10 Video Ideas to Improve Your Commercial Black Friday Promotion

How to use Black Friday marketing to stand out in this season?


It's that time of the year again. Black Friday is falling on 27th November this year, and it's high time to step up your Black Friday campaigns.

If you want your Black Friday promotion to be fruitful, you must hit the sweet spot by appealing to them. It would be best if you landed some highly creative Black Friday campaigns to be noticed in the crowd of virtual competitors. Trigger impatience or lure customers by showcasing your best deals or products.

Part 1. 10 Useful Black Friday Marketing Strategies

Are you looking for creative Black Friday campaigns to boost your sales? We've got you covered. Let's talk in detail about some excellent Black Friday marketing ideas you can easily replicate to up your game.

01 A Deal an Hour

A Deal an Hour

For successful Black Friday promotion, you must build curiosity and excitement among your customers. Simply announcing discounts isn't something that will attract the customers who are bombarded with such ads all the time.

Announce new deals every hour to keep the customers coming back. Introduce mystery deals because who doesn't like a surprise? Every deal must last only an hour so that people rush to avail it. Make sure you channel your offers on all major platforms. This will dramatically increase your traffic and boost sales.

02 Create A Gift Guide

Gift Guide

Black Friday campaigns must make shopping easier and more convenient to appeal to the customers. Create an elaborate gift guide showcasing and categorizing your products such as 'Gifts for HER' or 'Gifts for HIM'.

The holiday season can be confusing as everyone is looking for gifts at the best price. Make sure you pitch your most affordable products with captions like 'The ultimate Christmas gift for your soul mate.' The key is to entice your customers by showcasing your Black Friday deals as the best gift items.

03 Free Gift with Every Purchase

Free Gift

Everyone loves gifts. Attract massive traffic just by offering a gift with every purchase. A gift will compel people to buy your products just out of curiosity. Feature the gift offer on your homepage. Even people just scrolling through will be tempted to avail of the offer and get two items for one's price. Make sure your gift isn't coming out of your profit. To ensure profit, add a limit of purchase, for instance, a gift on purchase of over 200$

You can even add gift promos on your website or in your promotional videos to lure customers to your site, ultimately compelling them to shop them and avail of the promo.

04 Extend Your Sale from Black Friday to Cyber Monday

Extend Your Sale

Black Friday marketing shouldn't be reserved for a specific day. You can extend your sales to attract more and more customers. Since Christmas is also fast approaching, you can advertise your Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals after that to draw customers looking for Christmas gifts.

Black Friday promotion can double as Christmas deals marketing, too, and keep you in the shopping frenzy for a long time.

05 Exclusive New Deals

Exclusive New Deals

Introducing new products is extremely beneficial in Black Friday campaigns. New arrivals are always a top priority for people and don't require much marketing. Making them exclusively available on Black Friday further creates urgency and serves to boost Black Friday promotion. Even without any discounts, the new products will be instantly devoured by customers looking to avail the best Black Friday deals.

06 Pop-up Emails

Pop-up Emails

An excellent Black Friday marketing strategy is to focus on targeted individuals. Sending emails to old customers is a great way to let them know about your Black Friday deals.

Fan your Black Friday promotion by getting more and more people to sign up to avail of a special discount. This way, you can widen your Black Friday marketing span and keep people posted about your upcoming offers.

07 No Question Asked Return Policy

No Question Asked Return

Some people avoid the Black Friday shopping frenzy, so they don't regret buying something they don't need. Please give them a reason to remedy their regret. Offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for impulse shoppers.

People tend to buy more if they are relaxed that their money won't waste even if they don't like it later or the size doesn't fit. The option of returning later tempts people to buy anything without giving it a second thought.

08 Teasure Promotion

Teasure Promotion

Black Friday promotion must start way before the actual sale date. Make creative sneak peek videos with VidAir. Feature some of the best selling items that will drop to 50% off come Black Friday or announce discount deals to tempt customers.

Teaser videos are great for Black Friday promotion since it piques curiosity and builds excitement. You can further boost your Black Friday marketing by adding catchy captions such as 'Stay Tuned' or 'Coming Soon.'

09 Instagram Hashtag

Instagram Hashtag

Instagram serves as a great Black Friday marketing platform. Since on Black Friday, people are specifically looking for the best bargains and discounts. You need to increase the usage of Black Friday Instagram hashtags. Using Hashtags will go a long way and will widen your reach. Instead of going for niche-centered hashtags, use hashtags like #blackfridayspecials or #exclusivelyonblackfriday

10 Early Bird Discount

Early Bird Discount

To stand out, you need to employ unique Black Friday marketing ideas. Instead of waiting for the shopping frenzy season to start, act early. Start advertising your Black Friday campaigns well ahead of time to stand out from the millions of other brands. Being the only one offering Black Friday discounts so early, you will be the sole and major shop-stop for bargain hunters.

Go a little more unique and offer a discount on the first 50 or 100 customers to lure people. It will trigger urgency, and people will be lining up to be the lucky one.

Part 2. How to Make Black Friday Promotion Videos Easily Online

Now you need to implement these Black Friday marketing strategies in the form of a video for full effect. Since the holiday season is hectic, I present a super-easy editor, Wondershare VidAir.

It is extensively used worldwide owing to its user-friendly and no-hassle interface. Various templates are free for quick video creation. You can also add animated captions or filters to enhance your video.

Create your Black Friday promotion video in four easy steps

Step 1 Sign Up Free

Open VidAir on your browser. Log In or SignUp for free.

login vidair

Step 2 Choosing templates

Click on Black Friday Sales in the Categories Tap on Use This Template

black friday templates

Step 4 Editing

Now you can upload your video. Choose a music track from the Audio tab or upload your own. Add text and filters.

edit your video

Step 4 Export

Finally, tap Export. Choose a resolution and click Export again.

save and export


Time to ride the holiday way and make the most of this holiday shopping frenzy. Channel your Black Friday promotion videos on all major platforms and entice customers to avail of unique discounts exclusively on Black Friday.

Don't forget to create Black Friday promotion sneak peek videos using VidAir. Creative Black Friday campaigns go a long way, so be unique while pitching your deals. Make sure you don't overdo your Black Friday marketing.