Top 10 Sales Ideas of After & Pre Black Friday

Make your Black Friday sales stand out now!


The biggest shopping season is just around the corner. Black Friday, celebrated on the Friday after Thanksgiving, is falling on 27th November this year. It's high time to start prepping for the shopping frenzy. Start crafting eye-catching ads for the best buy Black Friday sales in 2020.

Please take advantage of the rising excitement and advertise Black Friday sales in full gear even in the days leading up to it. Make attractive Black Friday sales advertisements and reap full rewards come Black Friday.

This article will show you the 10 best buy Black Friday sales ads to attract customers and sky-rocket sales. Let's dive in.

Part 1. 5 Best Black Friday Sales Ads

The key to attract customers for the best buy Black Friday sale is to be unique. To encourage buyers to overload their carts with your products, you need to think outside the box. Black Friday sales advertised creatively makes all the difference.

If you are looking for some inspiring marketing ideas, here are the top 5 Black Friday sales ads.

01 Video Sales Ad- J.C. PENNEY

Who says you have to spend a fortune to create an ad? The Black Friday sales ad by J.C Penney proves how simplicity is the best policy sometimes. It features simple products and mentions the discounted and original price to highlight how amazing the deal is. And they trigger urgency by the mention of limited stock. Doorbuster offers are also a great idea to attract traffic.

What you can do: Highlight and call attention to your deals with animated graphics and throw in a limited-time offer for maximum effect.

02 Poster Ad- MACY’S


Macy's advertisement for Black Friday sales is the kind that builds excitement. The phrase 'Look now, shop later' encourages people to choose what they will buy once the deals go live on Black Friday. Mention of the original prices will help users compare the amazing discount offered and further tempt them to avail of the limited time offer.

What you can do: Make sure your marketing video mentions the prices, so people are tempted to buy immediately. Insert catchy phrase like Save your Fave or Sneak Peek to keep them coming for more.

03 Poster Ad- WALMART


The best buy Black Friday sales advertised by Walmart used colors to get noticed. Popping colors with clearly mentioned discounted rates instantly attracts attention. The key features of products are also mentioned alongside the price to appeal to the detail-oriented buyers.

People won't have to go through the trouble of clicking further to read the specifications and add the products to the cart. E-gift cards are also smart to convince people that they are getting the best of benefits with the money they spend.

What you can do: Hence your video must highlight attractive deals using bright colors that call for immediate attention.

04 Poster Ad- SEPHORA


Sephora attracts buyers by quoting all products to be at a reasonable price. They seal the deal by mentioning the price is only 15$. Gift themed ad is a smart way to hint that people should buy their products as gifts.

Even though Sephora is an expensive brand, the discounted prices highlighted to be available exclusively as Black Friday sales will encourage people to purchase.

What you can do: You should also make sure that you offer a unique discount that people cannot ignore.

05 Video Sales Ad- BED BATH & BEYOND

Bed Bath & Beyond advertises best skillfully buy Black Friday specials. Giving valid reasons for buying a particular item is more likely to attract potential customers.

The video features the store and real products giving a better perspective to the customers. The promotion announces a flat 25% off on all products, which is undoubtedly going to attract a huge crowd eager to avail of the special offer.

What you can do: Portraying the importance of your products in the buyer's life will urge them to make the purchase. Try to advertise to give people a reason to go for your deals and how it will benefit them in the long run.

Part 2. 5 Best Pre Black Friday Sales Ads

The calm before the shopping frenzy starts a great time to boost up sales. You can utilize creative marketing videos to advertise special discounts that will happen on Black Friday. Here are also the 5 best pre-black Friday sales ads to inspire your Black Friday ideas.

01 Poster Sales Ad- KOHL’S


Besides, to offer cashback on special deals, the Pre Black Friday sales advertised by Kohl's also mention an essential aspect of effective marketing, free shipping. Mentioning limited stock and limited time offer is more likely to urge people into binge-buying from your best buy Black Friday offers.

What you can do: Your ad must mention unmatched deals, and a cashback offer could be a cherry on top. The free shipping offer mention will further seal the deal.

02 Poster Sales Ad- TARGET


TARGET sure knows how to target potential buyers—using an attractive color coupled with a simple outlook results in a visually appealing advertisement.

Everyone loves to know they saved some amount by being lucky enough to avail pre Black Friday sales. TARGET also mentions some new products that entice old customers to buy the latest Black Friday discounts.

What you can do: Mention new arrivals and free shipping to attract bargain hunters. Your ad also must be visually attractive.

03 Poster Sales Ad- SEPHORA


With Thanksgiving fast approaching, everyone wants to prep for the parties with the latest fashion products. SEPHORA catches market demand. Its special deal offering all products just under $15 will entice customers. Price mentioned dropping from $49 to $15 is sure to attract a lot of people.

The stunning pre Black Friday sales will make customers remember clearly, and they will come back to search for more special deals on Black Friday.

What you can do: Mention the original and discounted rates to surprise the customers.

04 Video Sales Ad- J.C. PENNEY

JC Penney’s Ads introduces pre-Black Friday sales with a creative video featuring some of the best deals ever. Better yet, it offers super-saving coupons that are sure to appeal to discount lovers. Furthermore, a limited stock offer always tempts people to buy even products they don't need.

And JC Penney has utilized this strategy beautifully with creative motion graphics to attract customers and increase sales.

What you can do: Your marketing video should also be uniquely creative and should highlight the amazing discounts and deals.

05 Video Sales Ad- BRANDSMART USA

A rock-solid marketing strategy by BRANDSMART USA can be seen in their pre-Black Friday specials advertisement. The ad features some of their finest deals. The cool graphic design makes the video stand out amongst all others. Furthermore, the use of exciting audio draws attention to the great discounts instantly.

What you can do: BRANDSMART USA also displays a buy one get one free offer that is hard to ignore. The discounted prices are mentioned clearly, and the color and the animations make the deals attractive.

Part 3. How to Make Black Friday Sales Videos Easily Online

With tons of flashy ads confusing buyers, it's more important than ever to go for a marketing strategy that makes your brand stand out. With a little help and inspiration, you'll be ready to sky-rocket your Black Friday sales in no time. Since it is crucial to advertise your best buy Black Friday offers all over social media, you will need some outside help to craft attractive advertisements.

Let me introduce VidAir.

Wondershare VidAir is an online video editor. It is a free and simple video editor. Most of the basic editing tools are available on VidAir. The occasion specific templates make it incredibly easy to craft cool videos. Caption and audio insertion is also available. In short, you can make a quick Black Friday special video in minutes. The process is fairly straightforward.

The step-by-step guide of making Black Friday sales videos

Step 1 Sign Up Free

Open Wondershare VidAir on your browser and log in. If you don't have an account, sign up for free.

login vidair

Step 2 Choosing templates

Click on the Black Friday Sale tab in Categories. Tap the chosen template and click on UseThisTemplate

vidair templates

Step 3 Edit video

Now, you can upload your product video and add animations or captions. Adjust the font style and size to your liking. You can also add music from VidAir's library or upload one of your choices.

easy edit

Step 4 Export

Finally, click the pink box in the top right corner, Export. Choose the resolution and again press Export.

export your video

Time to earn a piece of the Black Friday pie. Maximize your advertising skills by following the ten best ads I mentioned above. Take inspiration from these successful marketing strategies to craft unique Black Friday sales advertisements for your brand. And don't underestimate the power of pre Black Friday sales.

Make use of VidAir for easy yet creative editing. Start early and make the most of this easy Black Friday marketing approach to boost your sales.