How to Make a Unique Christmas Invitation Card?

These Christmas card templates will inspire your card-making ideas.


Christmas is here, and it is time to wish everyone. However, this Christmas, rather than sending a static card, why not think about something creative?

There are so many beautiful Christmas card templates available online. Try them and send across a lovely personalized Christmas card, which will make the receiver know that you care for them. However, we get it. You might be thinking that you are not a graphic designer, and you surely need help when it comes to the Christmas invitation card. Well, that's why we are here for.

Part 1. Hand-write Card through Christmas Card Template

The main reason why people like to create handwritten cards is to give away a personalized vibe. These cards are more popular for family events, plus, handwritten cards can easily convey your respect and warmth towards all the guests.

Now, let's talk about the five card templates you can use to hand-write and send to your loved ones. We have also included a Christmas card template for kids!

01 Paper Wreath Card

For this card template idea, you will need a few festive gift wrap papers. Cut out a few circles. Let some of them be big, and the other smaller in size. Paste one onto another using some glue. And your paper wreath is ready.

You can watch some free Christmas ecard videos to learn how to make it too. The paper wreath needs to be pasted on top of an invitation or a Christmas greeting card. On top of the greeting card, write some hand-write notes to make it attractive.

Paper Wreath Card

02 Tie-Dye Snowman Card for Kids

Here's something that your kids will enjoy doing. Here is a Christmas card template for kids that your kids can try. To make this:

1.Cut the greeting card into the shape of a snowman.

2.Help your kids dye a paper napkin.

3.Once dried and ready, give it the shape of a scarf.

4.Wrap it around the neck of the snowman.

Tie-Dye Snowman Card for Kids

03 Unicorn Christmas Card

Another card template that your kids will be able to make quickly. However, do help them while cutting the horn of the unicorn. Ask your kid to draw the eyes and ears of a unicorn. Take a sparkling paper and cut it into a horn-shaped basically, an inverted cone. Paste right in the middle of the ears. And your Christmas card is ready.

Unicorn Christmas Card

04 Washi Tape Tree Card

This card will be an instant hit among your loved ones. This won't consume a lot of time and still looks great. Get some Washi tape. Start cutting smaller to bigger pieces of the tape. Paste the small piece on the top of the card, followed by the longer ones.

Washi Tape Tree Card

05 Paint Chip Card

This is another card template that you can try to add hand-write notes. Take a look at the image here. The trees here are made out of paint chips. To make the card stand out, add a sparkling star on top of the longest tree. Not just this, you can paste some beads on top too.

Paint Chip Card

These are easy to make Christmas invitation cards to try. The hand-write card always stands out as the best because, in hand-write cards, you pour your love and affection towards the person you are sending the cards to.

However, there are Christmas greeting card online maker free available as well. You may try them as an alternative.

Part 2. How to Make Christmas Card Video

Since you will be investing some time making these Christmas invitation cards, handwritten cards might not be a good idea because you will be catering to a large audience. Why not search for the best invitation Christmas card layouts for ecards?E-cards are suitable for businesses and those who want to do some publicity for a mall event. If you have a large base of audience to invite, go for ecards. Try Wondershare VidAir, an easy-to-use video editing tool that will allow you to edit your video easily with just a few clicks.

The step-by-step guide of how to make a Christmas card video

Step 1 Log in or Signup

If you are new to Wondershare VidAir, you need to click on the signup option. However, if you already used the other tools of Wondershare, use the same ID to log in.

login vidair

Step 2 Look for Christmas Templates

Clicking on the template option will let you see the galore of templates that the tool has to offer. To search for only Christmas templates, you need to type in Christmas in the search bar.

vidair Christmas templates

Step 3 Edit your Video and Save

Now that you have chosen the template, it's time to show some creativity. Click on the edit option to start editing the video that you have made. You can add text, video, images, audio, and import local files if you want.

This way, you will get to create a dynamic video. After everything is done, hit the save option to save the video. Go to the export folder to export the file to your computer.

edit your video

Celebrate this Christmas in a new way, and while inviting guests, be a little creative. Handwritten cards hold a lot of gravity in comparison to static cards. Send these cards to your loved ones, and make them feel loved. Having said that, if you are into some business, and want to invite more people to talk about your event, rather than handwritten cards, we will recommend going for ecards. It will save you time and effort.