How to Use Video to Increase Cyber Monday Sales

Best 5 Cyber Monday sales videos inspire you to increase business sales.


Advertisements have the power to send across the message. Especially video Ads, they can increase your conversion by at least 80%, then increase sales. Not just this, more around 83% of businesses have stated that videos have helped them with a better return on investment.

In summary, for the best Cyber Monday sales, you need to be ready with the best Cyber Monday videos.

And if you want to know about the best Cyber Monday video editing software that will make the video-making process easy, you have come to the right place.

Part 1. Creative Cyber Monday Videos Inspire Your Imagination.

In the frame of a 2-minutes video, you have to show the best of your products creatively. That sounds hard. That's why here we will talk about the five Cyber Monday videos, which we think you can learn and get inspiration from. Check them out.

01 Chubbies: Thighber Monday

If you watch the complete video, you will realize that Chubbies are branding their products in a ridiculous yet fun manner. This is the reason why so many people have ended up watching this ad. What this ad does perfectly is capturing the spirit of the brand. If you want to market your brand to increase its sale during target Cyber Monday sales, you can take some inspiration from this funny video.

The Inspiration: To create your own fun video, think of a hilarious way that will show off all your products in the right way, and will allow the customers to have a good time. Think about what your customers will like, and don't forget to take some inspiration from superheroes.

02 Aescripts: Bolder and Better

When you sell something similar to your competitor, what can be done to make your ad stand out from the rest? Try going bolder and bigger. If you consider this advertisement, you will notice that the company uses bold motion graphics, which allow the brand to come across as something fun and bright.

The Inspiration: If you are thinking of increasing your revenue for after Cyber Monday sales, you can think of going a bit simpler; however, ensure that your ad tells everything about your brand and the highlight of your ad.

03 Target: Let’s Go Cute

Target Cyber Monday sales are something everyone should look out for. Such a cute little ad, but it talks about their sale perfectly. Here in the video, you will see a brother and sister talking about the upcoming cyber Monday sale and getting all excited about it. And what makes the ad a hit is the inclusion of cute minions, who are equally thrilled about the Cyber Monday sale on Target. Just hear the minions say Bananas, and you will have a good laugh.

The Inspiration: You might not have the targets' budget, but you surely do have Cyber Monday video editing software. Hence, use a reliable tool, and create an ad that will show a few people talking about Cyber Monday sale excitedly. Just like in this ad. Along with this, to make the ad even more appealing, insert a few cartoon characters.

04 Herschel Supplies: Very simple but enticing

We really liked the Herschel Supplies ad. It is simple and conveys the message just perfectly. The video features a big computer screen, where the browser goes through the list of products that the company has to sell. Finally, the person looking at the products takes out his wallet to pay for his purchase.

The Inspiration: To create a simpler looking ad, you can think of creating a slideshow and list all the attractive products, also highlight the ones that you think are the best for your customers.

05 Total Wireless: Cyber Monday Carol

You must watch the Total Wireless Cyber Monday act because they look it a step further. The ad captures the audience's attention in the right way, and the whole theatrical ads look extremely eye-catching. The presence of the ghost of Cyber Monday and the sudden realization that online shopping can give everyone a better experience than the rest doubles the joy.

The Inspiration: To create your own version of a theatrical ad, here's what you can do. Collect some good holiday stories, and spice up with your own twist.

Part 2. Make Your Own Cyber Monday Video.

Now that you know about some of the great Cyber Monday sales ad copies, how about creating something on your own by using an easy tool. You can try Wondershare VidAir, which is an easy to use online video maker tool. It provides you with different templates, which you can later edit by adding music, video clips, images, and texts.

How you can use VidAir to make great videos for ad campaigns.

Step 1 Sign up first and then login

create vidair account

To begin using it, you will first have to log in to Wondershare ID. You will see a login option. Click on that.

Step 2 Choose a template

cyber Monday templates

Once you log in, the next thing to do is to click on the template button. The option will be on the top. You will find different templates as per your taste and requirements. You can look for templates by selecting templates or different keywords. The tool will let you preview the template as well.

Step 3 Video editor overview

save video

After choosing your template, you can start editing your video as well. You can add audio, photo, video, and text. Not just this, the tool will allow you to add local files as well. Once done, click on the "Save" option to save the video. By clicking on the "Export" button, you can export the video to start using it.


Create attractive videos for Cyber Monday sales and captivate your audience so that you start earning attention. Try VidAir, which will make the overall video creation process extremely easy. Rely on software that will quickly let you create attractive and engaging videos.