Ads to the site. You can also use Google Adsense to promote YouTube videos. After that, you need to select your video, configure the YouTube ads.

promote using google ads

02 Use AdWords

You can use AdWords to promote YouTube channels. Firstly, knowing your audience well is the most vital point because your videos will be for them. Your videos need to be fantastic to offer the value that they want. AdWords campaigns can give your channel extra organic growth. You need an AdWords account to start. If you don't have any, you can sign up for free. You need to follow the steps:

  • · Set up a campaign of AdWords
  • · Organize the ad groups with the AdWords campaign
  • · For the campaign, create each ad group
  • · Create an ad for a video
  • · Key metrics to evaluate the performance
use adwords

03 Use Google-friendly keywords

SEO-based content leads to a massive number of users. To make your YouTube channel great, start it with better SEO. A great SEO includes the exact understanding points of what users want from YouTube. Remember, it is Google where people search for videos. Thus, be very intelligent while choosing Google-friendly keywords.

You will find various tools to identify possible keywords. You can find out top-ranking results for videos and written content. You can tweak your keywords by adding 'how to' to check whether there has any problem. Finally, choose the top priority video keywords that suit your content. It will make your content easily searchable and works for advertising your YouTube video.

use google-friendly keywords

04 YouTube Advertising for Musicians

For boosting your singing YouTube channel, focus on YouTube music advertisements. As you are singing with a lot of effort, then why not reach the people for whom you are singing. You can do so by following these tips:

  • Make your channel look professional such as a well-designed banner
  • Links to your official website and social media
  • Use quality thumbnails
  • Use quality thumbnails
  • Use lots of SEO
  • Keep going with trends
  • Build a network with similar channels
  • Analyze retention of audience
  • Track subscriber's rate
  • Use paid music YouTube advertisement list, including Non-skippable ads, Bumper ads, and Trueview ads.

05 Put advertisement on YouTube and Social media

To advertise on YouTube channel, promote through YouTube and social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and others). You may think, 'how to add advertisement to my YouTube video?' Simple! You can include the URL, videos, or subscription link at the end of your video by adding cards.

It will help you to advertise on YouTube TV. You can create your online advertising video ads using VidAir (online video creator); you will find it easy to advertise YouTube videos on Facebook or other apps/websites. You can only choose the technique when your videos are appreciating by audiences and seeing the number is growing enough. Until watching the video entirely, viewers won't get the advertisement link.

On the other hand, you can give a short online advertisement with paid tools while running another video.

06 Use descriptive titles

When viewers watch your video, the first impression goes to the title section. After finding the content, viewers analyze whether it is punchy or not. If not, it may be the last one they choose. You can't make descriptions very wide to advertise YouTube channels. While inserting a strong Youtube Title, make it short, meaningful, and sweet because they attract more. Try to include top and most searching keywords in the first half of your written title. It will help to make less avoidance of valuable information. You can search on YouTube for a particular theme or topic to get YouTube suggestions regarding the titles.

use descriptive titles

07 Add a call-to-action

Try to insert an excellent and value-creating CTA in your video. It helps to make the most of the hardest earned audience. Make your CTAs always compelling, clear, and urgent. Whatever your requirements are from the audiences, it needs to be precise. It can be more shares and likes or clicking the subscription button and stay along with you, or it can be anything regarding your channels and videos. Don't be stressed thinking, 'how to advertise my YouTube video?' a perfect CTA can also promote your videos to the viewers. For in-stream ads, YouTube has released a new call-to-action extension. You will also find many free ways to add CTAs to videos, such as end cards, video descriptions, and direct host mentions.

add a call-to-action

08 Custom thumbnails

Sometimes, even more than titles, thumbnails become important because we always take first visual appearances before anything else. YouTube automatically produces thumbnails for all videos. These automatic thumbnails can sometimes be blurry or out of focus. To increase your views and boost your channel, you can create a very stunning, attractive, and eye-catching custom thumbnail for every video. Some best suggestions for perfect thumbnails include a resolution of 1280 x 720 px. You can use the format of JPG, PNG, BMP, or GIF with a size limited to 2MB. Try to use high-contrast images. You can even influence clicks by adding additional texts, colors, etc. You can even choose a close-up shot.

customize thumbnail

09 Offer real value

It is a must thing to offer real value to your audience when you advertise YouTube channels. Make your viewers feel through your advertisement that you are offering what they want. When you provide good content to your viewers, it will help you keep them engaged. Effectively, it will increase YouTube ranking as the top priority of viewers' experiences, leading to rank well in the search. Better to divide your every plan regarding how and with whom you are going to provide value. Please find out the challenges, improvements, and whether it is fulfilling the demand.

10 Create high-quality videos

As already mentioned, viewers always love to choose videos that they find perfect at first sight. Visual appearance matters a lot, and so, create the best quality videos. Poor video quality can undermine even you have the best content. Before uploading your video, besides being good with content, you also need to keep in mind the quality and video resolution to ensure your video looks professional. For this, choose a decent camera, check your recording's sound quality, edit basic or do advanced editing.

Part 2. Easy Online Tool to Make YouTube Ads with Templates

Promoting videos is effective only when videos are stunning enough to catch the viewer's sight. Otherwise, all efforts will fail. Why would people watch a dull and non-attractive video and waste time? It is a significant fact. You need to ensure to the audience that you are providing them the best videos. And to create quality videos, we have the most recommended online and easy-to-use tool, Wondershare VidAir, to make YouTube video ads with editable templates.

You will get various customizable ready-made video templates regarding food, business, entertainment, fashion, technology, and so on to make incredible videos. You can upload the local files or search from free stocks. It allows you easily edit videos with text effects, stickers, background music, and other features. You don't need to download anything, just open your browser and start working.

vidair youtube video maker

So how do you feel, motivate, influenced enough? Don't you think these mentioned tips will work for you to promote your YouTube channel? No doubt, they will. So far, from all the above ten tips, any one or more can be your channel's turning point. Now, if asked, 'Can you advertise on YouTube to promote your channel? Does it work?' What would be your answer? I am sure, a yes. Hence, promote your YouTube channel with Google ads, advertise YouTube channel on Facebook to increase your audience, create fantastic videos with VidAir, practice the tricks, and see the magic.