Amazing Creative Instagram Stories Examples You Can't-Miss

8 must-see creative Instagram story ads examples for digital marketers

"Why are Instagram stories important?"

Since their beginning in 2016, Instagram stories are rocking till now. It is why the best and creative Instagram story ads are coming up with the potential for increased engagement and conversions. We will discuss the same possibility in this article and the examples of the eight best Instagram story ads. Among total ads spending, around 23% gets allocated to Instagram. Thus, the brands recognize the importance of this central social media platform, primarily its stories feature.

So, let’s begin with the top 8 examples as follows!

Part 1. Top 8 Instagram Story Ads Examples

The Instagram story ads represent an alternative or a replacement to News Feed Ads. They exist at the top of Instagram News Feed. The exclusive feature about the Instagram story ads is the ability to inbuilt links, which in other cases is reserved for business accounts having 10,000+ followers. What you are required to do is to add a CTA or swipe up arrow to direct with a landing page.

Key Features

  • 1. It drives valuable conversions on your app or websites.
  • 2. They guarantee maximum reach.
  • 3. It inculcates brand awareness to interested people.

01 Lemon & Line

As the first example of creative Instagram story ads, Lemon & Line looks very similar to the ad brands show to sell clothing. Yet, it's an Instagram ad for the promotion of rope bracelets. The short sales copy is also quite attractive and eye-catchy. It also makes perfect sense for the sale of bracelets. These bracelets are a subtle accessory that whispers and never screams. Its image is also a matched representation of the brand ethos.

Instagram Story Ads Examples - Lemon & Line

02 Garmin

The still images lack motion but offer excellent potential for action, as stated in the workout promotion ad. You can feel this ad if you’re also an exercise enthusiast. The action-oriented image, a short copy, and a CTA of Shop Now work great to inform the users. Also, they are offering free workouts for Pilates, yoga, and strength training, etc.

Instagram Story Ads Examples - Garmin

03 Mailleus

Maille is a French Gourmet food producer with an ad representation that communicates a gift of year supply well known for its best Instagram story ads. As you can see, they haven't used too much text to confuse the users. They have further focused on placing the ad copy at the bottom and center of the image. Thus, it is an ideal example for users who quickly scroll through their feeds.

Instagram Story Ads Examples - Mailleus

04 Sephora

It is another excellent example of creative Instagram story ads with the usage of bright colors. Sephora is a beauty brand depicted in this image representation. It also uses short yet interactive content to reach more audiences. The use of specific or clear CTA also points the users towards a gift.

Instagram Story Ads Examples - Sephora

05 Noom

The lifestyle brand Noom has used a surprise-and-delight strategy that paves the way for creative Instagram story ads like featuring a woman who crushes a dozen eggs. However, the imagery is quite counterintuitive and strange to grab the viewers' attention instantly. All in all, it's a slo-mo video ad to depict another level of interest.

Instagram Story Ads Examples - Noom

06 Brooklinen

The Brooklinen ad shows how to offer an easy-to-get reward. In this ad of Brooklinen bedding company, users get free shipping when they swipe up. Thus, you can see freebies play a significant role in the structure of ads. Also, the CTA communicates the benefits users will get after acting on the ad's end.

Instagram Story Ads Examples - Brooklinen

07 Walmart

Walmart is our next category known for their creative Instagram story ads due to strong and complementary colors in their ad. The brand has used the hashtag #gethumming to make its content shareable and discoverable. Thus, you can tell the importance of hashtags to add relevancy and discovery further. However, their USP is a high-quality image as the text and CTA is super short.

Instagram Story Ads Examples - Walmart

08 Postmates

As our final best Instagram story ads example, here is one from Postmates that uses FOMO. It also depicts an extra level of urgency and excitement while tapping into the customer's FOMO. So, it prompts the users to take action before the opportunities vanish out. You can also add limited-time deals along with a short-term format. Thus, it further boosts conversions from the viewers.

Instagram Story Ads Examples - Postmates

All these Instagram story ads cost around $0.50-$1.00 CPC. The cost can also be up to $3.00 CPC.

Part 2. Make Instagram Ads Video Easily Online

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Key Features

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Vidair login

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Template selection

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Customize and edit

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Step 4 Export Video in VidAir

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Export the video


Thus, this was the entire discussion on creating the best Instagram story ads online quickly and effectively. After mentioning the eight best and creative Instagram story ads examples, we summed up the concept via the instant online video maker VidAir by Wondershare. Hence, you can now execute story ad examples with the online video editor, a direct competition to professional Insta story ads.