3 Steps Help You Make a Unique Birthday Slideshow

Make your happy birthday slideshow now!

Are you looking for some outstanding birthday slideshow ideas that aren't so hard to pull off? Well, we have got you covered. With this guide at hand, a great birthday slideshow app, and your creativity, you can now create a stunning happy birthday slideshow in just 3 steps. Cool, right?

All you need to craft a wonderful birthday slideshow is this all-in-one article. So, read ahead for some unique birthday slideshow ideas to surprise your friends.

Part 1. 5 Birthday Slideshow Ideas

Here we have rounded up the top trending birthday slideshow ideas to liven up the birthday festivities and bring the party to life.

01 Timeline Slideshow

Among all birthday slideshows ideas, this one is ranked at the top. Add the oldest to latest photos of the birthday boy/girl for a very cheerfully emotional birthday slideshow. This happy birthday slideshow idea is perfect for all age groups.

02 Random Memorable Photos/Videos

If you're looking for unique birthday slideshow ideas, think out of the box. Just compile totally unrelated, random but appropriately pleasant clips or images of the birthday kid or adult to create a hilarious birthday slideshow that comes as a surprise.

03 Birthday Dedication

One of the winner's birthday slideshow ideas includes the dedication video. Ask close friends and family members to record their wishes, then compile all the wishes and add music for the birthday slideshow. Also include wishes from old friends living in different countries or out of contact for a while for a happy emotional slideshow.

04 Birthday Recap

This birthday slideshow might be a little hard to pull off. You can compile all the previous birthday photos and videos of the individual and add a hilarious commentary about how far the person has come and what has changed in his/her looks.

05 Year Review

Create a happy birthday slideshow recapping the memorable and milestone events of the past 12 months. Emphasize the achievements and add upbeat music for the birthday slideshow for full effect.

Part 2. 5 Music for Birthday Slideshow

With some unique birthday slideshow ideas at your disposal, now is the time to choose the perfect music for a birthday slideshow.

01 Birthday Wishes Song

If you want music for birthday slideshow that serves as a cheerful song as well as contains meaningful lyrics, this song is perfect for you. It's a beautiful song to wish someone close to you with a heartfelt message and warm wishes.

Length 3:47

02 Disney Parks Birthday

A group of ancient singers singing a happy song in a funny way is sure to crack smiles. The Disneyland singers call for birthday celebrations in a high spirit setting a cheerful mood. It serves as great music for birthday slideshow that is jolly and hilarious at the same time.

Length 0:52

03 Chipmunks Wishing Birthday

Who won't like being wished by adorable chipmunks? Although the voiceover isn't so great, it still serves as great music for the birthday slideshow. The upbeat instrumental coupled with a musical birthday wish will perfectly complement your birthday slideshow.

Length 0:58

04 Happy Birthday Princess

A princess style music for birthday slideshow. This is a winner song for a birthday slideshow for a girl or even a grown woman. Because who doesn't want to feel like a princess if only at her birthday?

Length 1:27

05 Classic Birthday Song

Last but not least, actually the best music for the birthday slideshow. The traditional style birthday song with the perfect mix of lyrical and instrumental music sets the birthday mood just right. You can choose from various versions of the classic birthday song, but this is one sound just perfect to me.

Length 1:45

Part 3. Top 5 Birthday Slideshow App

Whether you want to create a happy birthday slideshow on your phone or on your PC, we have a birthday slideshow app for everyone.


VidAir is the perfect professional video maker and editor for creating a beautiful birthday slideshow. It has an extensive range of stylish themed templates for every occasion. The rich library of music has songs from various genres to suit your mood. You can export a high-quality, uncompressed video instantly. Plus, the user-friendly interface makes it super easy to craft a happy birthday slideshow in a few minutes.



  • Great collection of themed templates
  • Rich music library
  • Stylish captions
  • Fully customizable text
  • High-quality export
  • Various aspect ratios
  • No watermark
  • Uncompressed video
  • Merge clips


  • Lacks advanced editing features


  • Mac
  • Windows


If you're looking to create a highly entertaining and creative birthday photo slideshow, give Animaker a spin. It is loaded with attractive video templates that render a birthday slideshow creation cakewalk. The variety of editing tools will help you to make a birthday slideshow with ease. You can add 3D characters who sing and dance at your command. Just click to select their movement, expression, and add your own voiceover.



  • Easy drag and drop interface
  • Millions of stock images and videos
  • Supports 4K resolution
  • Thousands of different templates
  • Resize to various aspect ratios
  • Add animated and moving characters, elements, shapes
  • Add voiceovers
  • Apply themed background
  • Variety of caption styles
  • Smartly categorized music
  • Cool special effects
  • Direct share to social media


  • Heavy graphics hence need good processing power PC
  • Transitions aren't smooth


  • Windows
  • Android


An extremely easy to use birthday slideshow app to help you craft a cheesy birthday slideshow using your smartphone. Birthday Slideshow With Song is a simple yet highly creative tool. The attractive birthday templates are perfect for creating stunning slideshows in a few taps.



  • Add animated birthday elements
  • Variety of birthday-themed frames
  • Birthday cake with a name sticker
  • Add birthday wishes captions
  • Add background effects
  • Library of music.Can also upload your own music
  • Various slideshow themes
  • Crop images
  • User-friendly interface


  • Lacks image editing tools


  • Android


Another extremely easy to use birthday slideshow app is the Birthday Video Maker. The user-friendly interface makes birthday slideshow creation a simple and quick task. Birthday frames and preset birthday wishes text save time on designing and customizing a birthday slideshow to perfection.



  • Up to 50 images can be added
  • Add songs from your own music library
  • Drag and drop to rearrange slideshow
  • Adjust brightness, saturation, contrast
  • Aesthetic filters
  • Draw on photo tool
  • Set individual slides duration
  • Add cake art (name/photo on the cake)
  • Birthday quote templates
  • Birthday themed frames


  • Video clips cannot be added
  • Lots of ads


  • Android


With Animoto, you can easily add a piece of music for a birthday slideshow and apply attractive effects for a perfect output. Besides offering a rich music library, Animoto also contains an extensive range of stylish video templates that are only a tap away. Just download the app for free and create a wonderful happy birthday slideshow.



  • Over 50 video styles
  • Record voiceover
  • Library of commercially licensed music
  • Instagram story templates
  • Attractive layouts and overlays
  • Add animated and creative captions


  • Slideshows are not fully customizable
  • Lacks editing features


  • Android
  • iOS

In the end, my final verdict is Wondershare VidAir. The online slideshow maker and video editor are as hassle-free and easy to use as it comes. Loaded with all sorts of stylish templates to help you craft a swoon-worthy birthday slideshow in no time. With catchy captions and a rich library of music, VidAir has it all. It also exports a high-quality, uncompressed video. You can also select from the various aspect ratios for direct upload to different social media platforms.



Putting together an outstanding birthday slideshow has never been easier. Choose music for the birthday slideshow, upload your photos and video on the birthday slideshow app, and voila! A swoon-worthy happy birthday slideshow is ready

Take inspiration from our top-trending birthday slideshow ideas to amaze your friends and family with a professional-looking video that is as easy as pie to create.