Cyber Monday Clothing Sales Video Ideas

Get some inspiration from these Cyber Monday Clothing Sales Videos


It's that time of the year again when people are getting ready for unbelievable shopping deals. Cyber Monday Clothing Sales is one of those days that people wait for with bated breath.

If you want to have one of the best Cyber Monday clothing sales in town for your business, you know that you need to build the hype around the sales with eye-catching social media ads, videos, offline flyers, and more.

The competition is tough, and you need to stand out from the crowd. But no afraid, we are here to tell you how to do that. Today's key to powerful marketing is to tell emotionally captivating stories that stay with a viewer long after they have closed the video. Once you watch some of the videos mentioned below, this will be clearer.

Let us start by looking at some inspirational cyber Monday clothing sales videos by top brands.

The video's message need not necessarily be about the product you are selling. Still, it can be about the larger benefit or difference that someone gets or makes from purchasing your product.

Part 1. Top 5 Referable Cyber Monday Clothing Videos

01 Lululemon - Who is Daryl Homer?

Cyber Monday date: 30th November 2020.

Straight up, this is not a lululemon cyber Monday sale video, but that does not mean that you can't derive inspiration from it.

One thing that you will notice about great sales videos is that they are very subtle about the product that they are promoting. Lululemon is no different. The focus is on Daryl Homer with no direct mention of Lululemon.

From this inspiration, Try a different approach to making your sales videos this Cyber Monday. The results might surprise you pleasantly.

02 Patagonia - Women's Steel Forge Denim Overalls

Cyber Monday date: 30th November 2020

Patagonia makes outdoor clothing and gear for silent sports such as rafting, running, mountaineering, and more. In the video above, they have taken a straightforward approach of showing and telling at the same time. They describe their denim overalls' advantages and show us how they actually perform at work on a farm.

This is another approach to your promotional videos that you can take where you show and talk about the product benefits at the same time. The benefits of the product are being shown in real-time while the person wears them and works simultaneously. You can make similar illustrative videos too about your best-selling clothing items.

03 Hollister - All the fits that fit your vibe

Cyber Monday date: 30th November 2020

Like the previous videos, Hollister has not made any specific Hollister Cyber Monday sales video, but instead, they have some really cool inspirational videos.

In the above video, Hollister shows some young women (social media influencers) that since they do not fit into a box, neither should their jeans. There is a powerful underlying message in the video that appeals to young women to limit their physical looks and flaunt their looks.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that Hollister typically has a 50 % off store-wide sale for the entire Thanksgiving weekend, and it ends with cyber Monday.

04 Pacsun: Holiday 2020

Cyber Monday date: 30th November 2020

Sometimes, the best advertising can be done when you're not advertising at all. Pacsun's holiday 2020 video for the holiday season, including Pacsun Cyber Monday, shows just that.

The video features customers and their store associates talking about their value system and beliefs. You can adopt something similar for your cyber Monday sales video and ensure that you are different from your competitors.

As in all the previous videos, there is no loud focus on brand promotion. Instead, everything is done in a subtle and restrained tonality. Without explicitly mentioning it, the brand has shown that it chooses to support its employees' and customers' values and beliefs. This makes it more endearing to the viewers of the video.

05 Carhartt – For our friends on labor day

Cyber Monday date: 30th November 2020

Carhartt Cyber Monday sale is something that customers wait for eagerly throughout the year. The more than 130 -year-old company has a rich legacy of producing durable and affordable clothing for men, women, and children. This is amply demonstrated in the above video.

2020 has been a tough year for everyone across the globe. It has also been a year when we have been reminded of the work of dedicated men and women who serve and toil for us, often thanklessly. Carhartt decided to say a heartfelt thank you to these people in the above video.

You can draw inspiration from the above video for your cyber Monday clothing sales video because you can also choose to thank someone or a group of people for the services they have rendered. As amply clear by now, it need not explicitly talk about your business but keeping your business in the background is enough to send out a powerful message.

Part2: How to Make Your Cyber Monday Marketing Video

We have got you covered when making a professional Cyber Monday clothing sales video without needing any prior video editing skills.

Use Wondershare VidAir. This video editing tool will help you create a smooth and professional video just the way you want it. The best part is that you don't need any editing skills, and the tool is straightforward to follow.

A step-by-step guide for VidAir

Step 1 Sign Up or Login

If you're a new user, sign in to the app, or if you're an existing wondershare user, you can use your Wondershare credentials to log in.

login vidair

Step 2 Choosing your template.

Once you have logged in, you will see a huge selection of templates to choose from. There is also a search bar in which you can search for the desired template.

choose template

Step 3 Edit your video.

VidAir is a complete one-stop solution for editing videos. Therefore it lets you add text, images, video clips, and audio. You can import and export files in a variety of formats. Once you are done creating your video, you can export it to your computer in any given format.

edit video

Making your cyber Monday clothing sales video should not be so difficult now. It is a matter of taking inspiration from the bigger and established brands in the market. Take help from VidAir, and you'll be ready in no time with a professional video that will appeal to your customers.