10 Best Mobile App Promo Video Templates [2021]

Find A Way to Boost More Engagement in Your Marketing

Whether you've begun a start-up or running a business online, the success of your enterprise is directly related to the amount of attention it attracts online.

We can all agree that most of the world has gone digital and that it is overcrowded with content marketing and competition.

The Importance of a Mobile App Promo Video for Your Business

There is no better way to attract user attention to your app than something as catchy as a promo video. They are extremely catchy and easy to make with the right Promo Video Service.

There are many free applications that can help you with their free Mobile App Promo Video Template to create the appropriate video for you.

Some of the latest trends seen in the app market these days include live videos and Shoppable videos. You can use the features of various applications, such as filters, stylization, and even a 360-degree view angle.

Mobile App Promo Video

10 Best App Promo Videos That Win at Marketing

Next in the article, we will talk about the 10 best app Promo Video Templates. These apps can have different features and advantages, and the promos make it clear to the audience in its interactive way.

01 Slack

Slack is an app that is a collaboration of thousands of big names. It is software designed to bring different people and teams in one place to increase the workflow with ease. The promo for the app is a great one to watch. It provides all the necessary information needed about the company.

Pros Cons
Simple. Narration could be better.
Good Graphic display. Not for selected Audience.
It makes the app look attractive. /


02 Calm

A wonderful creation dealing with one of the best issues of mental illness! The promo of the app is so good that it can help you to get a quick look at the meaning of the word "Calm." It is slow and sweet to watch and provides a quick experience of the app to the customers.

Pros Cons
Provides the actual app experience. Could be boring to a select audience.
Real-Time audience experience is included. Unveils everything about the app.


03 Snapchat

An amazing and popular app that is a collaboration of android and the company to make things better when it comes to pictures. A media platform is working on the concept of photo exchange from daily life, which is called "Snap." The promo is designed to provide the customer a taste of what it feels like to use Snapchat.

Pros Cons
Shows how the app will help aesthetically. Does not show the app's actual look.
Includes talk about updates. Updates could be problematic to people.


04 Accu Weather

An app that everyone using smartphones has used once. It is a wonderful application for getting weather reports from any part of the world. The promo is designed to tell people about their work and efficiency with points to why they are better than their competitors.

Pros Cons
Has a professional touch. Provides limited information.
Sublime and to the point. Focuses on targeting other app cons.

Accu Weather

05 Flo

This app focuses on women by helping them embrace the beauty of the woman's body and helps them understand that different women have different responses. Making a promo for such an app could be challenging, but the creators have done a wonderful job in taking out what the primary concepts of the app are.

Pros Cons
Shows a challenging topic in a sweet way. It could be more open.
Invites other women to join. Focused on attracting people to join.
It could be more open. /


06 WhatsApp

If you haven't used WhatsApp, then you're probably from the past. It is a great platform to interact socially and also a good way to share professional relations. Basically, it is a messenger app. It is good for WhatsApp Marketing if you could make use of promo video in WhatsApp.

Pros Cons
Uses the current scenario. Basic concept is missing.
Talks about the latest features. Promotes in a negative scenario.
Short promo. Doesn't highlight the professional; use of the app.


07 QuizUp

Although being out of the market for so long, it is a new trend. The trivia game became one of the best choices for people. If you want to know how to Make a Promo Video Like Apple, then here is an example. It makes it very simple for the users to know about the experience the app provides.

Pros Cons
Interactive Add. Fewer visuals.
Shows audience experience. Combined sound effect.
Highlights its unique concept. Does not show the features clearly.


08 Memrise

A fun way to learn Spanish. The Promo video seen here depicts a woman who tries to learn Spanish and uses it with the help of the app in an amazing way.

Pros Cons
Imaginative. Gives an imaginative experience to the user.
Provides a glimpse of the App. Shows in the practical use of the app.
Narration is good. Lengthy.


09 Headspace

A great app with a unique concept. It is an app that will help you calm down and in releasing your tension in parts. The app promo is a wonderful creation to watch.

Pros Cons
Animation graphics are good. No real-time people.
Even the promo brings you in a good mood. Tells less about the app features.
Pastels and other things look soothing. /


10 Amazon Prime

Amazon provides a premium service to a selected number of customers with the subscription of Amazon Prime. The promo gives you a hint of all the facilities you will be getting.

Pros Cons
Great Visuals. Too much in a Promo.
Promo is slow yet short. Frame shifts too fast.
Detailed illustrations. /

Amazon Prime

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Key Takeaways From This Episode:

Let's highlight the points that go into creating a promo for your app and find out that creating the best App for Making Promo Videos is not a very complicated task.

All you need is to search and discover the one style that suits your brand the most.

Apps like Wondershare VidAir provide an amazing experience in delivering app Promo Video Service efficiently. Do check it out.