Useful Tips to Learn Your Competitors Better

How to Learn from Your Competitors to Grow Your Business

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Identifying your competitors is a crucial step in seeking the right opportunities in the market. That is why competitor analysis is so vital in developing the best marketing strategy for your firm.

Part 1. Online Tool for Video Marketing to Win Your Competitors

Figure out who your competitors are in the market and analyze their business strategies to spot the strengths and weaknesses relative to your business. It is called competitor analysis.

In digital marketing, competitor analysis is one of the ways to develop an effective overall SEO strategy.

✔ Identify who your competitors are.

✔ Identify the competitive pressures to your industry.

✔ Analyse the products your competitors are offering.

✔ Break down the business strategies of your competitors.

✔ Learn about the technology, promotion, pricing, etc.

✔ Perform a SWOT analysis to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors.

✔ Locate the gaps in competitor's capabilities.

✔ Identify and expand on your competitive advantage.

These digital tools are to find your niche in the market and develop a better marketing strategy.

Part 2. Best 10 Competitor Analysis Tools You Should Know

01 SEMrush

SEMrush is one of the most known and widely used brand competitor analyses. It has a valuable SEO competitor analysis tool for SEO audit of blogs.


02 Moz Link Explorer

If you want to upgrade your digital marketing game, Moz Link Explorer is the one for you. Moz Link Explorer offers in-demand online marketing tools. It is one of the free online competitor analysis tools in the market with also a paid option.


03 Owletter

This website competitor analysis tool uses a different approach as it captures all emails sent from a website to their mailing list.


04 iSpionage

iSpionage has strong brand competitor analysis capability. It is also one of the free online competitor analysis tools.


05 Alexa

Alexa gives excellent insight into competitors' performance and thus is one of the best SEO competitor analysis tools.


06 Ahrefs

Ahrefs will give you an in-depth look at organic search traffic and the backlink profile of your website. This website competitor analysis tool has a paid traffic research tool to find the paid traffic of your competitors.


07 BuzzSumo

For the best content insight of your competitors, look no further. Buzzsumo lets you explore high-performing content from competitors in real-time, analyze site data and track comments and trends.


08 WooRank

You cannot miss WooRank in search of the best digital marketing competitor analysis tools, as it eliminates the use of multiple marketing tools and brings it all to a single platform.


09 SimilarWeb

Similarweb has comprehensive tools for digital marketing competitor analysis. It is one of the free competitor analysis tools that also has paid feature.


10 Wappalyzer

Our final entry to the list of digital marketing competitor analysis tools is Wappalyzer. It is another free competitor analysis tool with a paid option.


Part 3. Online Tool for Video Marketing to Win Your Competitors

So you are ready to upgrade your digital marketing game after exhaustive market research. Digital competitor analysis makes only part of the process. If you want to push your business through video marketing, you should check out Wondershare VidAir, an online video maker.

Some of the handy editing features of VidAir include:
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Wondershare VidAir


Competitor analysis is an important strategy to understand the competition and stay ahead of market demands. These digital tools will guide you to find the niche in the market where your product can excel. You have the options for free competitor analysis tools and paid ones. And if you are looking for a tool to improve your video marketing, don't forget to check out VidAir.