Useful B2B Video Marketing Tips and Tricks

How to Breakthrough Sales and Conversions in B2B Marketing?

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Ever since the first video online, on YouTube back in 2005, videos hold sway to date and are a useful tool in B2B video marketing.

First, let's start by defining B2B Marketing and why it is a good strategy. B2B Marketing is simply a business-to-business marketing, all about marketing services and products to other companies or organizations. One of the reasons why it is an impactful strategy is because it is more information-oriented and straightforward. In B2B marketing, business purchase decisions center on the revenue impact because Returns on Investment (ROI) is a crucial consideration for corporate decision-makers. When it comes to B2B Marketing, you need some B2B video marketing techniques and some tricks and trends to breakthrough sales and conversions.

Part 1. B2B Video Marketing Trends in 2021

01 Appearance and Competitiveness

It is a realm where things might get tricky. For instance, with the ever-changing trends in the modern business world, B2B businesses are now selling to buying committees with various stakeholders making things challenging. It would be best to use B2B video content that is appealing. It also needs to be useful, timely, and relevant content. When it comes to competitiveness, you will need to do some research, like watch videos on what others are doing to be on track with the latest tactics and other marketing trends currently used.

B2B Video Marketing.

02 Humor

Humor makes for one of the most unorthodox though extremely reliable tactics. With humor incorporated into a B2B video, it makes marketing fun and engaging. Though you are not to go all out with this aspect, a simple pun or small moments of humor will go a long way in making the audience captivated.

Humor in B2B Video Marketing.

03 Problem Solving and Utility

Most products marked rely on a simple rule. That the product is to bring some form of utility to the user or solve a problem. Incorporating this technique in a video makes for a tremendous B2B video marketing strategy. This way, with a video, you can elaborate on a product with a visual presentation, which makes it more understandable. Utilizing other forms of videos, such as explainer videos, makes for a better grasp of what is being discussed compared to text.

04 Psychological Acuity

Most B2B businesses make use of psychological tactics such as using emotional psyche to market. Though this may seem wrong, it is a fact that people want something with utility or something they fancy at times and have found and built personal and emotional connections to a brand. Consumers will purchase a product because they like the product's message or simply because they cherish the product.

Psychology in B2B Video Marketing.

05 Professionalism

With aspects such as humor and making use of emotions to market, professionalism makes your brand even more acceptable. The consumer views you as a serious and unambiguous brand that can deliver, which trickles down to a better business endeavor. For professionalism, you will need to make use of high-quality content and professional tactics.

Professionalism in B2B Video Marketing.

Part 2. 5 Best B2B Video Examples

01 Taulia

Thirty seconds of sheer slapstick that engage and tackle some of the challenges b2b business encounter. This B2B video does it quite nicely while still maintaining relevance. Taulia is a cloud-based payment, invoicing, and discount management solution tool for enterprises.

02 VeriSign

Going all out with a high-risk marketing strategy developing an entire marketing campaign under the pseudonym "Liberty Fillmore," VeriSign created many videos, social media accounts, and even a micro-site that is now defunct. It all focused on an eponymous hero- and his career as a "Cart whisperer" to promote their e-commerce enterprise, which was a complete success.

03 HubSpot

With a content creation process designed to mirror their sales funnel, the SaaS marketing platform HubSpot has a massive catalog of content ranging from 30-seconds to 30-minute videos. Hubspot doesn’t shy away from super-niches as they choose to create B2B videos that drive conversions rather than views.

04 Cisco

Redefining how to do B2B video marketing, Cisco did enough research revealing that the sweet spot for B2B video length is 60 to 90 seconds. It is because they have spent a lot of time and resources, improving their strategy. They have an astounding catalog of videos with a business approach to make an invaluable archive of problem-solving sales funnel targeted content.

05 Intel

A company specializing in the manufacture of computer chips decided not to be left behind, with a stunning repertoire of video content. Intel decided to take a different route and instead focus on showcasing its diverse customer base's lives and stories.

Part 3. Make B2B Marketing Videos Easily Online

While B2B video marketing seems like a job best left for the pros, you can do it with the right tools and guidelines. Take a look at some of the B2B videos discussed above, and you can be on your way to make magnificent B2B videos. All you need to focus on is mainly integrating and incorporating the trends. Besides, take advantage of a free online tool like Vid Air, a video production platform that helps you make videos. Creating B2B videos with VidAir is easy and takes a short time.

B2B video marketing is a marketing strategy mainly utilized by businesses and organizations. However, it doesn't mean as a brand; you cannot make use of it. On the contrary, you as a brand are best suited for it as it is a marketing strategy used to grow and expand the business. We gave some fascinating and riveting B2B video examples and some great tips to help you make B2B videos for your business. Lastly, in addition to utilizing the B2B video, you can also take up the task and create the B2B video yourself, using one of the most excellent tools ever, that is Wondershare VidAir.

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