How to Make YouTube Bumper Ads

All tips and tricks for you to create bumper video ads easily online.

YouTube is THE king of the digital video industry.

While YouTube has always aimed to increase brand awareness and reach, it recently provided an excellent new opportunity to marketers by releasing YouTube 6-second bumper ads in 2016. Today, bumper video ads are driving whopping results with small stories. Advertisers and marketers are using this type of YouTube ad as a great canvas to unleash their creativity.

Nonetheless, when it comes to creating effective YouTube bumper ads, the task can be daunting. Since these ads run only a few seconds, it is crucial to make them engaging enough to catch the viewer's eye; otherwise, they are good for nothing. Scroll down this article to learn innovative tips, up-to-date specs, and details, and get smart ideas to craft the best bumper ads.

Part 1.What is Bumper Video Ads

Bumper video ads on YouTube are 6-second long, appearing before or during a YouTube streaming video that viewers cannot skip. These ads are the perfect vehicle to deliver robust, memorable messages and make significant impacts. Whether used as a standalone or in combination with TrueView YouTube ads, bumper video ads are ideal for reach and brand awareness campaigns.

As useful as they are, bumper video ads will not cost you a fortune. Working on the bidding pricing model, these ads charge advertisers per 1,000 impressions. However, they can also set limits on how much they are willing to pay for the entire campaign. Take a good look at this bumper ads example.

Coca-Cola bumper video ad

Why use YouTube bumper ads? In case you still doubt the power of YouTube bumper ads, here are a few potential benefits to help make up your mind.

1. Increased Brand Awareness

One thing bumper ads are perfect for is to boost reach and brand awareness owing to their short spans. In a snap of 6 seconds, these video ads have the power to convey a concise message that helps in brand recognition campaigns.

2. Non-Skippable

Unlike the skippable ads, bumper ads are sure to reach completion, increasing sales and conversions better than any other format. While these ads may be intrusive and unskippable, users hardly complain about them, thanks to their appealing appearance.

3. Enhanced Ad Recall

With an average lift of 30% in ad recall, YouTube bumper ads are a vital component of a genius brand marketing strategy. Bumper ads can benefit you in leaving lasting impressions on the target audience with their short duration, precise objective, and compelling visuals.

4. Better Viewer Experience

In the fast-paced world, these significantly short videos are stealing the spotlight. Because of their 6-second duration, bumper ads are well-accepted by the YouTube audience.

Bumper Video Ads Specs

  • 1. DEVICE AVAILABILITY: Both desktop and mobile devices.
  • 2. VIDEO LENGTH: Max. 6 seconds
  • 4. COMPANION IMAGE DETAILS: 300×60 pixels, JPG, static GIF, or PNG
  • 5. Follow Google ad image policy
  • 6. Must be uploaded on YouTube

Part 2. 5 Tips Make Your Six Second Bumper Ads More Effective

There isn't a checklist for the best bumper ads, but there are a few practices to accomplish the goal.

Tip 1. Make It Simple and Straightforward

Simple is and will always be better. Due to their short length, crowdy bumper ads can be a letdown to the viewers. Make your ad simple by keeping the visuals relevant and the flow smooth. Avoid adding extra texts, elements, cut scenes- instead, emphasize your message.

Tip 2. Focus on Your Brands Objective

Talk about one single objective. Compared to 30-seconds video ads that have the luxury to include stories, product details, and even special features, bumper ads need to be focused on one purpose. Be it your best-seller product or a distinct quality of your brand service.

Tip 3. Brand Meaningfully

Early but meaningful branding is the key to reach your brand awareness goals. One significant aspect of perfect branding is the logo. Since you aim to make great impacts, and leave memorable impressions with bumper ads, place your logo in a prominent spot.

Tip 4. Capture The Viewer a Attention in The Beginning

It is worthwhile to give your ad a striking start that hooks the viewer immediately. A video starting with an appealing visual, catchy song, or perhaps a celebrity face is a unique way to capture viewer attention.

Tip 5. Take Advantage of Retargeting

Yet another way to make a successful bumper ad is to leverage the retargeting option. YouTube lets you retarget the audience who have previously interacted with your content, website, or app. Customize your retargeting parameter carefully to reinforce your brand without annoying your customers.

Part 3. How to Make Bumper Video

Steps to create bumper ads on YouTube

Step 1: Create A New Campaign

Start by logging in to your Google Ads account. Click on the blue "+" button present on the main Campaign page and select New campaign.

Create a new campaign

Step 2: Select Campaign Type

Now you can view a variety of campaign goals. Based on your business requirements, select the goal. We will go with "Brand awareness and reach." After that, select Video as your campaign type.

Select campaign type

Now you will be able to pick a video campaign subtype. To create a bumper video ad, select Bumper.

Select Bumpe as a video campaign subtype

Step 3: Customize Your Campaign Settings

On the next screen, you can customize your campaign parameters.

Customize campaign settings

Step 4: Locate and Organize Your Campaign

Next, define your bidding strategy. It is smart to change Maximum CPV to Maximum CPM, which allows you to select bumper ads as your video format later. Determine the budget of your ad by day or as total. Explore the location settings and choose where your ads will show. Set up your brand sensitivity and choose the inventory type.

Customize campaign settings-2

Step 5: Target Relevant Audience

To efficiently reach your target audience, defining your buyer persona is the best way. YouTube offers several targeting options such as:

  • DEMOGRAPHICS: This addresses age, gender, parental status, and household income
  • KEYWORDS AND TOPICS: It covers keywords and searches history topics of the users.
  • PLACEMENTS: Placement of your ad on channels, videos, websites, apps, and more.
Create your video ad

Step 6: Publish Your Ad Campaign

In the final steps to set your campaign running, enter a URL to your video ad under "Create your video ad." Once the link is entered, you can customize the URL options such as adding the final URL, displaying the URL, etc.

Save and continue to publish video ad

Create Bumper Video Ads with Editable Templates

Are you having trouble creating 6 second bumper ads for your campaign? We recommend you use an easy-to-use online video editor that will do the job for you. One such video ad maker is Wondershare VidAir. It is designed with a pleasing interface packed with an array of creative editing tools that will help you create an eye-catching video ad. What's better is, you don't need any prior experience in video editing to use this handy tool. It offers a wide variety of themed templates and royalty-free stock images and videos to enhance your content. With Wondershare VidAir, you can export high-quality videos and standout in the crowd to top it all.

Edit video ad on Wondershare VidAir

Bumper ads are a powerful hit. With the rapidly declining attention spans today, these short video ads are a unique way to hoard potential customers for your business. When it comes to creating an effective bumper ad, all you need to do is be reasonably precise, simple, and fascinating enough to attract the crowd.

So, what are you waiting for? Make use of the easy-to-use video editor Wondershare VidAir to create impressive YouTube bumper ads and reach your target market.