How to Make a Christmas Tree

Make a homemade christmas tree for your house now!


Christmas is once again around the corner, and everyone is getting ready for the necessary preparations. Probably you have great ideas in mind, but what beats it all is making a Christmas tree. However, most people are not privileged enough to hold the ancient traditional Christmas trees, or maybe you want to make it different this time around.

If so, then the DIY Christmas tree should work for you.

First, they'll fit in any amount of space in your living room or office. Second, it's fun-filled, and you can let everyone participate. Finally, this is a great idea to involve your kids and teach them great classroom Christmas tree ideas.

Let's rock down and learn various modes of making superb Christmas trees from this article.

Part 1. Make a Felt Christmas Tree

Everyone wants to feel busy during Christmas – young ones included. Felt Christmas tree is a top-notch activity for kids. Keep your kids engaged as all of you enjoy the journey.

01 Office Christmas Tree

The office needs to look stunning through all seasons. And this Christmas holiday. Make it colorful and put a smile on everyone who walks into your office.

office wreath tree

This felt Christmas tree has no boundaries. Both kids and grownups will love it. And the colorful design cannot go unnoticed for everyone who sets foot in your office.

To prepare this tree, you require a green felt, cut ornaments in various shapes. Squires, star shape, and round shapes are superb, like in this diagram. Ensure your shapes are painted in different colors for a great look.

office christmas tree

For this small landscape, what you require are pieces of felt in a rectangular shape. You can use four different colors for a brighter end. Use a thin thread or string and hold the rectangular shapes together, half an inch apart. Put them at the furthest corner of the room.

Then, use manila papers or pieces of the carton to make Christmas tree shapes in different colors and shapes. Put them on strong stands for stability.

This Christmas tree is small but stable, which will stand on your office table to spend time with you at work.

02 Classroom Christmas Tree

Kids learn by example, and the greatest one is by engaging them in the process. These two felt Christmas trees are best for school. Remember to let the kids participate in the making process before they break for the Christmas holiday.

classroom christmas tree

This is another called for DIY Christmas tree this season. It has a natural way of lightening the classroom, and it's relatively easy to make, making children have a sense of accomplishment.

All you need is a green felt, neatly prepared in a cone shape. You can decide to do one or two as in our case. Then take a manilla paper and make round shapes. Use a marker pen to paint the circles in different colors. Two golden stars should complete the look. Some glue for sticking should be stand-by.

But remember to throw over a few circles on the floor for a complete Christmas season feeling.

classroom wreath tree

This classroom Christmas tree is more fun to make than any other. It catches every kid's attention as soon as they get into the room.

You will need different shades of green felt on the wall. Arrange them bottom-up from the largest to the smallest. Remember to inter-twin the shades for a superb look. Additionally, stick ornaments in different shapes to the Christmas felt. You can also stick others to the wall.

03 Dining Room Christmas Tree

Remember that there are no festivities without feasting. Hence, the dining room is an important part of any meaningful Christmas celebration. Try out these two beautiful felt tree pics for your dining room.

Dining room christmas tree

The secret is to use bright colors to brighten up everyone's mood. Sticking your tree next to a window is another great idea for a dining room Christmas tree.

You need a Christmas felt of any color. Cut it into a triangle shape and stick it to a base. Then add ornaments in different shapes and sizes. Remember to color your ornaments for a superb finish. Use glue to neatly stick them to the felt and choose the desired point to make it readily visible.

Dining room wreath tree

This Christmas tree is quite irresistible to any kid around. And because of that, remember to stick it higher to avoid unnecessary interferences from your kid.

You will require a green Christmas felt on the wall or on the door, and any other place you like. And make the edges zigzag in condition to add some sleek pattern. You'll also require hand-made soft toys and some ribbons to stick to your tree.

Part 2. Make a Christmas Tree Wooden

Another great idea is to craft Christmas tree wooden material. Although it sounds a bit tedious, the outcome is worth the effort. It would be best if you had a saw, measuring tape, pieces of wood, nails, and a hammer to fix the pieces in place.

01 Office Christmas Tree

Try these two ideas for your office this coming Christmas.

office wooden christmas tree

This craft Christmas tree depicts elegance. It will lighten up your office for brighter business deals.

If you want to make it by yourself instead of buy one from the shop, here is the simple process. You require pieces of wood cut into a rectangular shape of different sizes. Arrange them bottom-up, taking note of the joints. Use screws to fix them up together. Finish your look with a base or two of Cyprus leaves.

office decorated tree

It's a stand-alone, and that's what makes it unique. This craft Christmas tree appears simple but is quite stylish.

It would help if you had a rounded trunk as the base. Additionally, arrange other round pieces of wood of different sizes from bottom to top. Fix in rounded wooden balls in between with screws for a tight hold.

02 Classroom Christmas Tree

The classroom is where it all begins. Engage your kids this coming Christmas season for great ideas.

classroom wooden tree

This Christmas tree wooden idea requires a simple process. It is a perfect choice for kids of all ages since they can draw some color on it.

Put your pieces of wood together, fixing them with screws and nails. But ensure they make the triangular shape. Remember to wrap a few presents for your students and neatly place them beside the Christmas tree.

colorful classroom tree

This second option is a gem by itself. It will automatically brighten any classroom without additional ornaments.

Assemble your pieces of wood in 'V' shape. Fix them to a trunk upside down and start with the larger pieces from bottom to up. Finish the top with a golden star. Some painting will be of the essence here! Paint colors green, red, and white as you alternate them.

03 Dining Room Christmas Tree

Also, get burlap Christmas tree decorations in your dining room this season. Use any of these two wooden tree ideas to make this Christmas worth remembering.

dining room decoration tree

Show your artistic skills with this design. It requires a little patience to put up the pieces and attain the shape.

No many materials are needed. Get a trunk as the base. Then cut various sizes of wood, round in shape. Use screws to fix the pieces to the trunk, starting with the bigger sizes as you move up with the smaller pieces. Finally, fix a star shape wood at the top to finish the look.

dining room wooden tree

This is a quick idea to come up with a homemade Christmas tree. A perfect choice for your dining room with no much space requirement.

You require different pieces of neatly cut wood and a rounded base. Some additional nails and screws should finish the look as you fix the pieces together to the rectangular shape for a complete tree.

Part 3. How to Make A Business Video for Your Christmas Tree

You can also opt to make a Christmas tree video for business. Using video in marketing Christmas business is smart, and the best way to do this is via the recommended video maker – Wondershare VidAir.

VidAir is a simple yet powerful online video maker that offers exemplary creative video templates. A simple editing process makes your Christmas tree decorating ideas or your business a breathtaking experience.

A step by step guide of how to make Christmas video with VidAir

Step 1Log in or Signup

Head on to the Wondershare VidAir website and click the 'Try Free' red button. Hit the 'Login' button and move on to try out your Christmas video making for free.

login vidair

Step 2Choosing templates

Go to the 'Templates' page and choose classic Christmas tree ideas for your video. When you are certain, click the 'Use This Template' button and commence your video creation process.

vidair templates

Step 3Editing and export

Among the edits, you can do include adding text, background music, video, among others. Remember to preview your video before hitting the 'Save' button.

Your video will then be saved to 'My Projects' and be accessed after exporting. Just click the 'Export' button, and your video will be ready for use and sharing.

save video

All in all, it is thrilling to come up with great ideas for Christmas tree decoration. This article has enlightened you on how to make Christmas tree wooden and felt Christmas tree. Just follow the guidelines, and you'll be on your journey to fame.

And there is no better way to put across a beautiful Christmas message than to come up with a compelling Christmas video. VidAir is the better option to pull this through. So, add some flavor to your Christmas messages this time and customize it for the better.