Top 6 Inspirational Ideas to Make Creative Cyber Monday Ads

6 marketing ideas for cyber monday


As we prepare ourselves for the two of the most anticipated shopping data, Cyber Monday and Black Friday, companies and brands are buckling up to present their ad campaigns for the two holidays in the best possible way.

As online merchants, you need to work hard on your Cyber Monday ads. This article will help you understand different Cyber Monday campaign ideas. Keep reading and get ready for the best Cyber Monday sale ads.

Part 1. What's The Difference Between Cyber Monday vs. Black Friday?

Customers are eagerly waiting for Cyber Monday that is supposed to happen on Monday, 30th November 2020. However, Black Friday will happen on Friday, 27th November 2020, even though there is not much of a difference in terms of products between Cyber Monday and Black Friday.

But Cyber Monday was initiated so that small retailer can avail of this opportunity to showcase their products at a much lower price and compete with some of the top brands and companies. Soon after the popularity of Cyber Monday, many big companies started giving discounts on Cyber Monday.Black Friday, on the other hand, is an informal name given to Friday, which comes after Thanksgiving Day.

Since customers look forward to Cyber Monday, it provides all the online merchants with an opportunity to increase their revenue by giving away some attractive deals on some of the items. We will share some ideas for Cyber Monday preview ads, which can turn out to be quite helpful who are looking for some inspiration.

Part 2. Top 6 Cyber Monday Campaign Ideas

01 Focus on mail time


No matter what people have to say about email marketing, if you want to introduce your company's Cyber Monday sale, you need to invest in a robust email marketing campaign.

This idea is said to be one of the best Cyber Monday campaigns. Once Black Friday is over, you can immediately send away an email to all of your customers. Allow your customers to know that cyber Monday is going to be equally fun!

This method not only lets your customers know about the offers, discounts, and deals, but it lets you build momentum for the rest of the promotions for Cyber Monday. The best thing to go about is to segment your customers and create a tailored message for different groups to receive better responses.

02 One day only

one day

Everyone will be trying to captivate their audience by giving away the best deals, but how to make sure that your customers will run away to your online store to buy during the Cyber Monday sale? For this, you need to create a sense of urgency.

By doing this, your customers will want to buy items almost right away, not to miss out on any good deals. Here's what you need to do. Send an email to customers saying that 60% off sale will last from 8 pm to 10 pm. Give them two hours window. Just like that, you can keep sending that will display other deals that will take place for only two hours.

03 Thank you gifts


Customers always feel great when someone thanks them for shopping with someone. To engage and enhance customer relationships, you can send a gift to some customers who shop for a certain amount. The gift doesn't have to be something extravagant. It could be a custom holiday calendar or a nice cotton bag.

As a company, you are simply saying thank you to your beloved customers for shopping with them. This is something that the same customers will look forward to the next time they shop from you.

04 Bundle up

bundle up

Companies that offer gift-giving usually make more profit than those who don't. By saying that, this could be another superb Cyber Monday campaign. You can create some fantastic combinations of some of the items, which will be useful for gifting. If they buy it, offer them premium gift packaging. This way, your buyers will not have to worry about ordering gift packaging separately.

05 Play to win your customers' hearts


Everyone looks forward to a good discount. Cyber Monday is all about discounts, but if you offer them something extra, that will be even better. You can create a wheel of fortune for shoppers, which will let them win some attractive discounts on a certain item. Also, don't offer them a discount on any random object. Select items carefully that will add some value.

06 Shopping for charity


Here's something more that you can do. Holidays are about giving back to society as well. Hence, promote your Cyber Monday sales by saying that a percentage of your Cyber Monday sale will go to a charity or a foundation. People who look forward to donating feel great about this and feel more inclined to shop from those who will give back to the community.

Part 3. The Best Tool for Making Ads for Cyber Monday

Now that you know about different Cyber Monday Facebook ads campaigns, why not try to create something interesting for Cyber Monday ads? One tool that will let you create stunning Cyber Monday ads is Wondershare VidAir. This easy to use tool will let you add text, video/photos, and even audio. Tools can come in very handy when you are just starting with a brand new ad campaign. Go through the step by step tutorial to understand how to use VidAir.

Step 1 Sign Up to VidAir and Login

signup vidair

To get started with this video making tool, you will first have to sign up on Wondershare Vid Air. Else, if you have Wondershare ID already, you can log in to it directly.

Step 2 Go on and choose a template

vidair templates

Once you are logged in, go on and click on the template option to look at the templates' galore. If you want, you may enter a keyword to look for desired templates.

Step 3 Edit your content

edit your video

After you select your favorite template, it's time to start creating your video. Here in the edit section, you will upload local files and add a photo, video, audio, and text. Once done, you need to tap on the save option to save your video. The video will be saved to My Projects. To export the video on your system, click on the Export option. And that's about it! Easy to use and straightforward.

Cyber Monday gives you a chance to enhance your profits tremendously. However, to achieve that, you must know how to go about it and have the right tool to edit your video right away. Go ahead and start working on your Cyber Monday ad campaign right away and use VidAir to make your Cyber Monday ad making process easy.