Top 10 Christmas Videos for Kids

This is the time to prepare the Christmas videos for children


Christmas is the time to be merry and have fun with your friends, family, and kids. There are several Christmas videos for kids that you can watch and enjoy with your little ones to have quality time. You can also customize and create your videos to add some personal touch. Check out the list of the popular Christmas videos for kids below from which you can take the ideas to have your own video.

Part 1. Santa Video Kids

01 Santa video Kids with Morphle and Cute Animals

This is an interesting video for kids that shows the story of Santa along with Meela, Morphle, and other cute animals. The video has some interesting stories that will entertain the kids.

02 The Night before Christmas: PinkFong Story Time

The video shows a story about the kids before Christmas night where they write a letter to Santa for their choice of gift. The video then shows how Santa comes to the house of the kids with the gifts and enjoy with them.

Part 2. Elf on the Shelf Videos for Kids

01 Elf on the Shelf- Kids Christmas Parody

This is an interesting video and fun story for the kids. The story shows how Santa sends the elf to the house on his magic sleigh. 

02 Elf on the Shelf: He Touched The Elves and We Play Kids Games

This is a family-friendly video that shows how the family is having fun playing with the elves. 

03 Escape the Babysitter: The Grinch Babysitter Showdown

The video shows how a Grinch babysitter plans to ruin the Christmas of the kids. In the video, the kids hide in the room, and how the Grinch makes the 3 different escape rooms. 

Part 3. Grinch Videos for Kids

Santa and Grinch

The video shows that a group of kids visit Santa at the North Pole and tries saving Christmas from the Grinch. They also resolve the tricky mystery in the video. 

Part 4. Operation Christmas Child Videos

01 25 Years of Operation Christmas Child

The Samaritan's Purse project of Operation Christmas Child has brought smiles to the face of children for over 25 years through shoebox gifts. The video shows how the operation has been making the kids happy and teaching them the lesson of generosity and God’s love.

02 Girls 2-4 Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes

The video shows the interesting way in which the shoeboxes are packed for the kids this Christmas and the toys it contains. 

Part 5. Christmas Song Videos for Kids

01 Our Favorite Christmas Songs for Kids

This 36 minutes video has a collection of popular Christmas Songs for the kids including jingle bells, SANTA, and many more. So, enjoy singing these songs with your kids and have a wonderful time this holiday season.

02 Christmas Songs for Kids

Be merry and have a musical Christmas this year with the wonderful list of popular songs. The animations in the video are very interesting and will surely get the attention of your little ones. 

Part 6. Create Unique Christmas Videos for Your Kids

So, now you have a list of wonderful videos to enjoy with your kids this Christmas. If you further want to make the season special, you can create some personalized videos and to help you get the task done, Wondershare VidAir is an excellent software to consider. Using this browser-based tool you can make professional-looking videos in no time. Check out the available templates and select the one that matches your requirements and then you are all set to customize it with your choice of media and content. Wondershare is free to use and its user-friendly interface makes the process of video making quick and simple even for the ones without the experience. 


Christmas is the time to be happy and have fun singing the carols and Christmas songs. So, have some wonderful time with your kids with the above-listed songs or create your own personalized Christmas music videos for kids like Christmas toy videos , jingle bells kids video, and more using the versatile Wondershare VidAir software.