Everything You Need to Know about Amazon Prime Video Ads

Learning Amazon video advertising feature, and inspire your creativity on video ads.

Amazon is a fast-growing platform for digital streaming and online shopping. With the introduction and integration of Amazon Prime video ads, the usage of Amazon has soared. Both vendors and customers are now turning towards Amazon.

The massive userbase of Amazon makes it a highly effective and impactful platform for advertising. To make the most of this userbase, you can create Prime video ads that promote your brand and boost sales. Regardless of whether you are a vendor on Amazon or not, you can still make use of the Amazon video advertising feature.

Here is everything you must know about Prime video ads to market your brand optimally.

Part 1. Does Amazon Prime video have ads?

For those of you wondering whether Amazon Prime has ads, the answer is yes, it does. A prime subscription does not imply that the streaming and shopping experience will be free from Prime video ads.

Amazon video ads, more commonly known as ‘AVA’ are commonly seen on its website and also on other Amazon-owned websites. Amazon devices, including Fire TV, Kindle, and IMDb, also feature various Amazon Prime video advertising.

The Amazon Prime video ads are featured in-stream as well as out-stream. This means that while streaming Prime movies or series, users might encounter a few Amazon video advertising. Some of these ads cannot be skipped by making users watch the whole thing in order to continue streaming.

Moreover, while browsing through the Amazon store, Prime video ads can be seen. These ads, however, are muted by default and auto-start after coming into full view. Once the user scrolls past the Amazon video ads, it automatically pauses. Users can click on the ads to unmute and to watch them on screen.

Part 2. Some pro tips of setting up Amazon video ads

You can just do things or do it the better way. The better way to do things is by following the requirements to achieve the optimum effect. Just like other platforms, there is a list of specs that Prime video ads must follow in order to have maximum visibility and reach.

Some key video specs to keep in mind while creating Prime video ads are-

DIMENSIONS- 1920×1080 pixels OR 16:9 aspect ratio is the standard video dimension.

FRAME RATE- Minimum 15 frames per second(fps).

FILE FORMAT- Video: , MPEG-2, or MPEG-4; Audio: MP3 or AAC.

FILE SIZE- Not more than 500 Mb.

AUDIO- 128kbps /44 khz.


HEADLINES- Up to 50 characters.

LETTERBOXING- Make sure there are no black bars on the sides of the video.

VIDEO DURATION- The maximum duration of the video can be up to 3 minutes. However, keeping the Amazon video ads to 15 seconds is considered highly impactful. The first few seconds of the Prime video ads are crucial in deciding the ad reach. The Prime video ads on the Fire tab are limited to 15 seconds.

Apart from these, there are also some creative requirements that are sometimes optional-

  1. LOGO IMAGE- The brand’s logo image can be inserted in the Prime video ads. The minimum width and height of the images are 600px and 100px, respectively. The logo size should not exceed the file size of 100 kb. The logo cannot be used in mobile ads.
  2. TEXT HEADLINE- Include an eye-catching caption to grip the viewer’s attention. But the headline should not be more than 50 characters.
  3. CALL TO ACTION- The Amazon Prime video advertising does not allow button insertion since that would unmute and restart the ads. However, various call to action links can be used to lure viewers. Some of the available CTAs are ‘Shop Now,’ ‘See Details,’ ‘Pre-Order Now.’
  4. CUSTOM BACKGROUND- For more impact, Amazon allows adding a custom background image behind the video player. For this option, you will have to use the templates by Amazon and purchase the creative design support.
Prime video ads custom background template layout

Are you wondering how to set up your Amazon Prime video ads?

Before you start Amazon video advertising, you will have to get in touch with an Amazon advertising expert.

In the Get Started tab, you can begin by first selecting your country.

Get started with Amazon advertising

After that, you will be provided with a series of questions. Finally, press Submit.

Answer questions and click Submit

If you already have an advertising account, you can contact the account liaison and start Amazon Prime video advertising.

Part 3. How to make a Prime video ads online

Do you want to create Prime video ads that steal the viewer’s attention instantly? Since Prime video ads are muted by default, and the users might scroll through, you will have to make a visually appealing ad. To draw attention, your Prime video ads must be impactful even when mute, and the message should be creatively clear, preferably in the first 5-10 seconds. To help achieve a gripping ad, we present Wondershare VidAir.

VidAir is an online video maker and editor. Owing to its intuitive interface and convenient editing options, it is a very handy tool. With its variety of attractively themed templates, VidAir is perfect for quickly creating eye-catching Prime video ads. There is a range of stylish and trendy captions for adding text. You can customize the font, color, size, and position of the text for optimum effect. The in-built library of music for every genre or mood allows making the video more fun and compelling. If you like, you can also upload songs of your choice. There are various aspect ratios for different devices and platforms. You can even choose to remove the watermark from your Prime video ads.

Here is how you can make Prime video ads with VidAir.


Open VidAir and select template

Open the VidAir link on your browser. On the main page, choose from the various template categories. Click on the template and select an aspect ratio. Click on Use This Template.

Export best advertising video


On the operation page, there are various editing options. You can click on the Audio tab and select music from the massive library or upload your own song. In the Text tab, many captions are available for quick text addition. You can also add stickers to make your Amazon video advertising more visually attractive.

edit Prime video ads


After you make all the edits, you can save the videos. Click on Export in the top right corner. Choose the option for watermark or resolution and click on Export again.

Export Prime video ads

With all the major brands using Amazing Prime video advertising, your ad must bring something new to the table. Most of the Prime video ads get scrolled past because they aren’t catchy enough. This is why you must follow the key requirements for all your Prime video ads and also add some creative aspects.

For your ease, we have listed the most powerful video maker, VidAir. No more manual video editing. Just enhance your Prime video ads flawlessly using this amazingly handy tool without even downloading or subscribing.

Hop on to the fast-growing Amazon video advertising platform and make the most of it. Good luck.