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Are you a content developer looking for a content marketing plan template and surfing over content marketing plan examples to plan content for marketing your business? This article is all you need.

All you need is a content marketing planner to develop a robust content strategy. We'd love to mention four elements that work after you tend to produce high-quality and engaging content for the audience as follows

See Here to Find the Four Key Factor ▶▶▶
  • ✔ Drives customer attention and builds trust.
  • ✔ It makes your brand memorable.
  • ✔ No chances of getting blocked by customers.
  • ✔ It increases authority and visibility.

Part 1. Online Video Maker to Help Your Content Marketing

Now, it's high time to list some content plan templates available out there in various categories as defined below. Along, you will also get a marketing plan table of contents examples for each template content plan.

01 Sample Content Plan Template

It is an essential content marketing plan on excel in helping you prioritize and organize potential types by themes or any other category that suits your requirements.

sample content plan template

02 Content Calendar Plan Template

This content calendar plan template is generally to plan and organize content by type and category.

Content Calendar Plan Template

03 Social Media Content Marketing Plan Template

It is a customizable social media content marketing plan template to help you categorize the content planning among various social media platforms at each month's end.

social media content marketing plan template

04 Blog Content Planner Template

It is a monthly blog content planner template categorized effectively to develop strategies for different blog posts.

blog content planner template

05 Website Content Marketing Planner Template

The website content marketing plan template on excel, when done in groups, looks super organizational, as shown above. It is also a content editorial plan where you're only required to modify the main titles that best suit your business and sitemap needs.

Website Content Marketing Planner Template

Part 2. Useful Tips for Making Content Marketing Plan

Given below are some expert tips on how to develop the best content plan template. So, let’s begin without further ado!

01 Consider essential key elements

The essential vital elements of content marketing are Strategic Plan, Positioning, Business Case, and Value Proposition. So, you're required to consider each of these elements by answering a few questions.

02 Perform a content audit

Performing a content audit must be the primary step towards effective mass content production.

03 Set Goals beforehand

It's also crucial to set your goals beforehand, including operational plans, strategic goals, and the vision and mission statement of your company.

04 Select your channels

It is needed to fill in the blanks with different channels. A wise selection of content channels while keeping in mind the target audience is required here.

05 Ascertain your audience base

Understand your audience's lifestyle, problems, concerns, and needs according to the niche you're developing content in. Make sure you don't mix up the audience base with the ultimate buyers of your product.

06 Find suitable content topics

Uncovering suitable topics for a high audience's engagement is also necessary. It is the ultimate goal of any content planning.

07 Effective Content Production

The best content is SEO-friendly and diversified adequately as per the audience base. The diverse mix of content helps appeal to every member in the audience base accordingly.

08 Repurpose your content

Follow various methods to repurpose existing content by including Infographics, videos, slideshows, segmenting long articles into short ones, white papers, slide presentations, informative images, and other usable snippets for social media.

Part 3. Online Video Maker to Help Your Content Marketing

“What is an example of repurposing content?”

The very example by which you can repurpose existing content is to create short informational videos. Simultaneously, video content will help you drive multiple times of engagement than another form of readable content.

After selecting the digital content plan template, make sure you add categories or specific areas to repurpose already published content in the form of videos.

Since the content for repurposing is from existing pieces, it shouldn't be time-consuming at all. To cater to the significant and professional needs of content marketing strategies, we'd like to recommend Wondershare VidAir as the best online video editor with lots of quick editing tools. It has numerous attractive templates to start with.

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Wondershare VidAir

Part 3. Online Video Maker to Help Your Content Marketing

High-quality and engaging content can do a lot more for your organization than you even think of, where the content marketing plan samples discussed here will help you a lot.

Thus, you shouldn't be the one who overlooks developing content to market their products or services. Instead, it must be the first step in any marketing plan to get your brand out there.