Black Friday Furniture Marketing Video Inspiration from The Hottest Brands

Learning marketing inspiration from these Black Friday furniture marketing videos


Black Friday is the official beginning of the holiday season, and due to the pandemic, it is right to say that it will be a bit different this time around. That's why we are giving you a head start by breaking down the best top 5 Black Friday furniture brands for 2020 that you should keep an eye on depending on the discounts they offered last year plus the quality.

And you can also learn from the experts and upsell your brand. So, if you don't know how to make a unique marketing video for your brand during this Black Friday, here's our advice.

Part 1. Top 5 Black Friday Furniture Brand

Brands Black Friday Sale Start Video Links
Ikea November 26, 2020

0:00 AM

November 27, 2020

0:00 AM

November 27, 2020

8:00 PM

November 25, 2020

0:00 AM

November 1, 2020

01 Ikea Black Friday

Ikea, the leading United States retail store, has announced that it will not participate in this year's Ikea Black Friday program. Instead has encouraged its wide customers to hold on to their used Ikea furniture or find other ways to donate or recycle them during this year's global Buy Back program.

This renowned US retail usually offers Black Friday household deals online ranging from a selection of stylish, affordable furniture and décor, promising to focus on a more sustainable holiday this year.

Inspiration: Teach your customers to recycle used furniture and make huge savings.

02 Dyson Black Friday

Dyson Black Friday deals are among the most anticipated online retailers every November 27. Dyson is an indisputable leader when offering home appliances such as vacuum, fan, and hairdryer. The retailer which is really looking towards this year's GHD Black Friday has promised its customers a refund of the difference to their customers if they will find the same products elsewhere retailing at a lower price than theirs.

Many retailers typically release information about their Black Friday deals in the days or weeks leading up to the event, so if you needed a vacuum or blow dryer from Dyson Black Friday, then start doing your research early.

Inspiration: Let your customers learn the secret of economizing their spending. And when the deal goes sour, refund them the difference if other retailers sell the same product at a lower rate.

03 Wayfair Black Friday

Wayfair is known as the best destination to score nice furniture and home stuff at a fair price. Like any other online retailer, Wayfair is also set ahead of this year's Black Friday program. Wayfair Black Friday deals were released last Friday, and more discounted products are expected on Thursday, November 26. The good news to all online shoppers who hang around Wayfair Black Friday online store will get free shipping on good(s) worth $35 or more. The company allows you to save big on Black Friday furniture, décor, outdoor gear, and kitchen essentials.

Inspiration: It is good to give your customers free shipping of their goods. Just put a minimal rate that when they spend, their products are delivered for free.

04 Keurig Black Friday

Keurig Black Friday deals have arrived with a colossal discount. Keurig K-Min is currently retailing at $50 down from $80 at any online shop, and Keurig K-Slim sells at $70 from the average price of $110 at Best Buy. The company has promised to upload amazing black Friday household stuff this week to choose what they want. So if you are eying any product from Keurig Black Friday deals, you need to keep an eye on their website.

Inspiration: Keep your customers on their toes, leaving them guessing when the next colossal discount will happen. Don't let them know when the next discount season is coming. Just let them keep an eye on your website.

05 JYSK Black Friday

JYSK is the most popular online store in Canada that offers inexpensive home décor and furniture needs. To spot JYSK Black Friday deals, visit its catalog, which boasts impressive window treatments, Black Friday furniture, bed linens, and homeware. JYSK items displayed for sale are always snapped up quickly because of the massive discounts. Don't miss out on this Black Friday program because JYSK will be selling furniture, accessories, mattresses, beddings, and outdoor products at extraordinarily affordable prices.

Inspiration: The idea of reduced prices often works well if you sell in bulk. Use this trick to sell more and gain more profit.

Part 2. How to Make Your Black Friday Marketing Video

A marketing video is the best ideal for attracting people to your website or online store. Though a bit challenging, it is the best way to attract new customers and unusual traffic in this home goods Black Friday period. What you need is an excellent creative advert to get people into your store.

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