Black Friday Shoes Sales Video Inspiration from The Hottest Brands

Learning marketing inspiration from these Black Friday shoe sales videos.


Black Friday is just around the corner, and if you are looking for creative ways to market your brand and release your Black Friday shoe deals, you're in the right place.

Since people are always opting for Nike Black Friday and Adidas Black Friday because of their well-known reliability and fame, your brand must be a little more unique to steal their attention.

How to do that? At first, you need to know which part you can learn from the top-notch footwear brands.

Part 1. Top 5 Black Friday Shoe brand

Why are these brands successful? What sets them apart?

To discuss the top-notch brand's major tactics to boost sales, we have rounded up leading shoe brand videos to help you understand the key to their sky-rocketing success.

Let's dive in.

Major Brands Black Friday Sale Start Video Links
Nike 26th November 2020
Adidas 25th November 2020
Vans 26th November 2020
North Face 22nd November 2020
Dr. Martens 27th November 2020



Nike has built a powerful image all over the World. It is probably the first name that comes to mind when talking about footwear. Nike Black Friday deals are also highly sought after. So what is their secret?

The secret lies in their story behind the ads. Nike makes sure to motivate and encourage people to start doing something using their products. Narrating the journey of a fearless adventurer featuring Nike shoes stirs motivation in the viewers, and the phrase JustDoIt further seals the deal.

Nike Black Friday marketing campaign revolves around the same customer-centric approach. They advertise their products in a way that engages the audience and inspires them. Bright colors and excellent graphics further add to the beauty of their advertisements.

The inspiration: Note that they always craft a video that is meaningful and memorable. You can do the same to grab some attention and to inspire people with your products.


Adidas is a leading shoe brand that has taken over the World. Specializing in sportswear, most of their marketing videos revolve around athletes. Sports are already encouraging enough, and Adidas turns it up a notch by incorporating a story that intrigues the viewers. Adidas Black Friday deals target professional sportspeople as well as the general public looking for everyday use footwear. Adidas is a brand that speaks for itself, and hence their marketing strategy is simple yet exciting.

This ad does not directly promote products, but by showing different sports to illustrate that Adidas is always ready for you.

The inspiration: The key feature of their approach is motivation. Your basic strategy should be to craft a video that motivates people to do something using your products to be successful.


Vans is the creator of exceptional footwear. And their excellence is also evident from their truly fascinating marketing approach. Utilizing crowdsourcing to market their products is a comprehensive and smart approach.

Vans also take full advantage of the benefits of motion graphics and animations to make their ads attractive. Brewing up an engaging story to keep viewers glued while showcasing their products creatively is an excellent way to appeal to them. Vans Black Friday sales also display whooping discounts and deals using promotional videos to boost sales

The inspiration: Selling a story is VANS's secret recipe for success. Everyone loves the story behind a product. It increases the product's value. You must create a story and narrate it beautifully with the aid of special graphics to attract attention.


North Face goes after a powerful yet aesthetically pleasing approach. Urging viewers to Never Stop Exploring and using their ads to motivate and inspire people to experience adventures ultimately increases sales of their products featured in the advertisement. North Face Black Friday deals are hence instantly sold as soon as they are up for grabs.

This particular video showcases the strength of North Face shoes used to scale a mountainous range with ease and confidence. The location advertised is ideal for highlighting the reliability of their products. Moreover, North Face challenges its customers to Reset and go after a new hobby or adventure wearing their products. Such ads help people relate emotionally, and this influence entices them to try out the products advertised.

The inspiration: Belief in your product. North Face portrays the trust a user places in their product. Another smart strategy is to make a video that inspires people to achieve anything using your products.


Dr. Martens's marketing approach seems to rely heavily on motion graphics and 3d animations. Exciting, upbeat music instantly draws attention to the video, and the special effects used are highly attractive.

Furthermore, Dr. Martens recognized the felt need for lightweight running shoes and aimed their promotions accordingly. Showcasing their products with the help of animated texts and cool graphics, they also highlighted every shoe's detail.

Dr. Martens Black Friday specials are sure to be devoured instantly owing to their tempting marketing videos.

The inspiration: But their key marketing strategy is recognizing felt need. Find out what your customers need or want and target that sweet spot.

Part 2. How to Make Your Black Friday Marketing Video

With the ever-increasing competition during the Black Friday shoe sale frenzy, you will need your marketing video to stand out. Your rivals will be Adidas, Dr. Martens, and Nike Black Friday sale videos, to mention a few. So your strategy should be creative and unique. But Black Friday is a busy season, and you might not have enough time to create a marketing video from scratch. This is where VidAir comes in.

Wondershare VidAir is an online video editor available for free use. It is hassle-free and has a fairly straightforward interface. VidAir lets you edit and creatively enhance your videos in minutes. The templates make it super-easy to craft attractive videos. Add custom audio or cool captions in a click. Instantly export the video in the resolution of your choice.

Here is the easy four-step process to use VidAir.

Step 1 Sign Up Free

Open Wondershare VidAir on your browser. Login or signup for free if you don't have an account.

login vidair

Step 2 Choosing templates

Click on the BlackFridaySales tab in the Categories section. Choose a template and click on it. Tap UseThisTemplate

vidair templates

Step 3 Editing

You will be directed to another window. Here you upload and creatively customize your video. There are various options available. Add flashy captions to highlight your deals or add audio to make it attractive. Change font style and add filters for cool effects

edit black friday video

Step 4 Export

Once you have edited, press Export in the top right corner. In the pop-up box, choose your desired resolution and press Export again.

export video

With Black Friday shoe deals on the rise, you will need to take inspiration from successful brands. Luckily, now you know the remarkable marketing strategies utilized by some of the most popular brands. For instance, Nike Black Friday deals are now up for grabs, and everyone is crushing over them because of the powerful marketing strategy employed.

In short, for your deals to be as tempting and effective as Nike Black Friday deals, you need to go the extra mile and make entertaining yet meaningful Black Friday shoe sale videos that appeal to people.

Remember to stay customer-centric and focus on promoting benefits rather than products. Giving people a reason to buy is a strategy that will go a long way and will sky-rocket your sales

Good luck!