Instagram Ads: How to Create Instagram Ads Easily Online

Learn the best Instagram ads examples and the tips to make one by yourself.

Making Instagram ads is now very easy with the right tools. Moreover, you should also know some of the trending styles to embed your business at the forefront of culture. If you are weeding the Internet to find such best practices and tips to craft the best Instagram ads, you are on the right page now.

Part 1. Online Instagram Ads Maker You Should Know

As mentioned before, making Instagram ads isn't quite hard. With the right tools, you can create great ads. Revered for its excellent user interface and experience is Wondershare VidAir. You can make creative Instagram ads and ads for Facebook, YouTube, and any other social network. It is an online tool that has got many editable templates to make Instagram video ads. With VidAir, you can edit videos with text, stickers, background music, and free footage. If you're new beginner at video creation, you can also make a video within 5 minutes.

Steps to Make Instagram Ads Videos Online

Step 1 Choose An Instagram Ads Template

Visit the official VidAir website and log in to or sign up your account. Click on the Choose A Template button to choose a video ad template. Select an aspect ratio and hit on the USE THIS TEMPLATE button to move to the next step.

choose instagram video ads template

Step 2 Create Instagram Video Ads Online

You will now get to the video editor window to add ad elements such as audio, text, stickers, or upload a file from local files. Preview the final results before export.

edit instagram ads online

Step 3 Export Instagram Ads

If you are satisfied with the ad, click on the Export button to generate and download the final video.

export instagram video ads

Part 2. 5 Best Instagram Ads in 2021

When on Instagram, you can see many great Instagram ads created by both big and small brands. So why check on other Instagram ads? It is so that you can get a perspective on what aspects to incorporate when making your ad. Here is an Instagram ads list containing ad examples you can analyze to create a great Instagram ad. Also, there are many different types of Instagram ads. In this list, we will list each ad type and its other vital aspects.

01 Traditional Instagram Ads

The regular in-feed posts are still a great way to reach out to more significant audiences and a casual way. With the increase in in-feed videos on Instagram, many in-feed ads may even feature an image, with or without text.

Example: Walmart

walmart instagram ad

In the above ad from Walmart, a stunning image with complementary colors features to introduce its new toothbrush brand. Other tactics are used, such as hashtags, like the "#gethumming" that is unique and makes the product post shareable and discoverable.

02 Instagram Video Ads

With many video ads on Instagram and other social platforms such as Facebook being videos, doing it right will capture and keep customers' attention. They may feature a live-action or animation video. A good video ad should be concise, show the brand upfront and be a video that can deliver the message without sound.

Example: Tasty and Captain Morgan

tasty and captain morgan video ad

With Tasty, Captain Morgan uses an ad to showcase their product, making it the best creative Instagram ad. Through the video, Captain Morgan offers viewers valuable knowledge as an incentive when watching the ad until the end.

03 Instagram Carousel Ads

A carousel ad is a slideshow of images or a video in which you can scroll through in a single ad that is an idea to create great Instagram ads. These ads need to tell a narrative and feature various products separately that would otherwise clutter a single image ad.

Example: National Geographic

national geographic carousel ad

This Carousel National Geographic ad adds a layer of segmentation from which users can browse through their preferred category, whether ancient history, middle ages, or modern history. Then there is a link to subscribe in which viewers can take the next step.

04 Instagram Influencer Ads

Being a crucial part of the Instagram ecosystem, influencer ads help bring clout and recognition to a brand. These types of top Instagram ads are usually promoted posts by brands from popular users. They can include a video or image, captions, and tags.

Example: North Italia

orth italia influencer ad

The above-depicted ad is from North Italy. Here the post is shared on the influencer's account and the note of paid partnership on the post description. Such an ad idea is popular at present on Instagram, which provokes audience engagement.

05 Instagram Remarketing Ads

Remarketing and retargeting ads are specifically for those who have already visited your page or site or take a predetermined action. They are similar to any other Instagram ads. They could be the same ads only displayed differently.

Example: Casper

casper remarketing ad

Another best example of creative Instagram ads is of two Casper ads promoting their range of dog beds. If the first ad didn't lead to a conversion, then the second ad pops up just as a reminder that your pup may not be sleeping the best possible way.