Top 8 Courses on Social Media Marketing

Get the Top-Rated Course on Social Media Marketing and Become an Expert within Less Time.

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Want to make an impactful social media presence? Get the top-rated course on social media marketing now and become an expert within less time.

“Why should I learn social media marketing?”

Searching for the best course on social media marketing in the world of Instagram, YouTube, etc., isn't a strange aspect. You can even call it a bit irrelevant to specific niches a few years ago. But, nowadays, you're highly required to learn social media marketing irrespective of your niche.

Considering these awful insights in social media significance, we've devised this specific post on top 8 social media marketing online courses. Let's review each of them by developing an interest beforehand to get positive outcomes. Curiosity is what defines the successful execution of any task.

Part 1. Top Social Media Marketing Online Course Learning Free

The world of social media can be so overwhelming, especially when you're just starting. No worries, this social media marketing blog is only for you if you face social media paralysis or are stuck on what to do next in the social media game.

Now, let's review our top 8 advanced social media marketing courses as follows!

01 Facebook Advertising Blueprint

Facebook, being one of the top social media platforms, offers specific advertising courses over this official website. Furthermore, the platform serves as a great advertisement channel for businesses. It provides a free social media marketing course that is self-guided and helps you develop versatile skills to market over other media such as Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

This website launched a couple of years ago, consists of valuable content such as:
  • ✔ Instagram for Business
  • ✔ How to Create an Ad on Facebook
  • ✔ A Beginner's Guide to Finding Images for your Ads, and so on
facebook advertising blueprint

02 Inbound Marketing Certification by Hubspot Academy

Learn social media marketing free at the renowned Hubspot Academy platform. All of its marketing courses focus on professional content in various social media and digital marketing industries. However, curious beginners in the field are also ideal for such classes.

hubspot academy inbound marketing certification

03 Video Storytelling for Social Media

It's a short 5-day challenge training session on making high-quality storytelling videos on iPhone or Android devices. The course aims at learning the most fundamentals of creating high-tech storytelling videos, specifically in three sections. The social media marketing course online for free tells how you can initially hook the audience and offer them valuable content in the middle, leading with a strong call-to-action.

video storytelling for social media

04 Arcadium course on social media marketing

It's another renowned platform to learn from vetted business owners. The Digital Apprenticeship Program at Arcadium helps you get real work experience while working at different businesses. Thus, it's a unique social media marketing online course with a professional base. The good part is that most of their apprenticeship programs offer long-term employment in areas like Facebook Marketing, Twitter Marketing, Yelp Marketing, Google for Business, Instagram Marketing, etc.

acadium course on social media marketing

05 Coursera Social Media Marketing Courses

Coursera is a versatile platform to learn different skills. And, you can also learn social media marketing, over the platform itself. There are courses, namely Facebook Social Media Marketing, Viral Marketing and How to Craft Contagious Content, Social Media Management, Influencer Marketing Strategy, etc. Overall, it's awesome content worth considering.

Coursera social media marketing courses

06 Social Media Quickstarter Digital Marketing Course

This website offers social media marketing training courses, especially for beginners. They offer engaging step-by-step instructions on how to build a solid social media presence across various social channels. To get started, you can get their courses such as Twitter 101, LinkedIn 101, Facebook 101, Instagram 101, Pinterest 101, Google My Business, etc.

social media quickstarter digital marketing course

07 Social Media Marketing Specialization

It's another excellent course offered by Coursera's social media marketing section. Northwestern University designed the course for different personnel like executives, freelancers, and marketing professionals who want to gain knowledge of social channels strategy. After you pay for the course, you have access to all the six lessons: What is Social Media, The Importance of Listening; Engagement & Nurture Marketing Strategies, Content, Advertising & Social IMC; The Business of Social Media; and Social Marketing Capstone Project.

social media marketing specialization

08 Writing for Social Media

You can write attention-spanning captions, stories, and other social media content after pursuing this writing course on social media marketing. It is an entirely free social marketing course except for the paid certificate. These were all great platforms from where to learn social media marketing free online.

writing for social media

Part 2. Make Social Media Marketing Video Easily Online

This section highlights the importance of utilizing related tools to quick start your social media growth after gaining valuable information on social media marketing training courses. One such tool that comes super handy these days is VidAir by Wondershare. This software company recently launched a platform keeping in mind the boiling social media requirements of content creators around the globe. Firstly, it's an online video editing tool without any need for complex installation setups. Secondly, it's a bit of unique software primarily focused on fuelling your social media marketing tactics. Yes, you can count on each design aspect of the software to create quick social media shareable videos in professional presentation styles.

Given below are three simple steps on how you can make awesome social media videos on VidAir.

Steps to create a social media-specific video on VidAir:

Step 1 Get Started by Log-In

Visit the official website of Wondershare VidAir and tap straight into the Log-In button as shown below.

login Wondershare vidair

Step 2 Select Video Template

Select Choose a Template button and find attractive templates to choose from. Click the Use this Template tab after you making a choice.

select video template vidair

Step 3 Edit and Download your Project

Given below is a screenshot of the intuitive editing interface of VidAir, where you can customize every element to get your project done successfully. After you finish the editing, finally click the Export button.

vidair editing timeline

Thus, these were all the crucial steps you need to follow after gaining valuable info on the best course on social media marketing.


So, these were the platforms to get the best course on social media marketing. It also consists of free online social media marketing courses with certificates you can consider in 2021. In the end, we'd like to say that if you have a solid social media presence in this technological era, it is equivalent to a million dollars in hand. It's the proven reality that you can't overlook anymore. So, go, get the best social media marketing online course, do some practical, and showcase it in your portfolio skill sets. We assure you it can get you a good amount of bucks from personal brand marketing and marketing the stuff of others.