Best 10 Referable Black Friday Ads Video

Get some inspiration from these Black Friday videos


As we all know that Black Friday is the biggest shopping festival of the year, you must go all-in and cash this season to its fullest. Since all retailers will make a run to score the greatest sales, your marketing strategy must be unique. Moreover, the crafting of Black Friday ads and their release timing must be calculated and creative.

To inspire you, I have compiled a list of easy marketing strategies to boost your Black Friday ads reach and, ultimately, your sales.

Part 1. When Do Black Friday Ads Come Out

As I already mentioned, the shopping craze starts before Black Friday even arrives. Some stores also offer pre-Black Friday deals. Now you must be confused. When do Black Friday ads come out?

Different brands have different trends and timings to release their Black Friday ads, which are always well planned to increase sales. However, the dates every year remain roughly consistent. Following the release patterns will also help you time your brand's ad released at an optimum time.

This part will show you a few examples and help you understand the logic behind their Black Friday ads release dates.

Harbor Freight

For the past few years, Harbor Freight has been releasing Black Friday ads earlier than any other retailer. Being the early bird gets them the greatest attention as they are the only ones currently advertising Black Friday deals. With no other options present, people tend to check out Harbor Freight to avail the pre-Black Friday specials.

Releasing Black Friday ads as early as mid-October gives them an edge with no competition. So it's a win-win strategy.


In contrast to Harbor Freight, eBay holds up till the very last minute to release its Black Friday ads. Although this marketing strategy is opposite to that of the early birds, it is equally, if not more, effective.

Typically, eBay drops its ads just a few days before Black Friday. This will keep consumer excitement fresh until Black Friday. A brilliant marketing strategy for you to take inspiration from.

Part 2. Top 10 Black Friday Ads Examples for Reference

With every brand in the race to get the highest sales to come Black Friday, you will need to design eye-catching Black Friday ads. Since Black Friday is fast approaching, it's high time that you unleash your creative marketing skills to boost sales.

The key to effective marketing is being unique. Make your Black Friday ads so dynamic that people are forced to load their carts and pull the trigger.

Take inspiration from the following ten incredible Black Friday video ads.


Amazon takes the stage with this genuinely creative Black Friday ad. Highlighting the ease they offer in terms of shipping and accessibility, they sure know how to hit the sweet spot.

Black Friday season is incredibly busy, and working people find it hard to take out time and search for deals. Deal notification for the busy bees is a smart marketing approach.


A Black Friday ad by Target conveying the shopping excitement in a fun way. Displaying the preparations for getting the best of the deals, Target tempts people and adds to their longing for the Black Friday deals to start. Announcing a 2-day sale further entices the customers to storm the store and grab the best deals while it lasts.


Kohl's simply showcasing all their products in a beautifully enticing way with excellent graphics to attract views. Music also compliments the dynamics of the video.

People from different walks of life using Kohl's products is an interactive and engaging approach to attract customers. Adding slow-motion effect and special graphics is a cherry on top that really grips the attention.

You can take help from graphic designing to implement similar cool effects and make your video unique.


The perfect example that you don't need to spend a fortune to make your Black Friday ads effective. JC Penney utilizes simple yet interactive graphics to make their ad pop. Extra 20% off as well as cashback is added to attract customers directly.


Verizon adopts a straightforward yet equally powerful Black Friday ad. A beautiful melody to compliment the amazing discounts is an eye-catching trick. Huge discounts and that too on luxury products with further free offers is a unique way to attract customers.

Valuing customers is always highly beneficial for a brand. Implying free gifts on the network you deserve is surely a smart approach. Unlimited Apple music for the customers will also entice people to avail the offer

Be sure to offer such unique discounts in your own videos and add upbeat music to enhance the video's reach further.


The Australian brand, Aussiebum, utilized the famous logos of Warner Brothers, Marvel, and 20th Century Fox to create their Black Friday ads. The logos trigger excitement for what's to come. And the iconic symbols, coupled with music that gives rise to anticipation among the viewers, is definitely a smart way to grab attention.

They mention a whooping 50% sale, further enticing the customers with the claim of Limited stocks. Everyone loves to get something that is a limited edition.



Walmart goes for a very simple advertisement and exaggerates it with some humor elements. The slogan of ‘Save money, live better’ coupled with the excitement of going to Walmart is a great way to motivate others too.

This video features a woman who is so excited, so kept dance after having shopped at Walmart, and this evident by a humorous comment by the kid. Exciting music, special effects, and slow-motion graphics further highlight the happiness of Walmart's customers.


If you're looking for low-budget but creative ways to make Black Friday sales ads, take inspiration from McLendon Hardware. McLendon uses a story-oriented approach to engage the audience. They advertise their decorative products without making it look like an advertisement. The simple graphics and narration appear to be a scene from an animated movie. But the products revolve around Christmas, indicating the holidays are near and you should start shopping for the season.


Black Friday ads don't necessarily have to be sophisticated. Cute ads work just fine too. Who doesn't love trolls? Dreamworks use their famous adorable creatures to attract the audience. The bright colors and graphics are visually appealing and instantly draw attention to the ad.


Dorothy Perkins Black Friday video is the epitome of elegance. The offer of 50% off on all products will further entice the viewers into buying. They also offer new deals every day, which is a smart way to hook people into revisiting the store to get the latest products.

Part 3. 4 Steps to Make A Creative Black Friday Ads Online

I know Black Friday preparations will keep your hands full, and you must be super busy. But, to make your Black Friday video stand out, you must craft it in an amazingly unique way that instantly draws attention.

Wondershare VidAir is here to ease your worries. VidAir is an online video editor with a simple interface. It has special holiday templates available for free use, so you can stop worrying about wasting time trying to make a creative ad. Almost all basic and a few advanced editing tools are available on VidAir.

Follow these four steps to make your Black Friday video

Step 1 Sign Up Free

Open VidAir online. Login or Sign up for free

signup vidair

Step 2 Choosing templates

Click on the Black Friday Sale tab in Categories. Choose a template and click UseThisTemplate

black friday template

Step 3 Edit video

Now you can upload a video or audio of your choice. You can specify the start and end time of the audio. Insert catchy captions with creative fonts or add filters.

edit with vidair

Step 4 Export

Finally, press the Export button in the top right corner. Choose the resolution and tap Export in the dialogue box

export your video

Everyone loves a good deal. And with the biggest shopping festival just around the corner, you should start planning the best time to air your Black Friday ads.

Be sure to go all creative while designing your Black Friday video. Use the tactics utilized by popular brands to build a powerful marketing strategy and implement them in your Black Friday ads.

Let the sales begin.