Top 15 Easy and Attractive Christmas Interior Decorations

Recommend Christmas decorations to warm your house.


The best time of the year is here again! And we know that everyone is thinking about the best decorative ideas to decorate their lovely homes this Christmas. Set your holiday mood correctly, and get into the Christmas spirit by learning some easy Christmas interior decorations from this article.

Not just this, you will also get to learn from us how you can showcase your Christmas interior decorations products and ideas through a stunning video.

This article will talk about Christmas stair decorations, Christmas dining room decorations, and Christmas mirror decorations.

Part 1. Top 5 Christmas Stair Decorations

Staircase decoration stands out as the best during Christmas. Since we know that you will be looking for different stairway Christmas decorations ideas, here are our hand-picked top five Christmas stair decorations that you can reference.

01 Red and White Vintage-Inspired Stairs Decoration

Decorate your stair with banister greenery, and add a touch of sparkle, for example, shiny bright ornaments. You can also add more vintage items, such as a mini potted tree, a small Santa, and a sled. Turn your stair decoration into something vintage, and give it a sense of nostalgia.

Vintage-Inspired Stairs Decoration

02 Plaid Ribbon with Dried Oranges

For this stairway Christmas decorations ideas, you will need a few dried oranges. Buy a plaid ribbon and add some dried orange slices. This whole decorative idea will take your interior decoration for Christmas skills to a whole new level.

Plaid Ribbon

03 Gold and Evergreen Decorations

Buy a gold-green lace with green leaves, and make sure it has gold beaded garland in it. An entryway decorated with gold and evergreen lace will become the stand-alone decoration piece for Christmas.

Gold and Evergreen Decorations

04 Red Bows and Baubles

The railing needs to be lined with greenery. However, make sure to add some classic red bows in between. Please don't overdo it. Add some red balls into the bow to make it look even better. You can use one big red bow attached right in the center as well.

Red Bows and Baubles

05 Collectible Christmas Stair Decorations

In this stair decoration piece, add some Christmas tree decoration pieces, which can be easily found in the flea market, and tuck them all over the greenery. Once your greenery is ready, just roll it over the staircase.

Collectible Stair Decorations

Part 2. Top 5 Christmas Dining Room Decorations

Now that you have decided about the Christmas presents that you will buy for everyone, how you will decorate the Christmas tree, and what you will serve for the Christmas dinner party. This is also the right time to think about the decorations for the dining room.

Here are some ideas to try.

01 A Beautiful Winterberry Farm Table

Your guests will immediately feel welcomed with this beautiful winterberry farm table. For this, you don't have to worry about buying expensive decorative items at all. Just grab some warm blankets, put them over the chairs as a seat cushion, and use some plaid napkins. Add some greenery to your table, and there you go!

Winterberry Farm Table

02 Holiday Color Palette

Add some bold berries and spiny leaves right at the center of the dining table. Use your Christmas special tableware. Add a few straws and glue some tiny pieces of leaves. This is how you will be decorating the dining table for Christmas.

Holiday Color Palette

03 Red and White Stripes

Let's keep up the holiday spirit with this red and white theme. Just add a strand of cranberries, and add some white table napkins wrapped in a red and white thread.

Red and White Stripes

04 Pinecones and blue ribbons

Now that the tables are ready, let's move on with the chairs. Pick some pinecones from the backyard. Use a blue ribbon and attach a pinecone towards the end of the ribbon. Combine three of four of them and attach them to the back of a chair.

Pinecones and blue ribbons

05 Simple Christmas Wreath

Wreaths can be used not just to hang them on the main entrance door; you can use them to attach them to the back of a chair too. You can use any wreaths for this idea. This is one of the best Christmas chair decorations ideas.

Simple Wreath

Part 3. Top 5 Christmas Mirror Decorations

Mirrors can be used as a decorative piece for Christmas. Learn how you can use mirrors and turn them into something extravagant for this holiday season.

01 Personal Scenery

This idea will need a bit of creativity. Think of any scene that will go along with the festive spirit. You can create your personal scenery just by using any of the wall mirrors. Place some holiday-like accessories all over.

Personal Scenery

02 Fairy lights around the mirror

Don't worry about being a little bold with your Christmas mirror decorations idea. To do this decoration idea, you will need a garland and a string of fairy lights. Wrap the garland with a string of fairy lights.

Fairy lights around the mirror

03 Snowflake Mirror

Here's a simple idea that you can easily try. Add some snowflakes to the mirror. If you have placed the mirror on top of a fireplace, use the fireplace's top to add the Word Christmas.

Snowflake Mirror

04 Add a wreath on the mirror

This is a rather straightforward idea, but adding a beautiful wreath on top of the mirror will make your mirror look the best.

Add a wreath on the mirror

05 Pinecones and Mirrors

Take some inspiration from the image that we have shared. The mirror is already stunning; what makes it stand out is the addition of Christmas foliage and pinecones.

Pinecones and Mirrors

Part 4. Make a Business Video for Your Interior Christmas Decoration

For those who are into the interior Christmas decorative items business, you need to try Wondershare VidAir to create stunning videos to enhance your sale during this holiday season. There are multiple Christmas templates to choose from that will let you create amazing videos.

Here's the step-by-step guide of making Christmas decoration video.

Step 1Log in or Signup

If you have a Wondershare login ID, then use the same credentials to log in; however, if you are new, click on the signup option to sign up first.

login vidair

Step 2Choose Christmas Theme Template

Click on the template option and look for Christmas inspired templates. VidAir provides you with tons of templates to choose from.

christmas templates

Step 3Edit the Video and Save

Once you find the right template for your video, click on the edit tab to start editing. You can add text, images, videos, audios, and even import local files. Once done, click on the Save option to save the video. To export the video, go to the export option.

edit video

Christmas is the time to celebrate, and this is also the time for all the businesses who sell these decorative Christmas to market their products in the best way. Try creating a video that will talk about Christmas joy and highlight all the decorative pieces in the right way. Use VidAir to make your video making process easy.