Top 10 Christmas Marketing Ideas for Business

The best Christmas promotion ideas make your business stand out


The most exciting season is almost upon us. What does that mean for your business? That you can take full advantage of the shopping frenzy by stepping up your marketing strategy by using excellent Christmas promotion ideas. We have a few excellent examples and so much more to help you hit the jackpot.

Part 1. Christmas Giveaway Ideas for Businesses

Christmas giveaway ideas for businesses are all you need to get on the big stage and win this competition.

01 Gift Cards on Purchase

Giving away gift cards is one of the best Christmas giveaway ideas. If you are looking to boost your sales as well as build clients, give them a reason to return.

Just like this giveaway by Zinburger offers a $10 gift or bonus card with every purchase of $50. Their giveaway advertisement clearly conveys the message. The Christmas-themed ad with the gift wrap template ties well with the Christmas spirit. Adding compelling captions such as 'Gifting made easy' further prompts customers to take the offer because of the amazing offer

Christmas giveaway ideas for businesses prove highly beneficial, but you must set a purchase limit and make sure your gift card value doesn't exceed the invested amount.

Gift Cards

02 Buy One Get One Free

BOGO or buy one get one free is an offer that is too-good-to-miss. Even people with no intention of buying take up the offer just because the deal seems like a great bargain

Christmas marketing ideas place BOGO on the top ranks because of its huge success in boosting sales. Poshmark went for a similar marketing strategy by offering one-on-one. They further mention that the lower price will be deducted, which is a great tactic to tempt potential buyers into availing the amazing offer

Getting two items for the price of one attracts huge crowds and sky-rockets sales. It also builds new clientele

Buy One Get One

Part 2. Christmas Stall Ideas

There are tons of Christmas promotion ideas you can employ to augment your business. One of them is installing Christmas stalls, which plays a vital role in increasing sales.

01 Rich Festive Vibe

Effective Christmas marketing ideas involve setting up the right kind of stall to attract a crowd. Whether your stall is indoors or outdoors, you need to make it look inviting. Your stall must be festive enough to appeal to potential customers

A Christmas-themed stall will attract a huge audience. Adding colorful lights or hanging Christmas ornaments serves a double purpose. It showcases your products as well as serves as a décor. It will also help your stall stand out among all others.

Rich Festive Vibe

02 Christmas Decoratives

If you're looking for successful Christmas campaign ideas, setting up a Christmas decorator stall might be the answer. Since Christmas is all about gifting and decorating, create a one-stop-shop kind of booth complete with Christmas ornaments and various other holiday-themed types of items. From ceramic snowmen to miniature Christmas trees. Anything and everything that depicts the holiday season.

Make sure you present your products adequately. Use racks, shelves, and hooks for maximum visibility. Add banners and special signs to make your offers stand out.

Christmas Decoratives

Part 3. Christmas Social Media Campaign Ideas

Social media is your best bet at boosting engagement and landing more and more sales by appealing to your followers.

01 Create a Gift Guide

Among the various kinds of Christmas promotion ideas, creating a gift guide is a highly effective one. It is an excellent way of featuring your products, increasing social engagements, and also boosting sales. Since Christmas is a gifting season, most of your followers will be browsing anxiously to find the right gift. Create gift guides for men, women, children, etc., to ease their stress and provide a smooth shopping experience while boosting your traffic and sales.

You can create a gift guide blog with product links connecting to your website or make the gift guide right on your website's home page. Add catchy captions to entice followers to follow your lead in choosing the best gift.

a Gift Guide

02 Holiday Giveaway

Who doesn't love a free item? Giveaways on social media ace all other Christmas giveaway ideas due to one simple fact, convenience. Your followers can avail an online giveaway at the cost of a few clicks.

Lip Smacker employed a similar tactic on Instagram. The followers just have to like the post and tag friends to earn the chance to win a free gift. These giveaways require little or no investment but increase your engagements and brand's reach by lengths

Holiday Giveaway

Part 4. Christmas Email Marketing Ideas

Mailing is an effortless and no-cost marketing strategy to secure customers by valuing them and offering them sales updates tempting them to make a purchase

01 Surprise Emails

Emails are an excellent way of reminding your old customers of your upcoming sales and deals. It's also a medium to connect with them and offer them exclusive promos for being regular customers.

Create catchy subject lines to draw attention and then pitch your offers. You can also offer surprise rewards and gifts to value your customers. This gesture can go a long way at a relatively low cost as a happy, satisfied customer is bound to encourage and recommend your products to others, and word of mouth is a great way to widen the reach.

Surprise Emails

02 Sign-up Rewards

Build your brand's clientele by luring people to sign up to receive sale notifications, tutorials, or guides. Add a reward or chance to enter a giveaway contest. A reward will interest people, and your email list will keep building

Add survey questions to help understand your follower's preferences or to help you choose the right gift item for the lucky winner. Christmas email marketing ideas will ensure a steady flow of customers if you keep them up to date with your special deals.

Sign-up Rewards

Part 5. Advent Calendar Marketing Ideas

An advent calendar is undoubtedly the most exciting part leading up to Christmas even and hence an excellent opportunity for retailers to capitalize on.

Open Deals

01 Open Deals

One of the Christmas marketing ideas is an online advent calendar such as this one by Selleys BBQ. Their calendar openly displays the deals that will be unlocked on specific days. They offer free and new gifts each day.

You can spice it up and increase engagement by incorporating Christmas giveaway ideas. Let all the signing up individuals automatically enter a giveaway and create a lucky draw to award the gifts to one or two individuals each day

Open Deals

02 Mystery Calendar

The point of an advent calendar is to build excitement and engagement. Yorkshire triggers curiosity by keeping the deals a secret and revealing them only on their specified day. This will improve your online traffic and keep your followers interested.

Give a sneak peek into the deals, discounts, or gifts you are going to offer but just enough to pique your customer's curiosity

Mystery Calendar

Part 6. Video Marketing in Christmas

Take help from an easy-to-use online video by Wondershare VidAir. You can implement the best Christmas promotion ideas to craft a stunning video using one of VidAir's templates. Add eye-catching captions in stylized fonts or upload upbeat music for full effect. Apply filters and special effects for a professional-grade look.

Hop on to VidAir and start crafting videos in no time


The ancient ways of sales promotion are now ineffective, which is why you must go for innovative Christmas email marketing ideas to provide social validation to your customers.

Employ unique Christmas giveaway ideas to portray a customer-centric approach. You will also need to implement effective Christmas marketing ideas to advertise your products to the fullest and stay in touch with customers.