Top 9 Better Christmas Adverts for All Time

Get inspiration from these Christmas ads


Several traditions accompany the festive season's arrival. People are busy celebrating these holidays by hanging jingle bells on their Christmas tree, decorating the house in colorful lights, and businesses are also put various Christmas adverts on screens to spread the Christmas spirit.

Here, we prepared the nine best Christmas promotion adverts, which can not only give you wonderful experiences of enjoying these stories during Christmas but can also give you some business ideas that will upsell your brand during this holiday season.

Part 1. 9 Christmas Ads Videos with Reference Value

01 Sainsbury's –Mog's Christmas calamity 2015

This is the top Christmas advert that has attracted almost 40million YouTube viewership all the way. With an adorable character as the key protagonist, the story talks about Mog and the calamities that hit him, which almost spoiled Christmas for his family.

Sainsbury's-Mog's Christmas calamity 2015 featured the tagline "Christmas is for sharing," which encouraged people to forgive, forget, and enjoy being together during Christmas Eve. Its appealing, warm, and thoughtful Christmas message melted hearts, and up to date, it is still being watched even though it is no longer running on our TV channels.

The inspiration: This ad teaches that Christmas is for sharing. Find the needy and make a smile on their faces as you advertise your business.

02 John Lewis-Somewhere only we know 2013

Created with an emotional soundtrack written by Lily Allen, this Christmas promotional video uses mediums ticking both creativity and emotional boxes to visually pleasing Christmas ads with a beautiful storyline.

It also tells the story of a bear that misses Christmas Eve every season since he must hibernate and his best friend, the hare, who wants to make sure the festive period doesn't pass without his knowledge.

The inspiration: It's all in the storyline. Tell your brand as a story with Christmas promotional video and let your target customers yearn for more of your brand.

03 John Lewis-Man of the moon 2015

John Lewis is well known for creating amazing Christmas promotion videos, and this one is no exception. The Man on the moon is five years old but can still bring tears of happiness to your eyes. This Christmas promotional video was also set to a calming acoustic cover to convey a message that even if somebody is halfway around the world, you can still show them that you love and think about them.

The inspiration: You can let your customers know that you are thinking of them during this Christmas season. Offer love in the form of gifts as you promote your brand.

04 John Lewis Monty the penguin 2014

The fact is John Lewis has mastered the art of Christmas sale promotion. His adverts are the most-watched commercials on YouTube, and Monty the Penguin is no exception. This appealing and heartwarming Christmas advert features a small boy as the main character who skillfully invites us to our inner child. The tale is about a Monty penguin, who wants to be happy at Christmas with the little boy doing everything he can to ensure the Monty penguin is happy. This Christmas advert was the most-watched commercial in 2014 during the Christmas season.

The inspiration: Just as you share happiness, learn to share your business ideas and tips with your customers.

05 Hallmark -"Tom's coming for Christmas."

Hallmark Christmas advert conveys a message to families to stay together during the Christmas season. From the house and clothes to the voice over and music, this advert's creation style will surely take you back to your favorite Christmas memories. Hallmark's masterpiece has a sad beginning with a surprise ending.

The inspiration: You can achieve a lot when you are together. More so, when out shopping with friends and other relatives. Use this advert to escalate your level of sales by encouraging buyers to come along with their friends.

06 Coca-Cola "Catch."

Coke ads and restaurant Christmas promotions go hand-in-hand, and among their most cherished commercials are the ones featuring polar bears. For so many years, the polar bears have been enjoying wintry scenes with a cold bottle of Coca-Cola, getting fans in the mood of Christmas at the same time.

The inspiration: Feasting is part of celebrations, and this video foreshows just that. Use it to encourage your shoppers to get into the festive mood by feasting and inviting others.

07 Sainsbury's Christmas is for sharing 2014

This poignant 2014 commercial took us back a century to the battlefields of the First World War, featuring the tale of how both warring parties met at no man's land on Christmas day. Sainsbury's "Christmas is for sharing" unique piece conveyed a message of putting aside differences and finding common ground.

The inspiration: Use the advert to reach people of all races. Encourage buyers that what matters is being happy.

08 Sainsbury's the greatest gift 2016

This Christmas promotion is created with lovely upbeat musical tunes with animation featuring James Cordon. This commercial is about a family man christened Dave, who was busy trying to look for Christmas gifts for every member of his family before a eureka moment but only to realize that the most valuable present he could gift to his family at festive Eve was his time.

The inspiration: Happiness is found when people spend time together. Encourage your customers to come shopping together as you advertise your business.

9 M&S Christmas with love from Mrs. Claus 2016

'Christmas with Love from Mrs. Claus' advert is Mark and Spencer's piece of work that offers a modern tune twist to the classic story of Santa Claus delivering Christmas presents. The advert focuses on Mrs. Claus, who receives a letter from a little boy who wants to get his sister a pair of trainers. Upon reading the letter, Mrs. Claus swings into action, takes a helicopter to deliver the present, and, unfortunately, brings a colossal budget slant to Christmas's real meaning. This advert is regarded as one of the best Christmas gift promotions ever.

The inspiration: Let your business advertisement for gift giving. Give your customers a discount and let them learn that they can go the extra mile to put a smile on the faces of their loved ones with Santa's Christmas gifts.

Part 2. How to Make a Christmas Promotional Video

Making a promotional video during the Christmas period is a great way to stand out and send alternative greetings to your clientele and contacts. Besides just having fun, it allows you to communicate the personality of your company. Let's quickly focus on how to make a Christmas promotional video with Wondershare VidAir video maker.

This simple online video maker offers you a series of free templates that boost your creativity. Here are steps to follow to help you develop stunning Christmas ads that attract every YouTuber and social media user's attention.

The simple 3 steps of making your Christmas promotion video

Step 1 Create an account and Log in.

To use Wondershare VidAir video maker, you must sign up first if you have no account.

signup vidair

Step 2 Choosing templates.

Once you log in to Wondershare VidAir, go ahead and hit the 'create' button on the top of the website, and you can find all the templates. You can also use the keywords or search button to search for any template of your choice.

Christmas templates

Step 3 Editing and export

Then you can now edit your video by adding text, video clips, and photos, audio. Or upload files from your PC.

Then go to the right top corner and click on the 'save' tab to save your video, and once all changes are saved, press the 'export' tab to export your video for future use.

easy edit

Well, the above are the top 9 better Christmas adverts of all time. These top 9 Christmas promotional video commercials will not only get you into a Christmas mood. Still, they will also illustrate that even though they're not creatively the same, there're more common themes that the more popular commercials share. Use these great ideas to advertise your business and upsell your brand.