Best 5 Cyber Monday Makeup Video Ideas

Use these makeup Cyber Monday ideas to boost sales now.


You must know about Cyber Monday as an e-commerce term that refers to the Monday following the Thanksgiving weekend. This day is considered the second biggest shopping day in the US.

Many of the winter retail holidays are quickly approaching, so fierce competition in the marketers' e-commerce market would be fierce. But if you want, you could use the best creative ideas for the success of makeup Cyber Monday sales. This season uses innovative marketing video strategies for e-commerce or retail since video marketing is the best solution and creative idea required for marketing.

We prepare the five best makeup brand marketing videos to inspire you to make your promo video. Let's learn from them and boost your sales.

Part 1. Top 5 Referable Cyber Monday Beauty Deals Videos

Suppose you are willing to create the best marketing video for your beauty brand products. In that case, you may take reference from the videos as mentioned below to get a clear idea about the cyber Monday beauty deals videos:

01 ULTA Beauty: Where Dreams Begin

ULTA BEAUTY is the most popular beauty retailer that offers the best cosmetics, fragrances, skincare products, hair care products, and salon services. Cyber Monday makeup deals offer you a great range of Utla beauty products. Ulta Cyber Monday includes the best range of beauty products for sales. The beauty product company could create such an attractive video for their brand promotion.

The inspiration: Through this video, ULTA BEAUTY shows its brand's spirit that shows the connection between the beginning of dreams and the power of beauty. You may use your brand spirit through a story in a video where your audience could connect with your brand.

02 Sephora: The Unlimited Power of Beauty

If you are a beauty product company and want to promote your brand, you may reference the above links. The video is related to the Sephora beauty brand. Sephora is the popular French multinational retailer that offers personal care and beauty products. On Sephora Cyber Monday, you could get beauty products at better deals. It includes beauty products like cosmetics, skincare, body, fragrance, nail color, beauty tools, and much more.

The inspiration: In this video, the brands describe the story of a girl's life journey and the ultimate power of beauty with Sephora. Your views could easily connect with this story, so you must also choose a story for your brand advertisement to relate and get inspired by your brand.

03 BootsX Reel | Unmissable Moments | BootsX | Boots UK

You may get out the BootsX Reel | Unmissable Moments | BootsX | Boots UK for better reference for making beauty brand videos. Boots is a popular brand that offers the best beauty products that women love to use. In the Cyber Monday boots sales, you could get the popular boot products in the best deals and discounts.

The inspiration: Boots shows that you should be yourself as there are more people like you. It includes all the unmissable moments with Boots products. You may use such creative and inspiring ideas in your brand promotion and advertisement.

04 Huda Beauty Haze Obsessions Palette & Collection

Huda Beauty is a famous brand that is evolving day by day. If you want to enjoy the best makeup, then Huda beauty Cyber Monday could be the best option to choose. Huda Beauty's boss shares the secrets to her success is the best video. You could follow the reference link mentioned above to get more ideas about creating beauty brand marketing videos.

The inspiration: This is the product launch video that shows the beautiful collection of Huda Beauty Haze Obsessions Palette. You could get an idea about the brand Huda as it shows the complete view of each element in the product.

05 Introducing the Cor-de-Rosa Collection

The above reference link is for the beauty brand that wants to market its product to create the best marketing video. Sigma Beauty is a popular brand that offers professional beauty tools. Sigma beauty Cyber Monday includes the best brushes.

The inspiration: It introduces its product in a perfect manner, which allows the audience the understand the product in an easy way, and it also attracts them to buy the product. Suppose you are launching any new beauty product in the market. In that case, you may create such effective videos to provide your customer with the idea about your new product and to easily create a want in the market for your product before its launch.

Part 2. How to Make Your Cyber Monday Marketing Video?

Are you planning to promote your brand this year during the biggest shopping weekend? Do you want to know how to make your cyber Monday marketing video? If yes, then do not worry as you are in the right place. You could use Wondershare VidAir for making your marking videos.

It is a simple but efficient online video maker. Through this online video maker, you could easily and quickly create video templates. It also allows you to edit the template with text, video clips, images, music, and much more.

There are three simple steps to use the VidAir video maker

Step 1 Sign Up or Login

If you are using the VidAir video maker tool, then you need to log in to your Wondershare account. If you already have an account, you could click on the login option and enter your ID and password for the login process; or not, you can create a new one free.

login vidair

Step 2 Choosing Your templates

In the second step, you need to choose a template. Here on this page, you will see all the templates by category that you could use for your video. Choose the templates that meet your video requirements, and then click on Use this template to start the video creating process.

vidair template

Step 3 Edit video

The final step is the video editor overview. You can start creating videos by adding text, video, photos, audio, and uploading your local files.

When you have done all the steps, you can click on the “Save” option in the right top corner. After all the changes have been made and saved the video, these tools allow you to export the video to other father use files.

edit video

Follow all the above steps and enjoy your creative video easily and quickly. You could add this video to various social media platforms for marketing your brand. The best makeup Cyber Monday deals video could be a beneficial marketing process for your brand.