Top 10 Best Video Ads You Should Reference

Learning the 10 best video ad examples, and inspire your creativity on video ads.

In this media-driven world, video marketing is soaring. With the rising competition, it is important that your ads are impactful and attention-grabbing. To stand out amongst the million other advertisements, your brand must craft the best advertising video ever. Since people today have a short attention span, video ads also need to be compelling enough to influence viewers. To help you create the advertising video, we have rounded up some great ideas.

Part 1.The Best 10 Advertising Videos

Below is a list of some of the best video ads ever created. Take inspiration from these to craft your own masterpiece.


One of the best video ads created in 2016 is by the leading shoe brand Reebok. This ad features life in reverse of a woman. Portraying how a woman runs and pushes through and past every barrier relentlessly shows how determined and physically fit she is. They show how the woman runs and stays fit throughout her life and chooses Reebok to help her.

The point to note is that you need to focus on selling an idea or motivation. Introduce a concept that attracts people into adopting a habit ultimately leading to the sale of your products.

advertising video - REEBOOK


Alibaba creates a highly impactful, best advertising video by targeting small audiences. Since Alibaba aims to empower small businesses, they influence people into pursuing their dreams through a powerful video. The video shows how dedication and determination can ultimately lead to success no matter how impossible it might seem.

The best video ads don’t have to revolve around a product or company. Make sure you target people into taking action to fulfill their dreams. Add a motivational and emotional aspect to your ads that audiences can relate to.

advertising video - ALIBABA.COM


Taco Bell made the best advertising video that looked more like a suspense movie trailer gripping the audience till the end. This ad follows a food conspiracy and its effects on a family.

The best video ads are simply those that effectively get the most views. So, make your ad suspenseful. It should be attention-grabbing so that the viewers are tempted to watch the whole ad.

advertising video - TACO BELL


By advertising the change people can bring, Gillette crafts the best advertising video. This ad creates awareness and motivates people into standing against sexual harassment and defining rules into better visions using the quote ‘The best men can be.’

Create a slogan that brings recognition to your brand or vision. Make your ad emotionally compelling so that it resonates with the viewers.

advertising video - GILLETTE


As a norm, Nike continues to impress and empower. Nike’s Dream Crazier was termed the best advertising video since it focused on the skills and determination of women in the field of sports. The ad showed how women started entering sports fields and how they conquered.

The key to creating the best advertising video is to capture attention and motivate people. A message or idea that moves people is well-liked and viewed frequently, boosting brand reach.

advertising video - NIKE


Some of the best video ads are actually product-based. Gregg’s introduces their vegan sausage roll in a highly unique way. Mimicking the tech-related commercials, they advertise the graphics and interface features in a hilarious way.

In a product-based ad, go creative. Show your product in a way that has never been used. Make your ad stand out from the other millions of ads by uniquely highlighting the best aspects.

advertising video - GREGG’S


Following its legacy of enticing people into thinking differently, this ad by Apple does the same. Apply effortlessly and with the help of seamless graphics, introduces and brings attention to how perspective change based on the point of view or way of looking.

The best advertising video must be engaging and impactful. Introduce dynamic graphics to grip the audience and add a message that keeps the viewers glued until the ad finishes and leaves an impact.

advertising video - APPLE


Airbnb creates an engaging ad with the help of motion graphics. The visually appealing dynamics in the video entice customers to try out the cycling experiences. Some facts about the Airbnb cycling experience further serve as attention-grabbers making this one of the best video ads on our list.

With the latest technologies at hand, you can create the best advertising video simply by crafting a meaningfully dynamic video. Add attractive colors and animations to draw attention and highlight your message.

advertising video - AIRBnB


Since Google is a part of our everyday life, it’s ad doesn’t really look like an advertisement at all. Every year, Google promotes its brand by creating a themed video for e.g., heroes. Then it shows all the searches and the relevant content. Coupled with a narrative, it serves to be one of the best video ads

Ensure that your brand achievements and usage are highlighted. Show the viewers how your company or services have benefitted the people. Add a narrative to make it more emotionally appealing.

advertising video - GOOGLE


The best video ads can sometimes be very short and precise yet compelling, like this one by WU. The yellow-themed world indicates the brand colors. The gold coin racing across the globe after the Send Money button is pressed shows how quick their service is.

To make the best advertising video, make sure you deliver your message and key features in the shortest and most effective way. Take help from gripping graphics to engage the audience. Keep the video concise and clear about the message being visualized.

advertising video - WESTERN UNION

Part 2. Make Your Video Ads as The Best One Easily

If you are looking to create the best video ads, Wondershare VidAir is your best bet. With an easy to use and intuitive interface, crafting catchy ads is easier than ever. VidAir offers free templates for a variety of themes and occasions, making quick creation of the best advertising video possible. There is also a huge library of music for every mood. You can also upload your own favorite songs. A variety of stylish captions and stickers are available for use.

Here are steps on how to make a video with VidAir.

Step 1 Choose A Template

Open VidAir on your browser. Sign In if you already have an account or sign up for a free account. On the main page, choose a template you like. Choose an aspect ratio you like and click Use This Template

Sign up and choose template

Step 2 Edit to Create Best Video Ads

To craft the best advertising video, add attention-gripping captions. Make your ad attractive with the addition of stickers. Add a song to give your video a compelling effect

 Edit best video ads

Step 3 Save and Export the Best Advertising Video

After all editing is done, click on Export in the top right corner. Choose the resolution and watermark option. Click Export again.

Export best advertising video

Now you know the ropes to create the best advertising video to take over the media. It’s time to level up your marketing game by taking inspiration from the best video ads and implement their strategies into your own. Boost your business by widening your reach through the best advertising video.