Top 20 Christmas Door Decoration Ideas

This is the time to decorate the office door and the classroom door now!


Christmas is the time of celebrations and having fun and having good times with your dear ones. To make your loved ones feel welcomed, entertained, and get the feel of the festive vibes, decorating your front door is the best idea. So, bring in the holiday cheer by decorating your school, office, and home door with a Christmas theme. We have picked some interesting ideas for Christmas door decorations school, Christmas office door decorating ideas and more.

Part 1. Top 10 Christmas Classroom Door decorations

01 Gift-wrap Door

Kids love gifts and what can be a better idea than having a classroom door decoration in form of the gift wrap. Make the door look like a big gift with a bow and ribbons. You can even add Santa and other stickers. 

Gift-wrap Door

02 Snow Globe

Decorate the classroom door by making the globes using clear plastic plates. Add a snowman along with the pictures of the kids to make it look more interesting. 

Snow Globe

03 3D Tree

Christmas tree is one of the essentials and lets your classroom door show the same. Make a 3D tree using the green-colored papers and to make it look further interesting add the snowflakes and keep a few gifts next to the door.

3D Tree

04 Take an S-Elfie door

What are celebrations without the pictures and thus to capture all the lovely moments this festive season, this S-Elfie door idea will just be perfect. Transform the door into a photo spot and then all the children can get themselves a selfie to be cherished forever. 

S-Elfie door

05 Elf-on-the Shelf Watching You

This is a wonderful idea for your classroom door where multiple elves are made with faces of the classroom kids in different positions. So, kids can now watch as to which elf is watching you and which are not. Keep your kids engaged with this door idea.

lovely decoration

06 Merry Minions

Minions are one of the kid's favorite so let’s make them look like cute Santa’s this Christmas. The plastic snack barrels can be turned into the minions with a Santa cap. 

Merry Minions

07 Grinch classroom Doors

Decorate the classroom door with a Grinch on it. Make your grinch wear the Santa cap to make him look interesting.

Grinch classroom Doors

08 Snowman Classroom Door

Make the classroom door look like a Snowman who is wearing a Santa cap and has a candy cane as well. Let the winter feeling set in with this decoration idea.

Snowman Classroom Door

09 Gingerbread Classroom Door

Make your classroom door look yum and delicious with this Gingerbread decoration idea. Further add the cut-outs of candies, lollies, and other sweet stuff.

Gingerbread Classroom Door

10 Polar Express Classroom Door

Let the kids take the imaginative journey to the North Pole with your Polar Express door idea. A lot of creative aspects can be included in this decoration idea like a long train converting 3-4 doors, kids entering the train, and more. 

Polar Express

Part 2. Top 10 Office Door Christmas Decorations

Get the festive feel in your workspace by decorating your office doors using the below-listed office door decoration ideas.

01 Humorous Tree Idea

To add some humor this Christmas with your colleagues and employees this is an interesting door decoration idea where you can paste cuttings like Island of Misfit Employees or other such liners.

Humorous Tree

02 Gingerbread House Door

Decorate your office door in form of a Gingerbread house with several cuttings of candies and more.


03 Firewood Space

Decorate your office door in a way so that it looks like a fireplace. The names of the colleagues can be written on a paper cut as Christmas socks and handed near the fireplace. You can also add a picture of the team.

Firewood Space

04 Welcome Door

Make your office look welcoming this Christmas by decorating it with Santa, Tree, and other Christmas related things. Additionally, place a table near the door and place some cake and cookies to welcome everyone.

Welcome Door

05 Polar Express

Multiple cubicle doors can be converted into a Polar Express which can be further decorated using the red and green-colored ribbons to add to the festivity. 

Polar Express

06 Home at The Office

Another interesting idea is to decorate your office door as your home. You can even paste the cut outs showing the people at the door.

Home at The Office

07 Good Wishes Door

Decorate your office door wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and good times. Use some interesting quotes with a Christmas backdrop that will add to the festive vibe.

Good Wishes Door

08 Radiology Christmas Door

If the door of a radiology clinic has to be decorated then this is one of the best ideas. You can decorate the door with a Santa’s head, legs, and hands while the body part is represented by an X-ray.


09 Computer Lab Door Idea

An interesting way to decorate a computer lab door is by using the signages. Draw a big pillar with a Santa cap and then show signs pointing at the lab, North Pole, Elf Village, and other Christmas related places.

Computer Lab Door

10 DIY Christmas Door Hanger

Make your door look simple yet interesting by decorating them using the door hangers. There are several DIY ideas to make your hanger to match your office décor and the feel. Make a simple wreath with a cloth and a ring and paint some short words like JOY, Merry, or Happy in between. Decorate the top of the wreath with some ribbons and other ornaments. Simple and quick to make this wreath hanger will give a festive look to your office. In addition to this there are several other DIY front door Christmas decorations ideas.

DIY Hanger

Part 3. How to Make a Business Video for your Christmas Door Decorations

If you need to make a business video regarding the Christmas door decorations, Wondershare VidAir is an excellent software to use. This online tool requires no software download and after you free sign-up, professional videos can be made in no time. An array of templates in different categories are available including Christmas that can be customized using the built-in editor. Your local video, images, and audio can also be added to the template as needed. The program is free to use but if you want watermark-free videos with higher resolution and 2GB cloud storage, get the premium paid version.

Steps to create videos using Wondershare VidAir:

Step 1 Sign Up or Login

Go to and click on the SIGN-UP button to create a free account on the site. Next, log in to the program using your details.

create account

Step 2 Choose Your Template

Click on the Create button and the list of templates will now open. At the left-side panel click on the Christmas under the Categories section that will show you all the templates related to Christmas. 

vidair template

Step 3 Edit Your Video

The program will load the resources and the editing page will now open. Use the Text, Video, Photo, Audio, Stickers, and Upload sections from the left-hand side panel to make the changes to the respective media. Uploads will let you add the media files from your system. Click on the Preview button to check the changes done. 

edit video

Step 4 Export

At the top-right corner, hit on the Save button to save all the changes. Next, click on the Export button and from the pop-up window select the resolution and the watermark options. Again, clicking on the Export button will process the video and will make it available for download. 

save and export


So, decorate your school and office doors this festive season using the ideas above. There ate many other ways by which you can decorate your doors. If you want to make a video as to how to decorate your door or wish Christmas, use Wondershare VidAir that is a versatile online tool for all video making needs.