Cyber Monday Electronic Deals Video Ideas

How to boost your Cyber Monday electronic sales?


Cyber Monday is a retailer's best bet at hitting the jackpot before the year ends. Since everyone is on a shopping spree at this time of the year, this might be your chance to sky-rocket your sales by smartly marketing your Cyber Monday electronic deals. If you are worried about how to do that, worry not. Read ahead to know more.

Part 1. Top 5 Referable Cyber Monday Electronic Deals Videos

We have hand-selected the top-trending Cyber Monday electronic deals and mentioned everything there is need to know about their marketing tactics

01 AirPods

The highly trending Air pods are number one on Cyber Monday electronic deals since this is the most popular electronic gadget.

Apple Air Pods Cyber Monday promotions are a huge hit owing to their effortless marketing strategy. Contrary to other major Cyber Monday electronic deals, Apple powerfully showcases its Air pods without highlighting or adding any voiceover to narrate its key features. They showcase the Air Pods effect by highlighting its response, ultimately evidences their product's qualities. In the end, they briefly mention the most striking features that set their Air Pods Cyber Monday deal apart.

The inspiration: Simplicity can be a powerful marketing tool. Showcase your Air pods authenticity by featuring how powerful its features are and how they are advantageous to the buyer.

02 PS4

Plenty of PS4 Cyber Monday deals are now up for grabs. But, among all others, this particular video stands out. The hilariously powerful video conveys the message of how happy a person feels when it's time to play PS4. A bored individual's mood lightens up when the routine life is disturbed due to a blizzard, and he gets the time and opportunity to play PS4. The crux of this video is that even without featuring your products, and an incredibly gripping story can lure buyers.

The inspiration: Build a compelling story instead of going for a product-centered video. Add in trendy or hilarious music to attract views towards your ad, and introduce your PS4 Cyber Monday deals in the end when you have successfully grabbed everyone's attention

03 iPad

With Cyber Monday electronic deals on the go, Apple also joins the frenzy. iPad sales on Cyber Monday are highly sought-after and hence crucial to market in this holiday shopping season.

Showcasing their latest product, they highlight the key features just by crafting a powerful video with editing. The video relies heavily on motion graphics and keyframing to animate the video and make it attractive. Apple further adds cheerful music to grip the audience with the song, tempting them to watch the whole promotion. They also portray the sleek design and attractive colors of the iPad that lures customers looking for stylish and reliable iPad sales on Cyber Monday.

The inspiration: Make sure you highlight your product's most striking features to the fullest. Mention the latest edition and new updates since people are always looking for updates in technology. Make your marketing video visually attractive by adding appealing graphics to draw the attention

04 Camera

Cyber Monday camera sales come with the best deals offering huge savings and specials. Since Cyber Monday electronic deals are the best once-a-year sales, people grab as much as they can, and so it's crucial to advertise your camera deals to boost sales.

Panasonic's promotion video for Lumix G9 is an excellent example of a compelling marketing approach. Starting with the phrase 'The Photographer's Choice,' Lumix declares their product to be a professional's preference. Then it goes on to seal the deal by showcasing the powerful features. It also displays the camera's actual photographs to make sure the quality of the camera is evident to the potential buyers. Since photographers look for every detail before they go on to purchase any camera, Lumix prominently mentions all the features along with an example for a clear understanding

The inspiration: You can easily take inspiration from these Cyber Monday camera sales deals and showcase your own product in detail with all the technical highlights adequately displayed. Show your product's quality with examples to influence the viewers

05 Laptop

Following Black Friday, Cyber Monday laptop sales are now on the market. Lenovo being one of the biggest gadget retailers markets its products extensively and effectively like this promotion video.

Cyber Monday electronic deals are available at substantial price cuts, which is why the laptop sales sky-rocket on this particular day. It's essential to lure customers as Lenovo did by introducing it's Pro Gaming Notebook. They craft a powerful video displaying in detail all the specifications and features of their product. The main components are mentioned in captions like 'improved circulation and high performance.' Such a detailed visual account of a product tempts potential buyers into trying it out.

The inspiration: Take note that graphics play a major role in attracting an audience. Motion graphics and animations draw attention, which further leads to improved sales. Add in powerful audio that gets people motivated to buy.

Part2: How to Make Your Cyber Monday Marketing Video

It's time for you to craft your own Cyber Monday electronic deals video to boost sales and revenue. With the rapid acceleration of video marketing, it is now crucial for you to enter this game and develop unique promotion videos to lure customers.

However, you might not have enough time on your hands, but, lucky for you, I have just the solution. Wondershare VidAir is an online video editor designed to provide a quick fix to your videos. It is safe and incredibly easy to use. You can use various templates for free to create a stunning professional-grade video.

A mere four-step process of making Cyber Monday marketing video

Step 1 Log in or Sign up

Open VidAir on your browser. Login or SignUp if you don't have an account

create vidair account

Step 2 Template finding

Please choose the desired template from the Categories Click on it and tap on UseThisTemplate

cyber monday template

Step 3 Edit your video

Now, upload your video and audio. Choose a catchy caption style from the Text tab or add filters.

edit video

Step 4 Export

Finally, press Export. In the pop-up box, choose the resolution, and tap Export again

save and export


So, the secret is out, and now it all depends on you. It's time to create a Cyber Monday Electronic deals video that stands out and attracts huge crowds. Don't forget to implement the key strategies by some of the most influential Air Pods Cyber Monday videos.

Start early and aim high! Good luck.