Top 10 Christmas Movies You Shouldn't Miss

The best and last Christmas movies recommend for you.


Christmas is all about love and togetherness. When the whole family gathers around the roaring fire while it snows outside, watching kids' Christmas movies is a great way to enjoy the holiday. Some of the best Christmas movies worth annual viewing can be the break you need from your hectic routine and chill with your family or friends.

Even if you celebrate Christmas indoors, these best Christmas movies will liven up the holiday cheer and set your festive mood to high.

Following in Santa's footsteps, we have compiled our very own list of the top 10 Christmas movies to get you hyped up and excited for some Christmas-themed drama.

Part 1. Top 10 Best Christmas Video

Let our top pick of the best Christmas movies channel your mood, read the storylines, and take your pick while you cozy up on your couch, eating gingerbread man cookies. Whether you are looking for the Last Christmas movie or a classic Christmas movie like Elf, we've got you covered.

01 Romantic Christmas Movie -- Last Christmas

Last Christmas starring Emilia Clarke from The Game of Thrones is one you don't want to miss. Featuring the upbeat classical song by Whams!makes it the perfect holiday rom-com to watch alongside a roaring fire.

A couch surfing teen elf, having burned all bridges, is on the verge of losing it all. Young Kate finds the Christmas magic when a too-good-to-be-true charmer bumps into her.

This hilarious romantic Christmas movie unravels in a unique sequence as Kate stumbles, falls but eventually finds her Christmas gift. Last Christmas captures how tragedy alters people, but love and care can bring everything back on track.

Watch on Christmas to discover what Kate finds on Christmas, and in the process, you will also find determination and motivation, and hope.

02 Classic Christmas Movie -- Little Women

A classic Christmas movie adapted from Alcott's literary landmark. If you're looking for motivation and inspiration this Christmas, Little Women portrays just the women's right amount of dedication and strength. A movie that is the epitome of togetherness, freedom, and happiness. It brings home the true Christmas spirit.

The March sisters enter womanhood and explore their passion. From arts to story writing, from being elegantly sophisticated to being happily crazy, all the sisters find what they are looking for. They redefine the traditionally expected roles of the women with their riveting tales and smart minds.

The March sisters portray determination and power and follow their hearts, however different and unacceptable for society. This Christmas movie is one to learn and take inspiration from.

03 Romantic Christmas Movies -- Let It Snow

Whether you're looking for a heartfelt romance or a hilarious comedy movie, Let It Snow is the latest Christmas movie that has it all. If you're into drama and love, mix a little Christmas magic, and you end up with this perfect Christmas movie to enjoy.

A tragedy on Christmas brings a group of high school students together who discover and explore their love life come holiday weekend—cruising through students' experiences dealing with the mean girls while Tobin struggles to express his love for Angie.

From fun, anxiety, friendship, leading ultimately to a happy ending (or endings). I won't go into details, or that would be a spoiler, but Let It Snow is hands down one of the best romantic Christmas movies of all time.

04 Kids Christmas Movies -- ELF

Kids Christmas movies are an excellent opportunity for the family to spend quality time together, and Elf is the ultimate family movie to huddle around this Christmas. Elf is a classical one taking the lead and still shinning among all other funny Christmas movies. If you're up for a good laugh, go for Elf.

Will Ferrell, raised on the North Pole, comes down to New York this holiday to reunite with his biological father. Superb acting of being a man-child in a world of serious men serves as an epic comedy for kids and adults alike. Being raised by elves all his life, Buddy has a tough or hilarious time trying to fit in with his real human family. But the cheerfully upbeat attitude of the human elf brings the holiday cheer home with his silly doings.

05 Family Christmas Movie -- The Christmas Chronicles

Best Christmas movies include The Christmas Chronicles, both parts. Rekindling the Christmas spirit and belief in Santa, this movie is an emotional rollercoaster.

When Teddy and Kate pierce go on a venture to capture and witness Santa in real, they team up with him to make the holiday special. Kurt Russel's charmingly hilarious performance makes this holiday fantasy movie a perfect family Christmas movie.

06 Christmas Horror Movies -- Krampus

If you're into Christmas horror movies, go for the folklore-inspired Krampus to witness a grim horror. It is the ideal mix of humor and scare. But Krampus isn't for the faint of heart.

Another Christmas eve, when everyone comes together to celebrate, but the usual family drama ruins Max's holiday spirit, he loses hope. It ultimately awakens the wrath of Santa's shadow. Krampus then descends into the dead of Christmas night to punish the whole family

07 Kids Christmas Movies -- Arthur Christmas

Arthur Christmas ranks high in the kids' Christmas movies due to the mind-blowing graphics and a gripping storyline. A beautifully riveting Christmas movie that rekindles the Christmas spirit and spreads joy despite the difficulties faced. What is Christmas without a gift from Santa?

The no-good son of Santa sets out on a mission when a little girl's present is not delivered due to some technical glitch. Arthur's dedicated adventure through the town is beautifully portrayed in this animated Christmas movie. Riding the untrained reindeers with retired Grand Santa, Arthur goes through some magical moments to keep the Christmas spirit and Santa's vision alive.

08 Disney Christmas Movie -- Frozen

Disney Christmas movies are a must if you have kids in the house. Frozen does just the trick. The funny, emotional, and sweet adventure keeps the kids and the adults glued to the screens. A perfectly freezing movie to enjoy while cozied up beside a roaring fire.

A cheery musical Christmas movie featuring the beautiful sisters, Anna and the snow queen Elsa. Frozen's animations also feature Olaf, the talking snowman, and Anna's companion throughout the snowy adventure. When Elsa curses the kingdom to eternal snow in rage, Anna sets off with Sven and Kristoff to save the kingdom from freezing to death. Facing several setbacks and fighting off all monsters. Will Anna be able to face the coldness that is her sister?

09 Romantic Christmas Movie -- Love Actually

Love Actually is the feel-good movie of the decade. The ultimate Christmas rom-com to enjoy the warmth and love associated with the Christmas holiday. It easily rivals some of the allegedly best Christmas movies owing to its hugely entertaining plot with Liam Neeson, Emma Thompson, and Rowan Atkinson taking leads

The story revolves around the lives of 8 couples. As the story unravels, the couples go through a bumpy ride, dealing with life crises and discovering secrets, passion, and ultimately love. Even young Thomas claims to be in love.

10 Romantic Christmas Movie -- Just Friends

A hilariously heartwarming Christmas movie with Ryan Reynolds starring as the lead character. Just Friends is a romantic comedy that unfolds in the most unexpected ways

A former fat teen, now turned lady killer comes back home after ten years. Revisiting home, he tries to rekindle the love he felt for his best friend, Jamie. Being body-shamed and friend-zoned in his teens, Ryan struggles to impress the love of his life and win her over despite currently having a weird yet famous girlfriend. The story beautifully captures the essence of sibling rivalry, teen drama, and adult romance

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Ready to swoon over some adorably romantic Christmas movies? Or if you have many kids, how about the annual dose of the epic comedy in Elf or Arthur Christmas?

You don't want to miss the feel-good kids' Christmas movies to make your holiday extra special with roaring laughter and tears of joy as the couples reunite, and love and hope are found at the end of every Christmas movie.

Brace yourself for some horror Christmas movies like the Krampus. And don't forget to go the extra mile by setting up a perfect holiday theatre mood complete with blankets, popcorns, and cookies.