Top 10 Christmas Party Invitation Ideas for Business

How to use Christmas invitations to stand out this season?


If you're struggling to find the perfect Christmas invitation ideas, don't worry. We are here to save the day with some swoon-worthy Christmas party templates for inspiration.

The right Christmas party invitation will boost your sales and motivate your employees. It will also give your business a great head start for the upcoming new year.

Part 1. Top 5 Ideas for Christmas Dinner Invitations

A Restaurant's best marketing tool is visual appearance. An appetizing food picture has essentially the same effect as an actual bowl of delicious soup (or burger). So, in essence, an eye-catching Christmas party invitation will be highly impactful in sky-rocketing your revenues this year.

01 KFC

The famous KFC goes for a simple yet highly unique Christmas party invitation.

Gripping attention at first glance by choosing its classic color theme of red and white is a smart marketing strategy. The words 'YOU'RE INVITED' also draw attention and focus to the invitation. After grabbing attention, they go further by adding appetizing wordings and emphasizing the word bottomless to ensure customers that they will enjoy a deliciously endless supply of the famed KFC gravy.

You can create your own ad by using a Christmas party template and implementing KFC's smart strategies.



Unlike KFC, Burger King goes after the more traditional type of Christmas invitation ideas.

The chosen colors are bright and cheerful. The mention of Turkey triggers nostalgia and attracts customers. A revised menu, especially for Christmas, is also a major attraction for people looking for Christmas specials.

This ad is the perfect example that Christmas dinner invitations don't have to be crammed with information. A simple price tag mentioned the Christmas deals with an appetizing meal displayed on the ad would be enough to draw in burger lovers wishing to celebrate Christmas at their favorite restaurant.



Foodland's markets the holiday dinner with an attractively designed Christmas party invitation. The ad is totally Christmas themed. The ad invites the holiday spirit from the colors to all the elements and gives it an extra festive look.

Foodland's takes the lead by mentioning the chef's signature recipes and tempting live counteroffers among all other Christmas dinner invitations. The caption of Hurry Up further urges the customers to avail the once a year Christmas party invitation while it lasts.



A great way to ensure that people take up your Christmas dinner invitations is by offering them exclusive deals and specials. Everyone loves a good discount, especially if it is exclusively for the members.

This membership e-invite is an excellent marketing strategy to lure people by offering discounts and one on one free. Privileged deals just for the members are also a major marketing tactic. The ease of online membership will ensure that people are lining up to avail of your Christmas dinner invitations.



Bow Thai lures customers by offering a 5% discount on the total bill. The Christmas ornaments attract attention and stir up the holiday spirit. Availing the discount is just a few clicks away. The ease of this offer is sure to line up customers come Christmas. Creatively captioning their deal as Bow in Snow is another way to stand out among all other Christmas dinner invitations.

Make sure you use a similar Christmas party template to craft a unique invitation of your own and offer a special discount that gives people a reason to choose your restaurant.


Part 2. Top 5 Ideas for Christmas Office Party Invitations

Motivating employees is a marketing strategy as well as a kind gesture, especially during the holiday season. Christmas office party invitations can set a cheerful mood around the office and spread the holiday spirit. Take inspiration from the following top 5 Christmas e-invite.

01 Classic Christmas

Among dozens of Christmas office party invitations, this is our top pick. The classic color and Christmas ornamental theme stirs up holiday nostalgia. It brings a festive warmth to the tired employees and provides a sense of value to their hard work.

A Christmas party invitation must have a welcoming vibe. The visuals, as well as text, must be such that it sounds cheerful and friendly. Make sure you use the right kind of fonts or mix them to highlight certain phrases such as 'You are invited.' The emphasis on this phrase can make all the difference.

Classic Christmas

02 Strikingly Simple

If you don't want to go for a splash of colors and wish to keep it simple to match your brand's theme, this Christmas party invitation by The MTC is your best bet. Despite being devoid of any colors, it attracts as much attention as any other e-invite. Why is that?

It's simple. The e-invite mentions some interesting party activities and gifts that are irresistible. It builds excitement by adding the section of 'What to expect.' Just a hint of color provides the right pull to draw attention and spread joy. Please take note that sometimes it's best to use your colors wisely and in an optimum way to gather the maximum attention.

Strikingly Simple

03 Lively and Vibrant

Now, this Christmas party invitation is undoubtedly a refreshing sight. The bright and cool colors hint at the gift sharing season of Christmas and give a festive look. Inviting employees to a Holiday Party sounds a lot more fun than the clichéd Christmas office party invitations.

Lively and Vibrant

04 Traditionally Modern

Now, this is the perfect example of an elegantly sophisticated Christmas e-invite. The simple bare background is vividly complemented with bright Christmas colors to spread the holiday spirit in just the right amount. The use of different font sizes and styles ensures a stylishly engaging Christmas party invitation. And it shows value and care for the workers and reminds them of their importance.

If you plan to go for a simple e-invite, add some bright Christmas ornaments for an invitingly festive look.

Traditionally Modern

05 Color Splash

An artsy Christmas party invitation that screams for attention. The vibrant colors instantly incite positive and cheerful emotions in the reader. The invitation's energy is further enhanced by urging employees to come dressed in their favorite attire, which is always a winner.

You can use a similar, uniquely colorful Christmas party template to give your employees the e-invite of their life.

Color Splash

Part 3. Recommend an Online Christmas Invitation Maker

Virtual marketing has taken over the world, and it is high time you step up your game. Video marketing has a direct and beneficial impact on the audience. An attractive Christmas party invitation can go a long way if adequately channelized and edited to its best.

Since your schedule is bound to be jam-packed in the Christmas season, VidAir is here to provide a quick fix solution.

Wondershare VidAir is an online video editor. You can access its editing tools right through your browser. It has different themed templates, including a Christmas party template. You can also add eye-catching captions or an upbeat Christmas song for full effect.


Now you can take inspiration from some unique Christmas dinner invitations mentioned above. While planning how to strategize your Christmas party invitation, make sure you keep your brand's message or theme in mind.

Take help from VidAir to create a Christmas invitation. Explore the endless possibilities. Let your Christmas office party invitations be representative of your Christmas spirit!