Cyber Monday Furniture Sales Video Ideas

Get inspiration from these Cyber Monday furniture videos


Are you looking for ways to step up your marketing this year? Cyber Monday is the biggest shopping festival, and you can easily make the most of it if you play smartly. You can learn from the best and implement the same successful strategies from this article to your own Cyber Monday furniture sales videos to boost traffic and revenue.

Part 1. Top 5 Referable Cyber Monday Furniture Videos

Let's talk in detail about the Home Depot Cyber Monday video and Ikea Cyber Monday deal and see what the hype is all about. We will also discuss a few other top-notch Cyber Monday mattress deals so you can replicate their marketing approach and enter the big leagues.


With the shopping frenzy just about to start, Home Depot Cyber Monday deals are also up for grabs. A unique marketing strategy by Home Depot is to showcase how their products can be used to.

A promotion video that showcases Home Depot Cyber Monday products being used to build furniture at home will compel people to get it all from Home Depot and follow the tutorial to assemble it. Featuring the actual products will also prove their reliability and authenticity. People will be more inclined to buy Home Depot products if it can be successfully used as portrayed by the video tutorials.

The Inspiration: Showcase your product's reliability and feature it in real-time so maximum effect. Take inspiration from the Home Depot Cyber Monday promotion and replicate a similar video to draw attention to the amazing discounts you offer. Also, trigger urgency by adding captions like the Last piece left or Limited stock.


Ikea is a one-to-shop for all your appliances, furniture, and home accessories. Ikea's already exciting products don't need much marketing, so they go for a simple yet equally powerful marketing strategy.

In this video, Ikea features its deals and starts with the discount they are offering. Mentioning a range of 25-75% discount keeps a person interested enough to watch the whole video. Before and after the value, prices make it prominent how much a person is saving with this fantastic deal. Showcasing their original products further entices people and draws attention.

The Inspiration: Implement similar tactics and mention the huge savings you are offering to lure bargain hunters. Make your graphics stand out to attract customers. Keep the audience glued by building excitement, just like Ikea Cyber Monday did by mentioning the huge discounts.


Briarwood Home elegantly features its Black Friday and Cyber Monday mattress deals. Prominently displaying an 80% discount is the key to tempt viewers. Catchy captions further draw attention and interest to their products. They also urge customers to hurry to avail of the deals while the stocks last.

Featuring the specific products included in the Cyber Monday furniture sales entices customers to take their pick. It is essential to display the huge discounts that you are offering. The font, graphics, and color also play a vital role in ensuring that your message is seen and heard.

The Inspiration: You can easily replicate Cyber Monday furniture sales by Briarwood by highlighting your best products and their advantages to lure people to your store. Add captions that trigger impatience and compel people to fill their carts. Also, mention your best discount deals but keep the video short to keep it interesting.


Cyber Monday coach sales couldn't be any more interesting than this one by Furniture & Appliance Mart. They start by emphasizing that the Cyber Monday deal is for a single day and hence trigger urgency. After successfully grabbing attention, they showcase a few Cyber Monday furniture deals and also feature the original products in real settings to really lure the customers in.

The upbeat and powerful background music further entices people to get up and start shopping and creates a sense of race for the products on sale for only one day. The voiceover grips attention by mentioning the incredible deals and displaying the various sale items' various choices.

The Inspiration: You can take inspiration from these Cyber Monday furniture sales videos that are right on point and also super-easy and low on budget to create. Emphasize the urgency to grab items before the day ends by repeatedly mentioning a one-day sale. Interest the people by giving riveting details about the products on sale.


The Mattress Warehouse takes the lead if you are looking for highly interactive and unique Cyber Monday mattress deals.

Instead of showcasing the products or their store, The Mattress Warehouse goes a little more unique by showing a festive and cheerful mood implying happy customers. The biggest and best sales starting as early as 1st November are also smart to get the most traffic before all the other brands join the shopping frenzy. They go creative by offering a lucky draw that requires no additional registration or anything else. Just availing of their Cyber Monday mattress deals automatically gives people a chance to win a luxury mattress.

The Inspiration: Go for a similar unique tactic that makes your Cyber Monday bedding sales stand out and take the lead. Give unique discount offers or giveaways on purchase. Offer early-bird discounts to attract more and more customers looking to get the best deals.

Part 2. How to Make Your Cyber Monday Marketing Video

Now that you have a few excellent examples on hand, you can easily recreate the best Cyber Monday furniture sales videos to boost your e-commerce. We understand that the holiday season is quite hectic, and you might be extremely busy, which is why we present to you Wondershare VidAir.

An online video editor by Wondershare that is specifically designed to provide a quick editing solution. It comes with various stylish video templates you can use in one click to create stunning Cyber Monday furniture sales videos in no time.

You can also add eye-catching captions like the ones in Home Depot Cyber Monday ads. Also, try out the filters for a professional edit effect or add upbeat music to convey the holiday vibes. In short, you can push your creative limits and craft unique Cyber Monday furniture sales ads.

Make your Cyber Monday marketing video in 3 steps

Step 1 Log in or SignUp for free

signup vidair

Step 2 Choose templates

Search your favorite templates and click Use the Template.


Step 3 Edit Your Video

Now, upload your video and start editing. Either choose music from the Audio tab or upload one of your own choices. Add text and change the font, style, or position.


Step 4 Export

save and export

Cyber Monday is basically the online version of Black Friday but is equally important for the retailers and consumers. You might want to switch up your marketing approach and create some stunning Cyber Monday furniture sales videos to attract customers. Just make sure your Cyber Monday furniture sales videos offer deals too-good-to-miss.