A Full Guide on B2B Social Media Marketing

Essential Tips and Tools That Work For Any Industry

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How do you market best on B2B strategies? Here’s a guide bonus to you in the form of B2B social media marketing worth considering in 2021.

Part 1. Does Social Media Marketing Works for B2B?

Take the practical instances of major B2B companies like Google, HubSpot, and IBM. that perform great on these social media platforms. And, this is not the place to continue if you still feel that social media doesn’t provide an ideal strategy for B2B companies.

Let’s dive deep into the introduction and importance of B2B social media marketing.

b2b social media marketing example

Importance Of B2b Social Media Marketing
  • ✔ An established and ideal distribution channel for enterprises'ideas, content, and offers.
  • ✔ It helps build brand visibility and awareness.
  • ✔ It improves overall SEO by increasing mentions, third-party links, and interest in the brand's content.
  • ✔ A great customer feedback platform to better understand your audiences'needs for leads, prospects, and advocates.
  • ✔ Helpful in buyer education and building brand's trust.

Part 2. 6 Useful Tips for B2B Social Media Marketing Ideas

After discussing the social media B2B definition and importance, we’ll now switch on to our main section of how to use social media for B2B marketing.

01 Create B2B social media marketing strategy

Building social media strategy is the foremost and crucial step to attracting success in your social media game. You can ideally circulate the mission, vision, and goals of your company or organization.

educate audience

02 Focus on separate and right platforms

Your next focus should be finding the proper advertisement platforms for how to use social media for B2B marketing. Primarily, LinkedIn is the best place where you can see the examples of advertising by the best B2B companies.

use different b2b social media channels

03 Use LinkedIn this way for B2B

To drive the best results on LinkedIn, you need to publish updates with the native format of the platform. Savvy marketers always leverage the launch of new features whenever any platform launches them.

use linkedin

04 Use Facebook the right way for B2B

Even though the marketing strategy for Facebook has changed a lot, the proper steps can give you a massive hit over the platform. Like LinkedIn, joining related Facebook groups based on your passion, interests, and industry is also a significant step ahead.

05 This is how to use Twitter!

87% of marketers use Twitter as the best social media for B2B marketing. The beauty of Twitter lies in its ability to create reliable connections. The best way to drive authentic results on Twitter is to develop brand personality and voice.

06 Use Instagram for B2B this manner!

Instagram is a visual-based platform where you can readily set a Business profile. The next best tip is to leverage Instagram for user-generated content. Generally, the combination formula of entertainment and information works well here.

use instagram

Part 3. 3 Steps to Make a Marketing Video for your Customers

The concept of using high-end video editing tools comes into mind beforehand when we talk about adding video content over different social media channels.

One such great tool that we'd love to recommend is VidAir by Wondershare. It has a bunch of creative marketing features inbuilt to worth considering in 2021. Even we use VidAir for most of the social media marketing for B2B companies. And given below is a simple process of using VidAir to create a marketing video for different social media channels.

☑ Steps To Make Social Media Videos With Wondershare Vidair

✔ Step 1: Login Wondershare VidAir

Go to https://vidair.wondershare.com/ and click the Login button to proceed with your ID credentials. Create Sign Up if you haven’t any account on Wondershare yet.


✔ Step 2: Choose a social media marketing theme

Goes after selecting your social media video template depending upon the theme of marketing. Click Use this Template tab after confirming the aspect ratio.

marketing theme

✔ Step 3: Create & Export

Upload button to personalize the theme as per your marketing requirements. Click the Export tab to download your project after selecting the resolution.

Create & Export


That was all about using B2B social media marketing to rock out in this digital game. B2B marketing is what we think should be followed by every brand and business out there. Even though it's true that most of the customers or target audience spend their time on social media, the B2B marketers usually focus on getting their audience off these social media channels to their websites as lead magnets. Also, the real crunch of B2B social media marketing best practices we've discussed above lies in 'Consistency.'