Top 10 Christmas Wreaths Ideas to Make Your House Warmer

The referable wreaths ideas for Christmas


Wreaths are an essential part of any Christmas decorations that not only add to the festival vibes but also the warmth of the holiday season. So, this year, make your house look beautiful and different from the below-listed Christmas wreath ideas.

Part 1. Top 10 Referable Christmas Wreaths

01 Silver and Gold Christmas Wreath

Red and green are always used for the Christmas decorations so why not go for something different this year by making silver and gold-colored wreaths. These wreaths look elegant and beautiful and are perfect for the main door.

Silver and Gold

02 Mixed Berry Tree Wreath

Festive red berries will be an interesting way to decorate your halls as well as the door this Christmas season. Create a wreath with the berries and the leaves.

Mixed Berry Tree Wreath

03 Pom-pom Wreath

Pom-pom works everywhere and wreaths are no exception to this. Make your hall, staircase, or even the main door looks chic this festive season using a pom-pom wreath. Additionally, if you can make your Christmas tree also using the pom-pom balls, it would simply look awesome.

Pom-pom Wreath

04 Lit Birch Wreath

The bark of the birch can be used to make the wreath that will bring warmth and nature's shade to the decoration. Adding a few lights will enhance the looks.

Lit Birch Wreath

05 Nostalgia Wreath

Make your wreath speak everything about Christmas by decorating it using vintage ornaments. Add a few black and white ornaments or ribbons to add to the looks.

Nostalgia Wreath

06 Burlap Christmas Wreath

Make an interesting wreath using the burlap that will give a cozy look to your hall as well as the door decorations. If you are making your wreath you can also use some mesh and ribbons to enhance the looks.

Burlap Christmas Wreath

07 Candy Cane Wreath

Another essential for Christmas is candy cane so why not have a wreath with the same. There are several ways in which you can make candy cane wreaths by either using one candy cane with other decoration stuff or joining multiple candy canes to make a wreath. You can also burlap candy cone wreath.

Candy Cane Wreath

08 Snowman Wreath

A snowman wreath right at your main door will make your friends and family smile as they enter your home. You can use different sized wreaths to create a snowman or can also make a snowman and make him sit inside a wreath. Burlap snowman wreath can also be made.

Snowman Wreath

09 Christmas Tree Wreath

A Christmas tree wreath can go with any type of decoration and at any place be it your staircase, hall, kids' room, or the main door. You can make these wreaths in a different manner using ribbons, papers, and other materials. A burlap Christmas tree wreath will also be a good idea.

Tree Wreath

10 Reindeer Wreath

A wreath with a reindeer right at your front door will make your guests feel as if Santa's favourite helper is here to celebrate with you. You can also go for burlap reindeer wreath.

Reindeer Wreath

Part 2. How to Make DIY Christmas Wreath

You can buy different types of wreaths from the market as well as online stores but if you want to be creative and make something customized there are several DIY options available. You can check out several online videos that help you with the DIY wreath making process and ideas for your door, hall as well as the staircase.

So, if you too are keen to make interesting wreaths to decorate your staircase several DIY options are available. We will help you to decorate your staircase using the garlands and the video for the same can be reference

Steps for DIY Christmas Wreath:

  1. First of all, to make stair wreath cover your staircase using the readymade garlands and tie them using the wire that you get along with the garland or the ones you have at home.
  2. Next, wrap the fairy lights on the garlands to make it glow.
  3. Next, add some pine branches to the garland. Add the branches at a distance and make them look blended with the garland.
  4. To make your Christmas decoration smell good, take some orange slices and put them in the oven for a while, and then add them to the garland decorations.
  5. Finally, you can add some ribbon or a branch at the starting of the staircase to give final touches.

Part 3. How to Make a Business Video for Your Christmas Wreath

Looking for a tool to make a business video for the Christmas wreath? Wondershare VidAir is just the right one to consider. Working from your browser, the program only requires you to free sign-up after which it can be used for creating multiple videos of all types including business, personal, intros, and more. Several readymade templates under different categories are available that can be used for quick making of the videos matching your content theme. There is also a paid version of the program that makes your video water-mark free and additionally supports 1080p resolution and 2GB of free cloud storage.

Steps to make a business video for Christmas wreath using VidAir:

Step 1 Sign Up or Login

Create a free account on by clicking on the SIGN-UP button and then log in using the details.

login vidair

Step 2 Choose the Template

Tap on the Create button and the list of templates under different categories will appear. Click on the Christmas tab to check the related templates.

vidair template

Step 3 Edit Your Video

The editing page will now open from where you can make changes to the Text, Video, Photos, and Audio. Use the Uploads tab to add the local media file. The preview button can be used to check the changes done.

edit video

Step 4 Export

Clicking on the Save button will save the changes and then hit on the Export button that will open the pop-up window from where export settings related to the resolution and watermark has to be selected. Finally, click on the Export button to start generating the video and after the process is complete, it will be available for local download.

save and export


There are several Christmas wreaths to make so get your home Christmas ready using ideas mentioned above. Videos related to the wreaths, decorations, and others can be made quickly and in a hassle-free manner using Wondershare VidAir.