Black Friday Clothes Marketing Ideas from The Hottest Brands

Learning marketing inspiration from these Black Friday clothes videos.


Winter is coming, and so is the biggest shopping season too. With Halloween behind us, it's time to prepare for the battle of attention for Black Friday.

Everyone is trying to allure the consumers into buying their products. You have to grab the distracted consumers' attention and compel them to start their shopping spree with your brand.

In that case, you will need to craft an eye-catching Black Friday deals advertiser to get people excited to shop from your brand come Black Friday. Isn't that a little hard for a starter? Worry not because that's why we are here for. You will take inspiration from the top five clothing brands we collected for you. 

Let's get the ball rolling.

Part 1. Top 5 Black Friday Clothes Brand

When looking for Black Friday clothes deals, why do we always land on Black Friday H&M or Black Friday Zara?

Well, that is because they have taken over the virtual marketing world with their spectacularly smart marketing approach. And it's high time we find out exactly what that is.

01 H&M Black Friday


Black Friday H&M is something we all look forward to. That is because of the fantastic discounts it promises in its promotion videos and advertisements. And it delivers too. Black Friday H&M advertisement highlights a whopping 70% discount. Further mentioning new deals every day is a great way to stir up excitement. Free shipping adds a cherry on top. Not to forget the popping colors that draw attention.

Now, this advertisement is an ideal marketing approach. It covers all the points for successful advertising. Moreover, they also trigger urgency by adding that the offer is time-limited and only till stock lasts.

02 Zara Black Friday


In contrast to other major retailers, the advertisement for Black Friday Zara is a straightforward one. Not mentioning any concrete details, only highlighting up to 50% off keeps the consumers wondering what could be on the discount shelf, which would get them excited.

Although some might not agree, the advertisement's simplicity is to hint at Zara's products' fashionably elegant quality. Always judge a brand by its ad. And Black Friday Zara might just hit the jackpot with this smart play of simple advertising with brand identity.

03 UNIQLO Black Friday


Japanese brand Uniqlo is among the top retailers, especially in this shopping frenzy. From attractive colors to amazing offers, Uniqlo Black Friday advertisement is the epitome of perfection. Highlighting the stunning offer of everything under $50, simplifying the shopping experience by categorizing products, and it also states free shipping without any limit.

Uniqlo Black Friday uses popping colors to steal customers ’ attention, and the attractive discounts seal the deal. Hence, your ad should be draw attention by color, and then the captions and offers should be clearly mentioned to glue the consumers and compel them to load their carts.

04 ASOS Black Friday


ASOS Black Friday advertisement is a trend starter. Introducing a Blacker Friday and theming the advertisement accordingly is a unique way. In addition to the 30% discounts during Black Friday, ASOS communicating with consumers through the ad and giving customers a code to redeem are smart ways of enticing them.

You can also craft an ad based on a trend you are starting or just mention all the benefits and savings you offer to attract the bargain hunters.

05 Forever 21 Black Friday

Forever 21

Forever 21 Black Friday goes for a simple yet compelling advertisement. Just like Forever 21's products, their ad is also stylishly simple. The colors make it visually appealing and hard to miss. They highlight a massive 50% discount and further mention free shipping with no minimum, which is a major attraction for most.

Limited time offers always do the trick of creating urgency and enticing consumers to get lucky while the discounts last.

Ensure you market your products with the added benefit of free shipping and add a limit to your offers.

Part 2. How to Make Your Black Friday Marketing Video

To grow your brand's hype on the holiday wave, you will need to create an eye-catching video to draw attention to your Black Friday deals. Now with a tight schedule, that can be very hard to pull off. However, with a little outside help, you can develop a brilliant marketing video in no time. And that help will be provided by Wondershare VidAir.

It is an online video editor that is available for free use. It has a user-friendly interface. Templates for special occasions make it easier to craft cool themed videos. It offers all the essential editing tools like trim, caption, audio, and filters. Better yet, the process of creating a video on VidAir is fairly straightforward.

The 4-step process of how to make Black Friday marketing video

Step 1 Login or Sign up

Open VidAir on your browser. Login or Signup for free if you don't have an account.

signup vidair

Step 2 Choosing template

To get the Black Friday template, click BlackFridaySales in the Categories Now, choose the template you like and click UseThisTemplate.

vidair templates

Step 3 Editing your video

In this window, you can upload your video and audio or choose one from the library. Click on Text to add catchy captions. Adjust the font size and style. The Text's position in the video can also be adjusted. You can even add filters.

edit video

Once your editing is complete, click the pink box Export in the top right corner. Now choose the desired resolution and click Export

save and export

.With the right strategies in place, your Black Friday marketing will be as good as Black Friday H&M and Black Friday Zara because you know the secret of the most sought-after brand's marketing approach now. Follow their lead to allure the consumers and encourage more spending on your Black Friday sales.

Make sure you come up with a captivating marketing video using VidAir. Give your videos a cinematic quality to draw attention.

Get started because winter is coming.